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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Mexico And U.S. Dismantle Border Drug Trafficking Network; 12 Arrested

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Mexico and the United States carried out an operation to dismantle a drug trafficking network operating on both sides of the border that resulted in the arrest of 12 people and the seizure of thousands of fentanyl pills, US authorities reported.

The operation, coordinated between the Mexican Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Department of Justice, began on June 23 in Nogales, Sonora, where five people from an undisclosed "prolific drug trafficking cartel" were arrested.

At the same location, 120,000 fentanyl pills, seven kilos of methamphetamines, eight kilos of heroin, seven kilos of cocaine, three assault rifles, a pistol and a vehicle were seized.

Seven individuals operating for the same drug trafficking network were arrested in the United States, all of them from Arizona, except for one who is originally from Mexico.

"Transnational drug trafficking cartels pose an unprecedented threat to public safety in both the United States and Mexico," said U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement.

For the head of the Justice Department, this operation is a demonstration of the "success" that both countries can achieve when working in a coordinated manner.

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  1. 120,000 lol what a joke that's like nothing. Why are they proud of this. I can go online right now and buy 120,000 of those. Lmfao!

    1. For one, it wasn't just 120,000 pills, which is a decent amount here in the states. It was also a little over 15 pounds of crystal, same amount of cocaine, and 17 1/2 pounds of heroine. But the main thing is it was a joint operation between Mexico and the U.S. considering all the bullshit some republican politicians have been saying and how relations had soured between both countries, this operation is good news. It says that things are probably getting better. Which is a good thing. Only timewill tell though.

  2. El Gigio, léader of El Mayos faction controls Nogales.

    1. Not one person controls Nogales rather it’s split in 2 sections half mayos half chapós. The railroad splits the city in half and marks the territory. On mayos side the east side of tracks crystal meth and blues have been outlawed forever ago anyone caught selling making or doing meth blues gets whacked.. so there is less junkies less crime overall safer areas.. the chapitos side the west side is a free for all anything goes it’s pretty much the ghetto and slums.. this is we’re the hard rugs and junkies are . Blues ,meth, heroin everything available at any tire shop or bar.. the downtown area is a mix of the 2.

  3. Any arrest is worth it hits them where it hurts .

  4. DEA keep up the good work hopefully the new president next year will let you guys go back to work like before along with your weapons after grandpa leaves with his bags full of bribe money maybe he'll be indicted in the US like his criminal friends.

    1. Lol.Anything to cover the toddler, incompetent,moronic, tax cheater ,groper,election liar ,Ukraine extortionist Trumpf.

    2. Your an idiot. I would break it down for you but you already showed me that your stupid ass is to dumb to comprhend it even if I explained to you with pictures, gestures, drawings and videos, so why even try


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