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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Mexican Army Under AMLO Has Seized 253% More Narco Properties than Peña Nieto

This article translated and reposted from Milenio.

As part of the fight against organized crime, the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) has accelerated the seizure of "narco properties." While in the previous administration, around 500 ranches or properties were confiscated throughout the six-year term, the current administration has already seized nearly 2,000 properties in the first four years.

According to information obtained through the National Transparency Platform, SEDENA reported to Milenio that during Andrés Manuel López Obrador's government, 1,968 properties, plots of land, or ranches linked to different criminal organizations have been seized. These properties have already been handed over to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

In contrast, during Enrique Peña Nieto's administration, 555 "narco properties" were disposed of. The majority of seizures occurred in Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, and Sonora, which were not prioritized to the same extent in the current administration.

Significant seizures have taken place in the border region, the Bajío area, and the central part of the country. In Baja California, particularly in cities such as Tijuana, Mexicali, and Ensenada, 497 properties, 26 plots of land, and three ranches were seized. This northern state is strategically important in the fight against organized crime due to its proximity to the states of Arizona and Texas, where a significant portion of drug and human trafficking occurs, in addition to being a migratory route to Los Angeles, California.

However, Baja California is not the only region affected; Tamaulipas, a state on the border, saw the seizure of 12 properties and one plot of land. The Mexican Army has also worked intensively against organized crime in Guanajuato, where 230 properties, 11 plots of land, and one ranch were seized. This region has become a hotbed of violence due to the expansion of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). The criminal organization found a fertile territory for illicit activities after the arrest of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, also known as "El Marro," the former powerful leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. The influence of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel has been significantly reduced in municipalities such as Santa Rosa de Lima, Apaseo el Alto, Apaseo el Grande, Pénjamo, and even in Celaya, which was one of its strongholds.

Other notable seizures occurred in the highland regions. In Mexico City, 205 properties and three plots of land were dismantled, and members of organized crime were caught red-handed in some cases. In the State of Mexico, the military seized 79 properties and 14 plots of land.

Property of CSRL boss José Antonio Yepez Ortiz "El Marro". Nelly Salas / Milenio

Some significant interventions took place in Sonora, with 205 seized properties (the same number as in the capital city), as well as 65 in Sinaloa and 61 in Colima. The Jalisco cartel had 57 properties seized, while Puebla saw 38 seizures.

The map showing the locations where criminal groups settle reveals some variations compared to the previous administration. During Enrique Peña Nieto's presidency, the states with the highest incidence of seizures were Tamaulipas with 99 seized properties, Sinaloa with 87, Guanajuato with 61, and Sonora with 52. Additionally, 38 "narco properties" were seized in Baja California, 28 in Jalisco, and 26 in Colima. Puebla, Chihuahua, and the State of Mexico had only a handful of seizures.

Not only properties but also vehicles.

The Army also provided a comparative table of the number of seized vehicles in recent years. From December 1, 2018, to January 1, 2023, a total of 29,587 vehicles were seized, which were used by organized crime but have already been handed over to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

The states where SEDENA has made the most vehicle seizures against criminal gangs during the López Obrador administration are once again Guanajuato (3,745), Sonora (2,745), Michoacán (2,721), Tamaulipas (2,622), Jalisco (2,139), Puebla (2,038), Baja California (1,804), and Guerrero (1,178).

These numbers contrast with those in states like Yucatán, where the Army has seized only 20 vehicles throughout the entire administration, as well as Campeche, with only 73. These two states in the Yucatán Peninsula have not yet become heavily affected by organized crime groups.

In contrast, during Peña Nieto's administration, the Army seized 55,567 vehicles, more than 16,000 more than what has been seized by SEDENA under López Obrador, which amounts to 39,500.

During the Peña Nieto period (2012-2018), Tamaulipas was the state where the most vehicles linked to organized crime were confiscated, with 12,510 seizures, nearly double the number in Puebla, which had 6,811 seizures. Michoacán had 4,618 seizures, while Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Guerrero, and Sonora ranged around 3,000 units, and Jalisco and Veracruz had just over 2,500 seizures.

Despite having the largest vehicle fleet in the country, the Army only seized one vehicle throughout the entire Peña Nieto administration in Mexico City. It was an almost negligible figure, even lower than the 15 vehicles with criminal ties that were reported in peaceful Yucatán.

Source: Milenio


  1. Amlo has actually been one of the better presidents Mexico has seen in recent times

    1. Don't forget to add in the yearly homicides on his watch.
      Average 35,000 a year.
      Don't forget 😀 he does not lie either,
      Fentanyl does not come from Mexico.

    2. Of those 35k homicides how many where innocent victims? How many where as a result of criminal activity? How many where soldiers and law enforcement? If we take a look at the previous administrations, did the annual homicides average increase? Decrease? Or stagnate?

    3. And where exactly do these properties end up?

    4. The retards who say homicides have increased under AMLO and at are an All time high have no idea what they speak about. EVERY YEAR THE RATE GOES UP. . EVERY PRESIDENT HAD HAD THAI SAME ISSUE. Because each president had the clean up the previous presidents mess. But AMLO had it the worst. He had to deal with the aftermath of the most incompetent and corrupt president in the last 50 years. EPN. But if u really look at then umber you'll realize that compared to his predecessors thr "rise" os much smaller
      Is AMLO clean? Nobody that high in Mexican politics is clean. But is he the firtiest? Not by a long shot. He does however have the best interest for the average Mexican instead of the other presidents that only "cared" about the upper echelon, the rich and those closest to him. People misinterpreted the hugs not bullets so much. He just knows that going after the bosses and killing cartel members of just makes shit worse. He sees that the past president. Killed off a boss and next thing u know there's a rupture in their structure that creates chaos because now his underlings all wanna be bosses.
      Shit, you gotta be retarded, blind, deaf and some more shit to think you can get rid of the cartels. Even with US intervention, you just cant. It's a senseless war and he knows that. So why not just make deals with the cartels to somewhat maintain peace or at least come to an understanding with the bosses that certain shit won't be tolerated and set up rules somewhat and those who fail , will receive a visit from FEAM and will be replaced
      Or why not choose the lesser evil and help the lesser evil win?
      Amlo is not stupid man, he just has his mind set on fixing the corruption on a very deep and timely level. He's planting roots that will take years to see grow and I applaud that.. how can you not? He believes poverty creates the dependency of cartels and that's why young men and women join to avoid poverty. So he creates or plans to create a system that eliminates the need. Where u have the opportunities to make money to feed your family and live comfortable in a legit way.
      You guys sweat he can just poke the bear of corruption with a stick and beat it into submission all by himself. Plus finding allies in the government he can trust isn't easy. Finding people not scared to stand up to corruption and cartels isn't easy.. think about how treacherous politics in Mexico are . Especially at such a high level where BILLIONS of dollars are involved.. now imagine YOU had to weed that shit out. Haha good luck idiots.youd probably be dead in your first week in office
      I can keep going and thi is just a simple explanation for your little retards that don't or simply cannot understand the complexity of this sit. Or that couldn't understand bug words if they spelled them out for you .

      To top it all off, you have to respect his audacity against the DEA and the US government and how he's doesn't just bend over and instead stands up to the. How he doesn't allow the DEA to do as they please and how he doesn't do what the US wants every time they ask.
      Amlo is a good man and maybe he isn't perfect but his heart is in the right place and he cares about his fellow paisanos
      Lol oh you guys rather have crooked thieving ass Ricardo Anaya as president right . Makes sense

    5. 3:31 Exactamente
      And for everyone that thinks only CJNG is in Jalisco; your wrong. 100% of the narco kids I grew up with in el sur de Culiacán have houses in Guadalajara. CDS built CJNG

    6. yeah, they end in auctions which only the more affluent can buy them back and yeah some of them are friends with cartel members. in some cases, they end up abandoned due to fear of being making into "carnitas" lol BUT Elmo lovers here want to sugar cot things and i am not surprised his main followers are low educated folks. So ...

    7. 10:23 why doesn't El Gobierno publicize those numbers if the people getting killed are criminals? I asked someone last year if they could provide them since they claimed criminals were the vast majority of the deceased. Nothing yet apparently.

    8. 4:12:
      Not only are you an ELMO chayotero but you're a narco chayotero as well. Mexico needs the assistance of the DEA to fight the cartels. "Standing up to the DEA" is one of the most asinine things that ELMO has done in his 4 1/2 years as president, and ELMO has done a lot of asinine things in those 4 1/2 years.
      35,000 homicides a year after 4 1/2 years of ELMO speaks for itself. You're saying that homicides always goes up no matter who is president. If you want to see a real retard, look in the mirror.
      The "retards" that are saying that homicides are at a record level under ELMO are saying it because homicides are at a record level under ELMO. Think back to ELMO's promise in 2018 that he will decrease violence. How is having homicides at record levels "decreasing violence". You've been on your knees in front of ELMO for so long that you can no longer see the real world or ELMO's sperm is swimming up into your brain, or both.

    9. @4:12 There are no deals to be made with the cartels. What deals? They can only extort 50% of businesses profits? Can only kidnap one person per day? They can only torture and murder two people per day?

      Innocent Mexicans should not have to just live with the cartels. You know what would happen if criminal groups had nightly military battles inside of towns and cities in the US? Every single one of them would be killed or arrested. Without the corruption, Mexico would do that too. The cartels are only getting more powerful, deadly and entrenched.

  2. AMLO is doing shit for Mexico.
    People against thin just think that him doing so should be done overnight which is impossible. Mexicos problems were not created overnight so one single president there is not going to solve them as such.

    1. Mijo he has been president for the past more than 3 years🤣🤣😂.
      No mas servi para Hablador, ye recibir las mordidas.

    2. 11:37 Mexico was not made the way it was overnight so it will not change overnight mija.
      You think you or anyone you know can do better than AMLO?
      Doubt it.

    3. 1137 Here you go my Belizean friend. Enjoy the read. And next time you say, "AMLO no servi para nada" remember to not bite the hand that feeds your countrymen.

      John Briceño

      “All these programs that Mexico is offering us in Belize is assisting us in fighting poverty. We know that poverty continues to be one of the biggest social problems that we have or challenges that we have in Belize. Because of the pandemic, poverty went up as high as sixty percent. You do not get someone out of poverty by giving them a check. You get them out of poverty by creating opportunities, but putting them to work and to find markets for the products that they produce

      Aside from PM Briceño’s request to have Belize benefit from Mexico’s “Tren Maya” program, Belize will also be able to export agricultural produce to Mexico tax-free.

    4. 11:20
      None of that says how it's helping Mexico 🤦‍♂️

    5. 927, that link was directed at 1137 who happens to be my uninformed friend from Belize. Now if you want to see how AMLO has pushed Mexico forward then just Google everything I mention in this comment.

      Captures under AMLO include, RCQ, his nephew "El R", Ovidio, el Omega, El Durango, Lupe Tapia and his son, La Vaca, El Marro, Huevo Trevino, El Cazador, El Contador, El Vaquero, Menchos brother El Montana and Menchos wife La Jefa...

      6 national dam projects
      12 national road projects
      4 wind farms
      1 solar energy farm
      6 Iberdola power plants
      Built 1 new oil refinery modernized 6 and bought one in Texas
      Nationalized the Lithium deposits
      Building the Tehuantepec Isthmus railway that will create an import/export route which equals more jobs.
      Construction of the Tren Maya which has created direct and indirect jobs and will attract tourism to that region including BELIZE.
      Built 3 new airports along the tren Maya route and remodeled 2
      AMLO scrapped the retarded idea of building an airport on top of Lake Texcoco and instead turned the lake into a national park.
      Rather than a flooded airport on top of a lake, AMLO opted to build the Felipe Angeles Airport for half the cost. All because he made use of his resources and used the military to build it. The construction of the Felipe Angeles Airport also includes an added museum and a new highway to get there.
      AMLO finally sold the presidential aircraft that cost over 200 million dollars and is using the funds to build 2 new state of the art hospitals in Oaxaca and Guerrero.
      Under AMLO the corrupt Polica federal was disbanded and absorbed by the Guardia Nacional. The 30k personnel were absorbed by the Guardia and an additional 90k GN personnel were hired. By the end of his term there should be close to 600 military stations throughout the country to house the 120k Guardia Nacional personnel.
      Under AMLO SeDeNa took charge of all land, air and sea ports of entry and not just moved the aduanas headquarters to Nuevo Laredo but is building a new state of the art facility to match the U.S border crossing technology.

      Now unlike his predecessors, AMLO has reclaimed Mexico's national sovereignty. He's limited the DEA's power on Mexican soil, he renegotiated the Merida Initiative with the Bicentennial agreement along with nationalizing and subsidizing Mexicos energy and natural resources. This still doesn't include his contributions to the health sector, the education sector and all of the social programs that the elderly, indigenous and disadvantaged youth have benefitted from. His world leader approval is over 60%, number 2 in the world behind the Indian president

    6. lol really makes you wonder who half these commenters are.. or work for

    7. 11:16:
      ELMO must have given him a raise.

    8. No raise here 1151 because I dont work for AMLO or his government just in case that's what you're trying to get at 1116. I'm Just informing the uniformed and misinformed for free. Unfortunately the positive contributions AMLO has made are drowned out by so many negative comments and misleading articles. I just bring some facts to counter those claims of, "AMLO no servi para nada" or "AMLO gets his mordidas" which are completely baseless... as I've mentioned before, if there's any incorrect information, please go ahead and fact check me as it would help not only myself but other BB readers as well.

    9. 1:04:
      Nice to know that you are informing the "uniformed". Mexico has built projects under every president. All of those projects you list would occur under any president. ELMO isn't the one catching all the bad guys, it's the brave men and women of SEDENA, SEMAR and the law enforcement personnel of the various state and federal agencies.
      You may be the one who calls people that mention 35,000 homicides under ELMO's leadership "retards" for speaking the truth. ELMO is going to go down in history as having the most homicides of any president under his watch, 170,000 so far and most likely 200,000+ by the end of his term. These are genocide numbers. ELMO will go down in history as the president who did nothing to stop the Mexican Genocide.
      It's nice that he's helping the people of Belize, but I have learned that you can't help someone else's sinking ship if your own ship is sinking. I don't believe that ELMO is corrupt. He is just over his head and plain incompetent.

    10. 5:54 He is corrupt and will leave with a fortune to support himself and good for nothing children. Why else would he not order the armed forces to seek out and combat the criminal organizations? Because as he likes to tout, unlike past presidentes, he's going to remain in the country. Can only do that if the big bosses haven't been killed, arrested and extradited during his term. Ovidio and a few other high profile kingpins will be the evidence. 🍺

    11. July 6, 2023 at 11:37 AM Exactly what I say in the Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz security conference i meet some operators from San Paulo and they talking, they commented that Mexico problem was deep one. WHY? because a lot of their ports, and airports pretty much get bought by Cartels permitting "material from south America" to enter into central Mexico. what i have found interesting even from security people from Mexico city is that as of today their main duty is not to engage or provoke these criminal cells unless superiors ask for it. The weird thing is that when the gringos ask questions/ get mad el ELMO calls to apprehend top cartel members to show "cooperation." BUT just like z40/ el Raton they get behind bars but continue to make calls outside. Now AMLO is not the worst and do not get me wrong, i do not care about populist political matters. But definitely not the best. I mean just look at his brothers/sons/ friends getting paid as we speak in these 3 years.

    12. Detroit, rest assured that I didn't call you or anyone a retard. You are right about projects taking place under every administration but what have you done to shed some light on those previous projects? A lot of the projects that took place were not completed, turned out to be disasters or financial burdens for the country. While every president before AMLO sold a piece of the countries economic cake, AMLO has done the opposite by nationalizing or heavily investing in the countries natural resources. As far as the 35k murders a year, I ask again, how many of those killed were crime related victims, how many were innocent victims? How many were law enforcement personnel? Did AMLO commit those murders? If not then why are you giving him the credit as if he did? You want to paint this as some type of social injustice or humanitarian crisis where the president is directly responsible. You want to put all the blame on AMLO and all the praise to the brave men and women of SEDENA and SEMAR like his policies and actions have had no direct impacts on those captures and all of the confrontations that take place throughout the country. You refer to AMLO as incompetent makes me question what you have done for Mexico. The other day you mentioned you wanted to join the soldiers, how did that go? Are you in the Frontline or was that all talk on your behalf?

  3. Stats really show which cartel is being targeted by AMLO, Take a look at Jalisco and Tamp.

  4. AMLO remember to bring some agua de jamaica for El Chapo's mom when you come to Sinaloa

    1. ALMO don't forget to bring Pan con Jamon too for the internet influencers.


  5. I wonder what they do with the properties. Do they sell them at a auction? If so do the people who purchase them risk the cartel people coming and just taking it back? I assume that if they do sell them there must be a extreme risk to the buyer and therefore sold at a discount. Maybe the cartel people just buy them back with straw buyers.

    1. They clearly go to “the highest bidders”… who do you think that is?

  6. I don’t like AMLO and I honestly don’t hate him either, but I seriously don’t understand how someone can say that AMLO is on a cartels payroll when literally every single big cartel in Mexico has been targeted by the military under AMLO’s presidency. Ovidio Guzmán is currently in prison waiting to be extradited. El Mencho’s brother was captured in December and is still currently in prison. The military also hunted down and killed El M2 from CJNG. “El Lupe” Tapia Quintero from Mayo Zambada’s group was captured earlier this year. The leader of CSRL, El Marro, was captured and has already been sentenced to 60 years in prison. The leader of CDN, El Huevo, was captured and extradited to the U.S.A. “El Contador” from CDG was recaptured last year and his two sons were captured earlier this year. One of the leaders of LFM, El Pez, was almost captured by the military two months ago in Guerrero, but unfortunately he was able to get away. There’s a bunch of other arrests from groups like Carteles Unidos and La Union Tepito, but I think this is a good enough list for now. All of this is public information.

    1. LOL. You just opened the flood gates. Watch as the 2 or 3 anti AMLO ding dongs attack your comment and accuse you of being a "paid influencer" for making valid points.

    2. Ding dong the witch is dead 🦉

  7. What I don't comprehend is why AMLO does not tackle corruption at its core. No presidency ever really highlights this issue and it is as obvious as daytime.. Every now and then small police stations have been disarmed for being involved with the local drug traffickers but corruption on the highest levels is constantly put on blast by cartels and citizens but nothing gets done. I don't see why it is so hard to start trying a little harder to clean up some of the government and local authority entities in an effort to show some incentive. The president could start flexing and using his power to literally fire tons of shady personel and have the positions temporarily filled by military or just fresh untampered people. I don't know how the president can show his face to the public and act like everything is dandy when he is part of the reason that the people and country live in such ruins and insecurity. Ok.. Rant done.. Carry on.

    1. Yes I comprehend what you're saying, cayoteros in here, have said silly dilly comments, oh he can't do progress overnight, well he and his cabinet has had more than 3 years, to fix the problems that are not being tackled.
      Yet when he leaves office in a year, it can be said, he was a lazy azz.

    2. That would be an attack on itself, my friend

  8. Really hopeful La Scheinbaum will be better, unfortunately she loves to parrot AMLO’s crazy shit. No fent. No covid.

    1. Remember when AMLO told the media that COVID was Fake and a religion image alone was his protector. Lmao.

    2. 3:18
      ALMO had said COVID came from USA.
      It came from China.

  9. 253% of hardly anything is still hardly anything. Mexican math continuously substandard.

  10. If the drug trade were to suddenly disappear, Mexico's economy would deflate to half of what it is now. That's why, at the end of otro pinche dia, that nothing will ever change much. Narco is now as much a part of Mexico as tortillas y frijoles

  11. Does the president get a cookie for all he's done? That's his job to protect and serve the people he sword to help so like he does good does bad so he's out next year and hope the next one is better they can't be worse than past presidents so people can't be worse off.

  12. That's why everyone comes to the USA and they don't even stand in line and they wonder why they get deported so better luck next time take a number at the Embassy be a better American.

    1. @1:20am It's getting bad for the unskilled blue-collar African-American. Especially doing temp work. Samplings of major cities in the US report that many temp agencies will only hire Latinos.
      One guy told me if there were Latina receptionists at the temp agency, he would turn around and walk away. He was wasting his time applying for a job even if applying for an advertised job opening. The job would be already "filled" if an African-American applied for it.
      Racial discrimination all over again, this time from our brown-skinned so-called "brothers."

    2. "Everyone comes to USA" was stated so that would imply mixed races, not just Latin America. Last I checked jobs are equal opportunity, if one can do the job, then you have a job. Then again there are races, that don't want the hard labor jobs of picking grapes, corn, lettuce, strawberries.

    3. 7:34 so where's this all happening? Surely they can apply where E-Verify is used, that increases their chances no? When you need a job, you get a job, don't matter which one it is without making excuses. No freebies, no more pandemic.


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