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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Four Tortured Bodies Dumped with Narco Message Near Acapulco, Guerrero

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

This morning, the bodies of four men were dumped in the middle of a road with a narco message accusing them of extortion in Barrio Nuevo de los Muertos, a neighborhood just outside Acapulco, Guerrero.

The bodies were reported to authorities by locals around 7:00 on July 25, 2023. According to El Sol de Acapulco, all four victims were male and showed signs of torture. All four bodies had their pants down at their ankles, intended to further humiliate them. A cardboard narco message was left on top of their bodies, which contained accusations that the victims were extorting local businesses.

Criminal groups in Mexico often will leave messages denouncing crimes like extortion or theft in order to appear as a positive force in the region, and gain local support. Often, the same criminal group will engage in the very crimes they outwardly reject.

The translated message says:

This happened to me for charging tax and abusing the people because I was thinking that I was better than others. Here is the example for all of those who want to live off the people. Here, we don't allow that, it doesn't matter who it is. Here that ends, here we don't charge tax or extort. =)

Sources: Lalo Hernández Twitter, El Sol de Acapulco, Noventa Grados


  1. I can see a wedding ring on one guys finger. I couldn't imagine seeing my husband laying there like that. well, I don't have a husband but if I get it.

    1. Good eye. Yeah, that is regrettable

    2. I thought wedding ring finger was the next one over …

    3. When the bad guys become the good guys in society, you have a real problem.

    4. That's not the wedding finger.

    5. 1:13 is obviously not married 🤣

    6. I am married wear no wedding ring

    7. Error ahí!! Los anillos de alianza de boda, no van en el dedo medio, van en el anular. En fin, lo entiendes...

  2. Ring's on the departed's
    middle finger, it seems..
    Don't see many wedding bands on any fingers down Guerrero way..
    This little pueblo is out in the boondocks, on the highway to mexico..
    Guess we know now why they call it barrio de los muertos..
    The narco manta is purely a work of fiction, in sunny Acapulco EVERYBODY, from the tour-ship operator to the old lady selling tamales under the shade of the mango tree gets to pay the piper..
    If you don't pay, they come for you en moto, on foot, or sometimes even on jet-ski, and shoot you in the head, and that's that..

    1. Esa iguanita del final de tu comentario, le da un toque exquisito a tu sabia escritura. Muy cierto lo que dices, ni el de los raspados se salva.

  3. 2:30 yep your right. It’s on the wrong finger to be a wedding band.

  4. No one else noticed what else is hang out of that guy's shorts 🤣


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