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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Cocaine Found in White House Sparks Brief Evacuation

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The US Secret Service is investigating after cocaine was found at the White House on Sunday night. The discovery in the West Wing, which contains the Oval Office and other working areas for presidential aides and staff, led to a brief evacuation.

Secret Service agents found the suspicious powder in an area that is accessible to tour groups while doing a routine inspection. President Joe Biden and his family were at Camp David in Maryland at the time.

A senior law enforcement official told the BBC's US partner CBS News the substance was found in a storage facility routinely used by White House staff and guests to store mobile phones. The White House complex was closed as a precaution around 8:45 PM local time (00:45 GMT) on Sunday after it was discovered.

A preliminary test later confirmed the substance was cocaine. The Secret Service will lead a full review of how it got into the White House, officials told CBS. They said cameras and entrance logs would be examined to determine who had access to the area where it was found.

The West Wing is a large, multi-level part of the White House that contains the offices of the president of the United States, including the Oval Office and the Situation Room. It also houses the offices of the vice president, the White House chief of staff, the press secretary, and hundreds of other staff who have access.

Source BBC


  1. Shit. I’m surprised nothing had been reported in the past. The entire DC political world is heavily coked out. 😂

  2. Whoever left it is fucked. I took a West Wing tour years ago and even then every inch of the public access areas were covered with cameras.

    1. The curious case of the missing dime bag..
      Yeah, chido movie-of-the-week material, but it was this nonsensical concentration on all matters trivial that led up to 9/11 with nobody noticing what was brewing beforehand..
      On 9/10/2001, the big news was Shandra Levi, a D.C. murder victim who made the papers cuz some married congressman was boinking her on the down-low, and gossip of a famous TV producer that got caught with magic mushrooms at LAX..
      Then all hell broke loose with the twin towers tragedy..
      The powers that be love to misdirect the braindead populace and control the news, they want you to believe THEM, not your lying eyes..
      Got to separate the wheat from the chaff, figure out what's the real deal..
      I like BB because their soul hasn't been diluted nor sold to the devil, and there's some truth to be found here..

  3. Chapo left it there so he could snitch on Tio Joe

  4. Hunter’s fo sho!

    1. Hunter has gone through a full recovery how dare you

  5. It was sicario 006 trump paid him to plant the drugs to take heat off of him. Make america corrupt again

  6. #PresidentialPowder

  7. I bet Hunter's white house parties make Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's outdoor shed probing and head bobbing look like a PG movie.

  8. What about the missing children?

  9. It's hunters coccine lol

  10. I bet it was cut with some Fent


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