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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Civilian Forces Facilities Shot At In Nuevo Leon

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

No deaths or injuries were reported after the attack.

The attack took place near the Colombia Bridge, which connects the state with Texas; simultaneously in Coahuila there was also a confrontation.

Gunmen of an alleged criminal group attacked this Wednesday with bullets the facilities of Fuerza Civil, Police of the state of Nuevo Leon, in Colombia, on the border with the United States.

The Secretary of Security of Nuevo León, Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, stated that the alleged members of organized crime are responsible for the attack, which took place in the vicinity of the Colombia Bridge, which connects the state with Texas, near Laredo.

There was a provocation at the Fuerza Civil base in Colombia, we already have reinforcements there and we have the support of the National Guard, we are looking for those responsible.

The official specified that, at the same time of the attack to the Civil Force building, in the neighboring state of Coahuila there were armed civilians confronting with police officers of that entity.

"It is the same criminal group," he said.

Local media reported that the attackers of the police facilities were driving three pick-up trucks and fired their weapons from the moving units.

The Nuevo Leon police repelled the aggression with no reports of deaths or injuries.

Clashes in Coahuila leave two police officers dead.

In the last few hours, armed civilians had two confrontations with police officers in Coahuila, also on the border with Texas, resulting in the death of two policemen.

The first one took place on Tuesday morning and the second one on Wednesday.

On the other hand, a video circulated through social networks of a convoy of pickup trucks of alleged members of organized crime on the Ribereña highway, near Congregación Colombia.

On Sunday, a National Guard barracks in the same area was also the target of an attack.

Nuevo Leon is experiencing a recent wave of organized crime violence, ranking tenth in homicides nationally, according to the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

According to Mexican government intelligence reports, various criminal groups are present in Nuevo León, including the Northeast, Gulf, Beltrán Leyva, Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels, which are fighting for control of the territory.


  1. What are the security measures for Hofusan Industrial Park in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon?

  2. I wonder if this is the result of those what's app messages from z40 yesterday.

    1. What messages from z40 ?

    2. Z40 regularly sends messages to 10:09

    3. 10:09 i daught the wats up naked messages that Z40 sent you had anything to do with this

  3. Why are the zetas so obsessed with entering Coahuila? They fail time after time maybe they should shift their focus somewhere else lol

    1. They are already in parts of Coahuila didn’t you see the video of around 30 cdn from opertivo Texas when they killed that captive a few weeks ago

    2. They used to own the state…

    3. Because coahuila was cdg zetas



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