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Friday, July 7, 2023

Cartel Connected Denver Gang Busted, $5 Million Worth of Drugs Seized

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

16 suspects have been indicted on 116 felony charges, most of which are drug-related, following a 9-month-long investigation by the West Metro Drug Task Force. In its infancy, this investigation began as a drug distribution case involving methamphetamine and counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl. 

Investigators were able to use a wiretap and undercover work to develop information on illegal narcotics transactions and other criminal behavior. 10 of the suspects have been arrested so far.

"Once we started to get a better idea of ​​the size and quantities we were seizing and our ability to 'buy' (drugs) to make an arrest, that was a good indicator that this was a very important case." Marc Snowden of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said at a news conference.

Drugs Seized

According to the indictments, members of the drug trafficking organization would buy narcotics from a Mexican drug cartel before selling them in Jefferson County, and across the Denver Metro area. To date, this operation has resulted in the seizure of various narcotics.
  • 400 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 325,000 pills containing fentanyl
  • 3 kilograms of cocaine
  • 1 pound of heroin
  • 1.5 pounds of fentanyl powder (350,000 lethal fentanyl doses) 

The estimated street value of the seized narcotics is more than $5 million. 17 firearms were also seized, many of which had been reported stolen.

10 Arrests

  • Thiago Escalante-Torres (11/03/00)
  • Angelo Gonzalez-Hernandez (04/24/02)
  • Johnathan Kincaid (08/12/81)
  • Stephanie Larson (09/03/97)
  • Francisco Romero Portella (07/02/88)
  • Jonathan Ortega-Carias (06/23/98)
  • Pablo Ramirez-Martinez aka Alexander Ramirez-Martinez (03/15/97)
  • Felicia Redearth (05/13/81)
  • Daniel Emilio Torres-Torres (10/11/99)
  • Kristy Wilson (08/30/83)
Officials are not naming the six individuals who have yet to be arrested.


The case was presented to a grand jury by the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, and the grand jury returned indictments against all 16 individuals.
  • Unlawful distribution or sale of a controlled substance
  • Unlawful possession with intent to sell or distribute a controlled substance
  • Possession of a weapon by a previous offender
  • Special offender
  • Criminal attempt second-degree kidnapping
  • Criminal attempt aggravated motor vehicle theft
  • Vehicular eluding
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • First-degree criminal trespass
  • Obstructing a peace officer


  1. Replies
    1. No cartel runs anything on this side of the border .

    2. Yea in the USA pretty mich any cartel can move as they wish anywhere, you only see gangs controlling barrios or such, but you have all cartels doing their thing in every state and big city 🤷🏼‍♂️ cant shoot it out like in mexico, or snitch for that matter, actually you can snitch 🤔, CDS might have the upper hand than

    3. Actually La Linea runs denver bro

    4. Sinaloa controls much of Oklahoma, Illinois, and parts of California. In Cali they only control parts that are not controlled by street gangs. In those parts the dope is shipped to local distributors and from there it's either the eme or norteños, through street gangs, controling neighborhoods just like "plazas" in Mexico.

    5. I live in Denver, no one runs Denver it's a free for all market out here. There's Michoacanos, Jaliscienses, mostly Sinaloenses, and Chihuahuenses. There's no gangs that control whole neighborhoods over here. Anyone can sell in any part of town without any troubles.

    6. Different sections of Denver are run by different gangs. Hispanic gangs in some sections control the drug flow and black tre tre crips control other sections.

    7. Alot of car jackings going on in denver go to la linea in chihuahua. But other then that the drug trade is ran by all here in the 303

    8. Wilson looks like from a Wes Craven movie or escapee from Dr Moreau's Island.

  2. You don't gotta be Sherlock Holmes to devine at a glance that this rogue's gallery of nitwits and ne'er-do-wells are guilty, don't matter what the charges are..
    Maybe the female in the top row looks somewhat normal, and at age 26, still has a slight window of opportunity to get rehabilitated, but really sorta looks like the dregs of Denver on display here..
    You don't make the headlines being a homeless scumbag selling $5 bags, so I guess I should grant them that they had some kinda hustle and money-making gig going on..
    Almost famous..
    Some of 'em look like their own best customers, these arrests will offer ample opportunity to catch up on their sleep and dream about making bail..
    Dude bottom row, second from the right, tattoo on his neck, is that a kitty-cat, a tecolote, or wtf is that?

    1. The tattoo is an owl. Look at the guy at the top left. Looks like he ate the stash when the cops came in.

    2. 😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  3. Vergass ya valio shet el ovidio ..le negaron su amparo contra la extradition al gabacho segun mis fuentes de information

  4. Where's the standard "conspiracy" charge? Incomplete report.

    1. These look like state charges and not federal charges . I was thinking the same thing at first until I read through them . Conspiracy and distribution charges over 500 grams or more is what I was expecting to see

  5. Yeah like in Greeley this one clique was going around saying they controlled everything LOLOLO, but none of those fuc-s control shi- ......

    1. Idiots like that were banging it out with AK and pistols in an apartment complex parking lot a few months ago most were juveniles from Greeley

    2. Big immigration bust in Greeley, CO at a slaughterhouse…. At some point human smugglers from whichever cartel are moving immigrants in and out of Greeley.

  6. 2 live & die in LAJuly 8, 2023 at 2:26 PM

    That Wilson chick (bottom right) to the judge.... " I don't do meth, I swear "

  7. Lol it looks like, Escalante-Torres , Larson, and guy at the end on top are all about to flip on Co-Defendants

  8. Back to the House of Pain for these escapees from Dr. Moreau's Island.


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