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Friday, July 14, 2023

Armed Confrontation Leaves Three People Dead

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The murdered subjects were wearing military-style camouflage clothing; the road was closed for hours.

Three people killed in confrontation

Elements of Fuerza Civil closed the Monterrey-Reynosa highway at kilometer 156.

Three bodies of men wearing military type clothing were found yesterday morning on the side of the Monterrey-Reynosa highway near Peña Blanca in the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon; the highway was closed to traffic until after noon so that investigating authorities could process the "crime scene".

It was around 07:00 hours yesterday that authorities were alerted, minutes later the traffic was closed from east to west, while in the direction from Monterrey to Reynosa the traffic was closed at the junction to the old Peña Blanca camp.

It was reported that since Tuesday night and early yesterday morning there had been confrontations between armed civilians in different sectors, and once again the bodies were found in the gap located at kilometer 155.

Some workers of companies that work for Pemex and some ranchers, pointed out that vehicles with armed men are constantly passing by at night and in the early hours of the morning.


Another case recorded on the same stretch of road is that of a man and a woman who crashed into a "Moustro" type vehicle and their bodies were left in the twisted iron of the vehicle in which they were traveling. At least one minor and a young girl were injured in this case.v

More recently there was the case of a young woman who lost her life after armed men shot at the vehicle in which she was traveling to the city of Monterrey in the early hours of the morning in the company of her family.

Some drivers of cargo transports also reported the theft of their belongings, in addition to the fact that some drivers had already been victims of robberies perpetrated by armed men aboard some pickup trucks.

Confrontation leaves three people dead

The body of one of the dead men was left face up on the side of the road.


Just 10 kilometers from the site there is a checkpoint of the Federal Ministerial Police where they even dismantle some vehicles in search of weapons, cartridges, money and drugs, but to date they have not reported any seizures at this roadblock.

Three kilometers further on is another National Guard checkpoint where there are lines of vehicles that reach the first checkpoint, not to mention that of the National Migration Institute where elements of the State Guard also carry out some inspections at the old checkpoint at kilometer 30.

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  1. Boy those check points are ridiculous all there good for is the police to shake down common citizens!!

  2. Sol, not trying to be sarcastic; honest question…

    If you were captured by any of these animals, would you fight back every second you had? Or wait and let them slaughter you like the videos?

    Or does fighting back just ensure a worse fate?… 🦉

    I’d like to think I had the balls to fight back and at least take one of them with me…. But yeah lol

    1. Honestly I would resist as much as I could. I don't carry weapons on me just to carry them.

    2. I would try to talk my way out of it and tell them that they are my brothas

    3. @Sol — that’s the thing! These guys surely have weapons them too don’t they??

    4. Las armas se cargan con balas
      pero se usan con huevos.
      @4:05 once captured you're basically dead. The element of surprise by being armed can save your life. Use the gun

    5. @1047 — Bart Simpson said that 40 told him “if they ever catch up to you (and essentially have you) kill yourself… don’t let them take you”

  3. So were these Escorpiones or primitos people?


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