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Saturday, July 29, 2023

£1 Billion Cocaine Trafficking Ring Supplied by CJNG Busted in UK

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

A drugs ring smuggled cocaine worth more than £1 billion ($1.2 billion USD) into the UK in boxes of frozen chicken, a court has heard. Shipments of the drug were unpacked at a warehouse in Redditch, near Birmingham, England, and distributed around the UK, prosecutors said. Packages worth £25m were found at two addresses in Leeds and Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, a jury was told.

Two women and two men are on trial at Sheffield Crown Court accused of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. The leader of the trafficking network is a man known only as "Fendi" and has not been arrested yet.  They imported high-purity cocaine from a Mexican cartel and sold it on to dealers. Cocaine bricks seized from warehouses and homes were labeled 'Nueva Generacion Cartel' for the CJNG Cartel led by "El Mencho" in Mexico.

Cherie-Anne Rayner, 29, Liam Harrington, 38, Megan Budden, 22, and Mazafer Hussain, 43, are alleged to have had trusted roles in the"high-end" criminal network. Five men from Leeds, Dewsbury, Glasgow, and Birmingham have admitted drug supply charges.

Crystal methamphetamine worth nearly £5m was found at the flat in Leeds

Cocaine & Meth Seizures

Police who raided the property on September 10, 2022, discovered 141 kilos of cocaine with an estimated street value of £14.1m in a locked room along with 33 kilos of crystal methamphetamine worth nearly £5m. Prosecutor Stephen Grattage told the jury "blocks and blocks and blocks" of the drug, as well as a note bearing the name of the Nueva Generacion Cartel, was found in Ms. Rayner and Mr. Harrington's flat in Flaxton Street in Beeston, Leeds.

Scales, gloves, a vacuum wrapping machine, safes, and an accounts book with details of "a commodity being exchanged in tons" were also found behind the locked door of the couple's bedroom, Grattage said.

A further 57 kilos of cocaine worth £5.8m was found stashed in luggage, plastic bags, cupboards, and the bedroom in Ms. Budden's flat in The Crescent, Dewsbury, during a raid on November 10, 2022, the court heard.


Prosecutors said Ms. Budden's partner, Brandon Maan, 23, and Ms. Rayner's brother Stephen Rayner, 30, worked for an unknown drugs kingpin identified on phones and social media only as "Fendi."

Rayner was Fendi's "manager on the ground," while Maan was paid thousands a month to store and repackage "huge quantities" of cocaine and transport it around the country, the jury heard. "It is the Crown's case that Megan Budden supported [Maan] in these activities, traveling with him, storing the drugs and guarding them, helping to move drugs when required," Grattage said.

Hussain, of Foxton Road, Birmingham, is alleged to have worked at the Fendi organization's distribution "hub". Their hub was an industrial unit in Spring Street, Redditch, which the court heard received deliveries of cocaine concealed in pallets of imported frozen chicken. Hussain was arrested on in December last year after a van that had left the premises earlier that day was stopped by police and found to be carrying 75 kilos of frozen cocaine in four holdalls.

The court heard that the van's driver, Stephen Gibson, would drive from Scotland to collect drugs from the warehouse and pass them on to others, including Maan. Earlier that day he was seen handing two holdalls to another man, Darren Hunter, who was also stopped by officers and found to be in possession of 48 kilos of cocaine.

Police raided the Spring Street warehouse and found Hussain and an alleged co-conspirator, Tabrez Hussain, 39, loading a van with boxes of frozen chicken. Some of the boxes were marked and had been opened, the court heard. The prosecutor said a "conservative estimate" had put the street value of the drugs imported through the warehouse at £1 billion or around $1.2 billion USD.

In the warehouse officers also found luggage of the same brand and type as those filled with drugs in Gibson and Hunter's vehicles and in Budden's flat, the jury was told.

The four defendants standing trial have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Harrington and Raynor also deny possession of cocaine and possession of crystal methamphetamine with intent to supply, while Budden denies possession of a class A drug with intent to supply. All three told police they were unaware the drugs were in their flats, the court heard.

Maan, of Churchbank Way, Dewsbury, and Stephen Raynor, of Scargill Grange, Leeds, have both admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine. Gibson, of Belsyde Avenue, Glasgow, and Tabrez Hussain, of Cuthbert Road, Birmingham, have each pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of class A drugs. Hunter, of Queenslie Street, Glasgow, has admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Sources BBC


  1. Brgassss tan pesadas las 4 letras alv puro jale cordinado por La Firma Varela

  2. Meanwhile the Albanians continue on with their coke in England no problem… Thanks to the Ndrangheta, as well countries like Peru and Ecuador.

    1. 04:37 you forgot the Italian Mafia who opens the gateways to Albania and Ukraine. Ever since Putin invaded Ukraine though, the Ukrainian Mafia doesn’t move as much product anymore (Putin blew them up).

      Rotterdam, France, and Spain are also major cocaine gateways from South America and the Clan del Golfo.

      Not too many peeps actually have real connects in Bolivia where the real shit is manufactured.

      Peru used to have quality cocaine comparable to Bolivia, but they transitioned to supplying Colombian Cartels paste to purify and manufacture in Colombia instead of focusing on final products. (2007-2016).

      Now it’s unheard of to have Bolivian pink cocaine or yellow Peruvian powder because they sell it almost exclusively in South America and don’t have enough to share with Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada, or India.

    2. 11:32 the Colombians threw breeding have created a strain of coca producing the highest alkaloid content. making the amount of leaves required to produce a kilogram significantly less. Theres no big things going on in Bolivia it the Colombians that a forming new markets.

  3. Tight now cds has control.

  4. Its too bad they were not arrested in the usa, they would be immediately released and no cash bail

    1. Thats a good thing these cjng pigs are going down

  5. CJNG made some $$

  6. Misspelled their name 🤦‍♂️ nueva Genaracian (generación)

    1. Neuva Generacian Cartel on a white blank paper😆😂🤣.
      No mames

  7. Cjng has dominated the Euro markets for over a de ade straight now under the Command of Mencho and his in Laws Los Valencias. While CDS caught all the heat trafficking into the US, Mencho and Co were moving 120 Tons of Cocaine , mostly outside of the US. This allowed for them to not only grow in size but in wealth which ultimately led to growth in power
    It's well known that Seizures at a grand scale in Europe are Rare because they Border and Customs isn't as tight or aggressive as USA's. On top of that Once the drugs hit land and work their way inland, there is Hardly ever any Big Drug Bust, making their Losses minimal, making them more money. And the cherry on top is the Price for which a Kilo sells for is about 70k easily but most ppl say they go for q00k without a problem. And to make things sweeter, the Euro is worth more than the Dollar. All that and u have yourself a Cartel bound to grow unchecked and extremely powerful.
    Mencho and Co took full advantage of the Chapo attention, and it paid off. The Net worth of that cartel is ridiculous. And Mencho and his family is without a doubt far richer than the 1B they say he's worth.(and los Cuinis are fucking kings at laundering money)
    Mencho probably doesn't have Billions o even hundreds of millions in cold hard cash buried, he obviously has at least a good chunk of million in cash for obvious purposes tthough, but I guarantee you he has Properties both residential and commercial, businesses, and any asset you can imagine totalling far more than a couple Billion.
    Just look at how many sushi restaurants he had operating like 200? That's just one laundering Op he had/they know about.
    Mencho has many businesses in Riverside. Car shops I know about, and many restaurants in Chicago. One real famous, at least locally, a Mariscos spot he frequented as of not toooo long ago that his Aunt and her sons run


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