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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Gulf Cartel Claims Responsibility For The Death Of Northeast Cartel Chief "El Chilli Willy"

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Rumors started to circulate June 11, 2023, on social media (Twitter) of the possible death of Jose Martin Cardenas Garcia "El Chilli Willy". El Chilli Willy is a well known Cartel Del Noreste chief whose areas of influence include Cd. Mier, Los Guerra, and Miguel Aleman. Los Bloqueados de Miguel Aleman dos twitter account stated that El Chilli Willy was killed by his own boss El Wacho Hondureño, but the one that gave out the green light was the overall CDN leader Juan Treviño or Juanito. El Chili Willy was killed alongside his bodyguard outside a hospital area in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 

However, on the morning of June 14 banners where placed by gulf cartel hitmen in Los Guerra, Tamps, claiming responsibility for the death of El Chilli Willy.  

Banners read:

"this is how commander opossum "chilli willy" or "verdugo", the maximum generator of violence in the last few years in Cd. Mier and Los Guerra, was left. 

for being filthy and a traitor  

Your banners are over or finished, with FACTS and not with words, your mouth is covered and forever. Here are your Cardboard Commanders as you called them.
This is a sign for all the people of the Guerras, we are going to return PEACE AND TRANQUILITY to the Guerra Nuevos and Guerras Viejo, where these FILTHY of the CDN Zetas have a presence.
THE GULF CARTEL does not want hitman or hawks to align with us.
We are going to line them up as well as this filthy opossum with facts and actions as they are seeing it.
Let it be clear that MIGUEL ALEMAN is not alone, he has the support of the entire family of the GULF CARTEL.

For the soldiers of the 25th Regiment of Mier, El Amarillo Regional Commander of the CDN Zetas was the one who gave the orders to this filthy opossum of the Chilli Willy to carry out the kidnappings of the families of the Soldiers. This is the same one who lifted the last two soldiers, between the Ganadera base and the Treviño base.



  1. Oh the Benevolence !!! Let it Ride !!!

  2. It doesn't matter who killed him. He's a Chilli Willy now.

  3. Nahh mann El Chilli Willy😭 his homie El Spicy Punani going to sad af

  4. Is appears that cdn does kidnap and kill soldiers in Tamaulipas however the military does not report it I Always wondered why the marines go after cdn soo heavy in Nuevo Laredo for many years now.

  5. Good who’s next, but we all knew it was coming por doble cara. Pinchi Chilli Willy mugroso alv por cobrar quotas a paisas y businessmen en Ciudad Mier. Van pa bajo. Ni el cabeza de vaca les van a salvar el culito CDN o el de derechos humanos.

  6. Chilli willy 😂 i know now when cartel members get caught n are tortured with chilli willy spice i will surely know they were linked with the chilli willy chief 😂

  7. Cartel Del Golfo taking out the CDN trash!

  8. Most likely chili was captured by the military and turned him over to the Golfos for a fee! Why? Better to commit hari kari than being caught by your cartel enemies, but with the authorities a big chance you can bribe your way free! For the military being paid for revenge is a winning combo!

  9. If the CDN don't respond they look like they can't defend themselves. If they do respond by saying they took care of Willy themselves they look like traitors.

    What do you prefer...

  10. Did El Chilli leave behind una viuda, a "Mrs. Willy", who maybe saw this purge coming and had been salting away a few bucks each week en anticipe of having to make it in this cruel world on her own?
    On his last day on this earth, did señor chilli kiss the old bag goodbye in the morning and promise to bring home eggs, milk, and blanditas calientitas after a trying day on the war front?
    If Señora Willy keeps her nose clean and respectfully dresses in black for a year, there's no reason she can't get back on the dating scene and, who knows, eventually land herself another maddog gangster breadwinner, hopefully one with a longer shelf life than the star-crossed El Chilli Willy we all mourn today..

  11. He ain't a chilly willy anymore ... He a dead Fred or a no more flor

  12. Chilly Willy now chillin' in the Deep South. The very toasty Deep South.

  13. I went to Chilly's Williy's in Cancun, they had 2 for 1 special.

  14. Isnt a chihuilly a saltwater catfish? He LOOKS like one too!

  15. So what gulf cartel is this, scorpions?
    How many are there that are splintered?

    1. Las metras jediondas

    2. there's metros, scorpions, rojos and cartel del sur .. all CDG splinter groups.

    3. 8:20 so the metros got him before the "powerfull 🧜‍♂️" did? 🤣 wow now we know who has the real power

  16. These banners are professionally made. I feel sorry for the poor guy who had to print them. He must have been horrified.

  17. Wtf is Delta 57? And the satanic imagery?


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