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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Guachochi, Chihuahua: Dont Get It Twisted

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The governor affirms that the more than 100 bullets fired at Guachochi church is not an attack on the Catholic Church

Governor Maru Campos came out to dispel rumors about the hail of bullets in the community of Guachochi....

Campos affirmed that the shooting at the Catholic church is not an attack on the Church or its representatives.

The temple was riddled by high-powered bullets in all its walls.

She considered that it was an event outside the religious context, of which she didn't give more details.

In front of the temple a van was burned and a man shot and decapitated.

Governor Maru Campos 

La Polaka


  1. This crooked lady is definitely on their payroll

  2. @2.43. Explain. I'm curious...

  3. Churches were often attacked in Chihuahua, for helping migrants on smuggling routes that aided other groups. Or they were a place of refuge for men fleeing. Were people suggesting it was an attack on a church just for being a church? Damn, I'll be waiting for the comments about Godless heathens worshipping Santa Muerte and how it proves they are beyond salvation and Amlo must have signed a pact with Satan himself.

    1. "the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape"
      The Bard's Hamlet..

    2. @6:59pm That proves my point that the devil is a white man. Aren't white people always described as "fair, fair-haired?" In other words a pleasing countenance.
      Think about it. In order to be successful the devil must be a silver-tongued fair-haired person and not swarthy.

    3. If you don't know, it's superficial to say such things about Chihuahuaense. If you're in northwest Mexico don't tell me you never heard of real girls with peroxide hair and made out of silicone.

  4. I believe there's a Chavez family linked to CDs around these parts

    1. Do you know what happens to los ramoncillos?

    2. No last I heard they was in Camargo did they flip?

    3. Flipped on gente nueva yes. They flipped on parral and supposedly linea from jimenez was helping them. Similar to tigres separating from linea

  5. Two Sinaloa cartel factions fought it out there. Chapo Calin and Los Reyes.
    One of these shot up the church out of anger perhaps over their miserable lives.
    The church was empty but it is made of adobe and plastered on the outside which means they could have easily have killed anyone insider because of their stupid games.
    Goes to show the arrogance and downright indifference of the Sinaloa cartel when it comes to killing innocents including clergy if they so feel like doing so.

  6. Whats under the church ?


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