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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

El Willy and Melissa Fuentes, Alleged Rusos Members, Arrested in Mexicali

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

State police officers engaged in a high-speed chase after two vehicles driven by alleged Sinaloa Cartel Rusos members in the border city of Mexicali. One of the vehicles crashed and four Rusos associates were arrested, among them El Willy and Melissa Fuentes, the alleged ex-girlfriend of El Omega.

The Car Chase Through Mexicali 

State police officers were driving on Venustiano Carranza Boulevard in the city of Mexicali, in the state of Baja California, when they spotted a white BMW that was speeding and ignoring stop signs.  The vehicle was driven by a man with a woman in the passenger seat.  

The officers followed them and signaled for them to pull over with their lights, but they were ignored by the driver. The officers then got on their patrol car’s loudspeaker and told the vehicle to stop, but the driver continued to ignore them.

Suddenly, a Ford F-150 pickup truck drove in between the patrol car and the white BMW, blocking the officer’s way forward. It quickly became clear that the occupants of the pickup truck, two men, were accomplices of the BMW driver and he likely requested their help in evading police. 

The patrol car managed to maneuver around the pickup truck however and kept chasing the BMW. The pickup truck pursued after the patrol car and attempted to intercept them as they sped through the city, moving onto Cetys Roadway, then merging back onto Venustiano Carranza Boulevard.

Ultimately, the BMW driver’s attempt to flee came to an end - likely in a car crash with an uninvolved vehicle. The reason why the chase ended is unstated in the official press release, however photos of the scene  appear to show the BMW collided with a gold colored vehicle. 

Police officers and soldiers (who had arrived as back up) surrounded the vehicle and demanded the occupants in the BMW and pickup truck drop their weapon, exit their vehicles, and lie on the ground. The occupants complied and they were handcuffed by officers. 

Below are videos taken showing some of the drivers lying on the ground, handcuffed.

Video Source: Columna Ocho

Video Source: Echo_1_LVM

When the license plate of the BMW was run through the system, the officers found that it had been stolen from the US on March 5, 2023.

The two vehicles were searched. Police seized three handguns, ammo, radios, and a black shirt with the insignia of a law enforcement agency. Police also found 137 marijuana joints and 68 baggies of cocaine.

According to the official press release (which can be read in full here), the four detainees were as follows: 

William "N", 28 years old - Originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa

Melissa "N", 23 years old - Originally from Mexicali, Baja California

Miguel Ángel “N”, 23 years old - Originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa

Alexis “N”, 22 years old - Originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa

News sources Columna Ocho and Tremenda la Cosa both describe the detainees as alleged members of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Rusos. The official press release also mentioned that a Russian flag was found in their possession. 

The cartel news Twitter account Calvariae Locus has alleged that one of the men detained, the so-called “William ‘N’ ”, is the Rusos figure William López Barraza, alias “El Willy”.

There are conflicting reports about what El Willy’s position is within the organization’s structure. Calvariae Locus claims he is a friend of another Rusos figure named Christian Alexis Mendoza Guillén, alias “La Plaga”.

Alternatively, in January 2022, someone on social media described El Willy as the leader of the enforcement arm (group of hitmen) working under La Plaga. 

And, conversely, Columna Ocho claims that Willy works as a lieutenant directly under Alfonso Peralta, aliases "Ponchito de la Lima" and "El P1". 

Regardless of his position, it is likely that Willy was the driver of the BMW and he was apparently accompanied by the woman, referred to by authorities as “Melissa ‘N’ ”. 

Calvariae Locus claims the woman is Melissa Fuentes Sánchez, who is known to be an ex-girlfriend of the Rusos figure Felipe Eduardo Barajas Lozano, alias “El Omega”, who was arrested in December 2021. To read more about him, please see this previous story.

Because Melissa was seen in El Willy’s vehicle when state police intercepted them, Melissa may now be involved with El Willy.

Sources: State Press Release, Imperial Valley Press, La Voz de la Frontera, Tremenda la Cosa, AFN Tijuana, Calvariae Locus, Chicali Noticias, Columna Ocho


  1. I'm currently working on covering the attack in El Salado and that "new photo" of Mayito Flaco. Thank you to anybody who tried to leave a comment about the Mayito image.

    I always appreciate hearing what stories you want to see covered.

    1. paso algo con mayito flaco?

    2. No, mira. En verdad esa foto es vieja, probablemente fue mejorada con una herramienta de inteligencia artificial.

      Además Twitter también vincula a Flaco con una balacera en el Salado.

    3. No attack happened in El Salado. Although it says that there was an attack, all they did was take cars.

    4. Would love to read something on the brisk trade in catalytic converters in Tijuana..
      I dunno if it's organized crime or just a blue collar scam to eke out a hardscrabble living..
      Evidently those freaky rare metals and minerals that go into their production are worth a pretty penny..
      Great article, by the way..

  2. "137 marijuana joints"..
    They were selling loose joints?
    That's embarrassing enough, but when El Omega reads this post and realizes El Willy stole his girl, recriminations will follow, mark my words..

  3. El Willy leader of sicarios for el plaga

  4. Who has Melissa’s only fans ?

  5. Rare capture of Cartel de Sinaloa people in Mexicali where Rusos/CDS use cloned Municipal police TRUCKS to get things done.

  6. what did amlo goons what cake now so the gringos dont question them.

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  8. esa nariz periquera que se carga la morra

  9. El plaga just posted on his Instagram that they released el W.

    1. That account isn’t even real 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. All the of the western part of the city of Mexicali B.C it's Chapiza's territory

    1. 11:15 yeah sure kid

    2. @5:40 AM i stay at both sides of the border, every weekend im around Mexicali BC and SLRC, Sonora. so guess who knows more about there??

  11. These guys show how big of idiots they are ... What do they think running stop signs won't bring any attention ... That's just like saying here I am come and get me .... Idiots

  12. They should be called el estupido y el estupida ... The pinche stooges

  13. Girl is a whore

  14. el Willy's nickname is now el Chapulin (mexicali term for dudes that jump on their partner's girlfriend)


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