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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Churches of Chiapas Join The Ringing of Bells to Call For An End to Violence

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The Mexican Episcopal Conference called for the ringing of bells and chapels in the country in memory of all victims of violence.

Parishes in Chiapas rang their bells for one minute in memory of all the victims of violence in Mexico

This Tuesday, June 20, at three o'clock in the afternoon, parishes in Chiapas, especially in Tuxtla Gutierrez, rang their bells for one minute in memory of all the victims of violence in Mexico and as a cry for justice, as an endorsement of our commitment to build peace.

Father Gilberto Hernández García, Advisor of the Diocesan Commission of the Pastoral of Communication of the Archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, explained that during this minute of ringing the bells there was also a prayer for the victims of violence and to ask for peace in the country and in each state.

Last Sunday the parishes of the Archdiocese, as happened throughout Mexico, offered the main Eucharist for the victims of violence in Mexico as well as for the disappeared in recent years.

In every parish and diocese of Mexico a special Holy Mass was celebrated on June 18, where a memorial was made for all the victims of violence in the country and prayers were offered for all the missing persons.

"In these difficult times, we find ourselves dismayed by the many deaths that occur daily in our country, each loss of life is a tragedy that saddens us deeply, but also makes us reflect on the importance of working together for good and peace."

"As the Church of Mexico we raise our prayers for all those who have lost their lives, especially for our brother Jesuit priests Javier and Joaquin, a year after their murder in the Sierra Tarahumara, on the altar of the church of Cerocahui, Chihuahua and for those who have worked tirelessly for the common good and have been victims of violence as our catechist sisters murdered in the diocese of Huajuapan de Leon."

Churches of San Cristobal participate in the day of prayer.

In a show of solidarity and clamor for justice, several Catholic churches in Mexico called to ring the bells and chapels of the country for one minute in memory of all the victims of violence. This initiative seeks to reaffirm the commitment of the religious community in the construction of peace in the country.

Under the call of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, churches from different locations joined in this symbolic action to remember and pray for those who have lost their lives due to violence, and at the same time, to ask for peace in Mexico.

In the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, the cathedral decided not to participate in the ringing of bells, however, the churches of Guadalupe and La Merced joined the call, raising their voice through the sound of the bells.

In a telephone interview, the pastor of the church of Guadalupe, Marcelo Perez Perez, highlighted the importance of the ringing of the bells as a symbol of the voice of God that calls for peace. He expressed that the sound of the bells is used during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, because it is God who calls for peace and reconciliation.

The Mexican Episcopal Conference, in its communiqué, highlighted the need to unite the faith community in the fight against violence and in the construction of a safer and more just Mexico. It urged to commit to the promotion of peace, reconciliation and respect for human dignity as urgent and fundamental actions to achieve a positive change in society.

Bells tolled in Ocozocoautla in memory of victims of violence in Mexico

Ocozocoautla - The bells of the church of San Juan Bautista rang at 3:00 p.m., following the announcement made by the Archdiocese of Tuxtla to pronounce itself in favor of Peace and to eradicate the actions of violence.

Church of San Juan Bautista in Ocozocoautla

It is worth mentioning that the bell tower of the central parish of the city has been in disuse since the earthquake of September 2017, this because the copula of the church suffered some fractures, so the recommendation was not to use the bells due to the risk that this represented.

Therefore, the bells that rang were those located on one side of the parish, above the office area, replicating it for one minute.

It should be noted that only 24 hours ago a violent incident occurred on the highway that connects this city with the municipality of Villaflores, which left two people dead.

El Heraldo de Chiapas


  1. Don’t meant to sound. Pessimistic. But GOOD LOOK

    Rubio NYC

    1. Washington Heights has a lot of drugs.

  2. Prayers and church bells aren’t going to persuade the perpetrators to slow down or stop act of violence. World history has shown from the beginning of civilization that most destruction, violence and death has been carried out in the name of their “god”. In terms of longevity, sexual abuse, death and destruction, religion outweighs every evil offense that the cartels have done times at least 100,000, and that’s a very low estimate.

    1. You must have forgotten the atheistic/evolutionary regimes that were responsible for more deaths than all ‘religious’ wars put together: 77 million in Communist China, 62 million in the Soviet Gulag State21 million non-battle killings by the Nazis, 2 million murdered in the Khmer Rouge killing fields. This was thoroughly documented by Rudolph Rummel (b. 1932), Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, who coined the term democide for murder by government (see his book Death By Government).

    2. Thank you for the comment Bronx guy, I’ll check out the book that you recommended.

  3. Remeber the peasants rebellion? This was where ejido was privatized and the constitution was rewritten in the name of indigenous rights fought by a communist drug trafficking army of foreign students? The Episcopal church now in Chiapas is saying...

  4. Maybe things are different in Mexico, but in America the church donates to politicians and the politicians protect the church when they rape children. Then the politicians blame drag queens for the child raping that they are actually doing, because they want to kill the gays as well as rape children.

    So you'll have to forgive me for thinking the church is just another criminal organization.

  5. Well.... Did it work ? Think about all the victims who are like Bell Ringing worked ? They couldn't have rung those bells back in 2006 or whenever shit got stupid down there ? Faith will only take you so far eventually your going to have to put on your big boy pants and actually take action or dont...

  6. Money and power might roll uphill to the cartels and corrupt politicians, but the horrendous emotional cost of the families of the victims of the incessant corruption is whispered in prayers in churches up and down the country. Sometimes only faith can help people carry their burden.
    The priests read the same words from the same books, but even they know how empty words are in these times.
    So they used the bells.
    Anyone listening?

    1. Don't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.


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