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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Vocalist for Los Tucanes Was Key Player In Trial

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In 2013, Mario Quintero Lara, the popular singer of the Norteño music group, was summoned to testify against Aurelio Cano Flores aka El Yankee, a leader of Los Zetas accused of drug trafficking.

Video translation is as follows:

🎶Once again, El Yankee is a commander. He still carries two big guns but in service for traffickers🎶

Ten years ago Mario Quintero Lara, vocalist and leader of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, was held in contempt in the United States for refusing to cooperate with authorities in the trial of a Gulf Cartel leader. 

He had information that prosecutors needed to convict Aurelio Cano Flores aka El YankeeA Los Zetas operator in Los Guerra, Tamaulipas and in charge of overseeing cocaine and marijuana shipments to the U.S. 

In a series of calls between Samuel Flores Borrego aka El Metro 3. The cartel operator and the leader of the musical group, a deal was negotiated that the latter would compose a narco ballad for El Yankee. 

In 2008 the song was released as 'El Criminal' on the album 'Propiedad Privada'. It tells the story of a respected PGR agent who left his job to join Los Zetas.

🎶Now the authorities are looking for him everywhere even though they already know where he is🎶

Before a U.S. prosecutor, Mario Quintero admitted being the one who wrote the narco ballads and admitted that Metro 3 had asked him to compose the song. 

Then the singer's lawyer Jeremy Warren's alarms went off and he recommended for him to invoke the Fifth Amendment in order not to incriminate himself. 

Quintana did so and was then found in contempt of court. Although he was not under investigation, he was called to testify and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. 

The musician was detained by US Marshalls until he decided to speak or the trial was concluded. The latter happened 5 days later. Aurelio Cano was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 35 years in prison. 

Other cartel hitmen testified against El Yankee. But Mario Quintero Lara, who immortalized his story in a corrido, didn’t sing.

Aurelio Cano Flores aka El Yankee

Samuel Flores Borrego aka El Metro 3

Los Guerra, Tamaulipas 

Milenio  Borderland Beat Archives


  1. Jeremy Warren is a San Diego heavy hitter, does cartel cases, but not exclusively

    he's representing Wuendi Valenzuela connected to the Valenzuela Valeenzuelas in Mayos line

    the one who was killed by Ivan orders allegedly in 2020 in Mexico City

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