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Saturday, May 27, 2023

They Only Generate Misinformation And Blame Others

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Video translation is as follows:

The Chinese embassy in Mexico assured that what the United States calls fentanyl precursors are general chemicals. In a statement it stressed that according to international trade regulations the importer is responsible for preventing general chemicals from flowing into drug manufacturing channels. 

They noted this after comments were published by U.S. officials speculating that the so-called precursor chemicals used by Mexican cartels to manufacture fentanyl come from China. It claims that the United States misrepresents the facts and repeatedly exposes old cases by irresponsibly criticizing the normal trade of the other relevant countries. 

They use this as a pretext to accuse and impose sanctions on Chinese companies and citizens in order to misinform the public and place the blame on others.


  1. Please tell me something I don’t know. USA has done this all the time. They will always blame others never themselves.

  2. I feel like USA and china are in a cold war at the moment, they both trying to destroy each other very hard. china sells chemicals that only cartels were selling and popularize and boom fent starts taking over and destroying. and USA giving resources and investing in Taiwan,vietnam, Philiphines to destroy china. pretty wild we LIVING IT!

    1. 🤔 Your one funny man.😭😭😂🤣😷.

    2. Your damn right we are in a quiet cold war

  3. Those precursor chemicals from China help generate plenty of death and misery in Mexico. Not misinformation or blame - it’s the truth. Beijing however plays the passive-aggressive game.


  5. Yes the chinese are so believable and honest


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