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Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Anonymous Complaint That Led To The Capture Of "Tony Montana"

 “Ivan” for Borderland Beat 

It was through an anonymous complaint that the federal government was able to find the whereabouts of the brother of Nemesio Oseguera “El Mencho”

An anonymous complaint, received by the Public Ministry attached to the Organized Crime Investigation Prosecutor's Office, set the tone for finding Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, "Tony Montana", brother of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho", leader of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG).

The anonymous complaint that led to the capo's capture, for the third time, was received only 10 days before he was arrested.

the anonymous message

On December 9, 2022, an electronic message received at the Attorney General's Office (FGR) reported the presence of a person identified as belonging to a group known as the "four letters" in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

"That it is your wish to file a complaint regarding drug traffickers who are located in Jalisco, who are members of the cartel with the acronym CJNG or the four letters and that their boss is a fat man with a  mustache who is called 'El Montana', who is an arrogant person and one of the good guys of the cartel, since he is the brother of Mr. 'Mencho' named Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, head of the cartel; Antonio's name is Antonio Oseguera Cervantes. In 2015, the Federal Police had arrested him, but he is a closely related person and he paid to leave ”

According to the testimony of the anonymous person, who worked for the cartel, describes "Tony Montana" as "a very violent and arrogant subject, who is always accompanied by many people, uses trucks and is always armed. He controls the sale of cocaine and ecstasy in the bars of Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Zapopan and Tlajomulco, where he has a bar called the (...) and which is on street (...) number (...), Colonia (...), which he uses as a meeting point with his partners and is a point of sale for cocaine and ecstasy”.

The informer narrated the passage of him as a drug dealer and driver of "Tony Montana". He also mentioned the vehicles (a white Dodge truck, as well as a Ford Cherokee, both black), such as the means of transportation for Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes's brother, as well as the address of a property for cocaine storage, marijuana and ecstasy.

"I worked for a while with him selling drugs in the bar and as a driver, since he likes to drink and take drugs, that's why I took him to his house, in the residential area on (...) of (...), his house is number (...), and he is on the street (...) where he lives, with a twenty-five-year-old person named (...), who helps him with the sale of drugs and buying properties with the money they earn."

The description was the start of the federal government's tracking to locate him and cross-reference the information provided anonymously. The commendation was assigned to elements of the National Guard.

Hunting for "Tony Montana"

Five days before the capture of Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, the National Guard began a follow-up to check the information received by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic. The first of them, registered under number 441/2022, details the place where "Tony Montana" lived, the vehicles he used, as well as the names of other people related to the cartel.

The second report (442/2022) includes the narration of elements located on the outskirts of a bar. They describe "Tony Montana" as a person 1.60 meters tall, as well as a dark complexion.

"At 18:00, the store opens, they take out chairs, tables, and at 18:00, the arrival of a white Dodge truck from the state of Jalisco, from which a male person got out, with an approximate height of one meter and seventy centimeters, around sixty years old, dark complexion, robust complexion, with prominent receding hairlines and a mustache, who, when making a movement with his shirt, which was untucked, it was observed that he had a belt around his waist. black pistol type weapon.

The narrative of the elements, made on December 16, 2022, mentions the entry of "Tony Montana" to a commercial premises where he greeted a person who was wearing a backpack across his chest and a firearm on his waist. black gun. This person, whose name is not provided, gave him a "rectangular package made with brown tape."

“The subject (Tony Montana) who was driving the white Dodge truck, immediately went to a table, where there were more male people, some of them with backpacks, who, upon seeing the arrival of the person who He was driving the white Dodge pickup, they took a vigilant and alert attitude, and showing a short weapon”.

Four hours after his arrival at the bar, the "Tony Montana" escorts withdrew from the place. Minutes later, Antonio Oseguera Cervantes also left the place, a moment used to follow him up to the subdivision of the Pilar Residencial in San Agustín Tlajomulco.

The third report from the National Guard, dated December 13, 2022, mentions the entry of elements into the subdivision, thanks to obtaining an appointment to supposedly rent a property located in front of the house where "Tony Montana" lived.

While they were checking the property to supposedly rent it, they observed that "Tony Montana" left his house at 11:30. The staff followed him to the bar where he had met some people the day before. In that place, according to the narration of the national guards, he received two packages in the form of partitions made with cinnamon tape. Later, “Tony Montana” returned to his home.

The latest approved report 444/2022, dated December 17, 2022, mentions the inspections by National Guard elements of different properties related to "Tony Montana". With the information collected, they requested, on December 18, a Control Judge attached to the National Center for Specialized Justice for the Control of Investigation Techniques, Arraigo and Communications Intervention, with competence throughout the Republic, to enter the subdivision where the capo lived. The petition was accepted and with it the fate of "Tony Montana" was marked.

The capture of the brother of "El Mencho"

At 03:57 on December 19, 2022, FGR and National Guard personnel entered the Pilar Residencial subdivision in San Agustín, to search the property and arrest Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, "Tony Montana".

During the search, the elements found different pieces of evidence that were used to arrest and link "Tony Montana" to the process. Among the objects located is a “black firearm with white grips with the legend “SEÑOR MONTANA”, which was identified as evidence 1.”

Also, drugs, chargers, cartridges, as well as different firearms, among them a "Colt brand squad in silver color with gold with its respective charger, stocked with cartridges, which was identified as evidence 4, as well as a gray firearm with brown grips, which has its charger and four cartridges.

“Two packages, one in the shape of a square and the other in the shape of a ball, containing a white substance that once examined turned out to be cocaine hydrochloride weighing 1,267.6 grams, as well as a transparent plastic bag containing fifty-nine small bags with white substance that once examined turned out to be cocaine hydrochloride, weighing 24.4 grams, which as a whole were identified as evidence 13, likewise, a black bag was found with a ziploc-type bag containing fifty small bags , each one with four orange tablets, circular in shape, which are scored on one of their faces and on the other an illegible image”.

With the evidence found, the Public Ministry ordered the capture of Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, "Tony Montana", considering that they had sufficient elements to present him to a judge and initiate proceedings against him.

"At five hours and twenty minutes, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation ordered the arrest of Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, finding him in flagrant crime  with the appearance of a crime against health, collection of firearms, possession of cartridges and shippers and operations with resources of illicit origin”.

When presented before a Control judge, "Tony Montana" was linked to the process. However, by presenting different protections, he has managed to get a Collegiate Court to order the annulment of the start of the process against him issued on December 27 and to issue a new sentence and analyze and specify the number of weapons located during the operation. So far, the best Control judge has not issued a new ruling, so "Tony Montana" is awaiting the resolution that may lead him to be released for the fourth time.




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