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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Tepatitlán, Jalisco: The Trunk Of The "Tsurito" Was Full Of Marijuana.

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They were driving a Nissan Tsuru vehicle and hid several packages of marijuana in the trunk. The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General's Office in Jalisco, obtained from the Judge of the Accusatory Criminal System in Jalisco, a conviction in abbreviated proceedings against Carlos "P" and Isamar "C".

These individuals are responsible for the commission of the crime against health, in its modality of transportation of marijuana.

The sentenced persons must serve a sentence of seven years and six months in prison and pay a fine of seven thousand 216 pesos and 50 cents.

According to the investigation file, elements of the National Guard arrested Carlos "P" and Isamar "C", on board a vehicle in the vicinity of the federal highway Zapotlanejo-El Desperdicio, belonging to the municipality of Tepatitlan de Morelos, to whom they seized 23 irregularly shaped packages containing 223 kilos 400 grams of cannabis sativa (marijuana).

Carlos "P" and Isamar "C" were placed at the disposal of the Federal Prosecutor of the FGR in Jalisco, who, after analyzing the case, referred them to the aforementioned Judge, who issued the sentence for the aforementioned crime.

Carlos "P" and Isamar "C" are serving their sentences in the prison complex of Puente Grande, Jalisco.


  1. 🎼Fumando mota mi vida se relaja
    Entre más fumo, más mi mente viaja
    A veces vuelo, y cuando despego
    Siento que tengo lo que yo más quiero🎼


  2. They were convicted why the hiding of the names !!one of the more harsh sentences for a bunch of mex weed!!

    1. "Innocent until proven guilty"

  3. Just got back from the fiestas que chulada de viejas tiene mi tepa

    1. I’ve heard strangers are not welcomed at those Tepa “feria” - is that true ?

  4. Weed really .. who cares.

  5. Mota de mala calidad igual que mi moto Italika.

  6. Look like 22’ lb blocks from back in the dsy

  7. Hey you hardly ever see bust like this. It’s a sign Mexican law enforcement isn’t taking a bite like they usually do.

  8. How can it even be worth it anymore?I just got back from my weekly reserve(SW Ontario)run and at one dispensory was a box with ounce baggies and the sign 5bucks might have seeds.They are also branching out to moonshine and whiskey (2litre bottle 50 bucks)


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