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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Santa Maria de Ostula, Michoacán: The Interrogation of Martin Herrera from Los Carteles Unidos

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A captured hitman from the United Cartels narrates before the camera the inner workings of organized crime along the southwestern Michoacán coast. 

Before he is taken out off camera he will reveal all the shady players involved in the trafficking of illegal narcotics. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Whats your name?

Captive: Martin Herrera. 

Sicario: Which cartel do you belong to?

Captive: The United Cartels. 

Sicario: Who’s your boss?

Captive: Herman Ramirez aka El Toro. 

Sicario: What was your role there?

Captive: Gunman. 

Sicario: Which government body supported you guys?

Captive: We were supported by the Michoacán Police, National Guard, and the Army. 

Sicario: What is their specific role?

Captive : Their role is to keep our path open and to fight alongside us and for us. 

Sicario: How much are these bad actors being paid?

Captive: Anywhere from 300 - 400 thousand pesos a month. 

Sicario: What does Herman Ramirez Sanchez do for a living?

Captive: The trafficking of drugs. He moves cocaine and crystal meth. 

Sicario: Who are the bosses that send that cocaine?

Captive: The persons that I’ve heard mentioned are Abuelo Farias and the Caballero brothers. 

Sicario: How does that cocaine arrive?

Captive: It comes in across the sea on a boat. And it’s transported across the terrain on vehicles or tractor trailers. It’s just as well flown across on aircraft’s. 

Sicario: How much cocaine do you guys receive?

Captive: Anywhere from 3 to 4 tons a month. 

Sicario: Which other government personnel support you guys?

Captive: We’re supported by Captain Fernando Rios Bautista from the National Guard. 

Sicario: Whats El Toro’s job in the community of Ostula (Santa Maria de Ostula)?

Sicario: His job is to distribute drugs, sell crystal meth. 

How much money is being given to the Ostula commissioner?

Captive: 50 thousand pesos. 

Sicario: What else does El Toro pay?

Captive: He pays off Interviewers, journalist’s, and other reporters that I don’t personally know. We also have the mayor of Aquila and the El Millón Ranch in our pockets. 

Juan José Farías Álvarez aka El Abuelo Farias

All Source News  Contra Muro


  1. Where s the rest of the video

    1. You want to see the quartering video?

    2. @10:31 Yes of course we do

  2. Muy pronto veran los commandos del Grupo Wagner limpiando las lacras de Mexico .Las plazas tienen dueño .

    1. Hahaha en su sueño. La mayoría de Wagner ya están en el panteón o enterrados en tríncheras en Ucrania. Los que sobran son puros Rusos alcohólicos que no saben usar armas

  3. Damn 300k-400k pesos is like 17k-18k us dolas


  5. Replies
    1. Sol u da man Chingate una Lisa saludos Desde San jo

    2. Fkin Sol, finally u grew on me.Keep up the good work. So The real reason for the war in Michoacán is probably because Abuelo stepped on Menchos toes with the Coke connection. Probably took some clients too. I was born and raised in the 209 around Michoacanos , and I can honestly say these guys always come out bad with each other. They start off as partners, but eventually start hating on each other. They got balls, and they definitely are not afraid to work. But! They can’t stand to see another man coming up, they get jealous.

    3. 10:42 AM He was the main CJNG boss in Michoacan if he didn't flip Viagra's Templarios FM would have been extinct. Viagras were surrounded in Pinzandaro. El Maguey, El Morisqueto and El M2 were going to wipe the Viagra's and take Apatzingan. They had just captured Aguillila from the Revueltas. Then Abuelo flipped killed El Morisqueto took the coke route Mencho built and started snitching on the loads CJNG was bringing. Then they took Buenavista with Viagra's, Templarios, Tepekes, Los Reyes GN, Sedena and State. They then went after El M2 in Aguillia first the Viagra's who kept on getting killed then El Tena and last El Abuelo with Sedena and GN. CJNG took losses once the Sedena went in but they managed to maintain control. CJNG took massive losses once El Abuelo flipped losing 8 to 10 municipalities. It just got worse from there they lost Colima, Cotija, Jiquilpan, Zamora with Pajaros Sierras flipping, La Vaca in Colima and El Metro flipping in Zamora. CJNG is fractured in Michoacan just from El Abuelo flipping they lost so much of what they got when they financed the AlAutosefensas.

    4. I never know what to believe, but, 11:49, I sincerely appreciate your Insight. Michoacan has such a history and starts to become a garbled mess with 20 different storylines, covering 3 decades, and half truths abound.

    5. @11:49. U actually MAKE a lot of sense. I always appreciate comments like these. I can tell u Know what u are talking about.

  6. Corruption runs deep in all these cities. Never ending problem until that is rooted out.

  7. La Placita is a shady town with many stares as one drives through the place. Beautiful coastline and cobblestone point breaks throughout that stretch of road south towards Lazaro.

  8. El Toro & El Tetos are always doing reports and news specials that’s they pay reporters to publish, they think the public are idiots that don’t know Drug Trafficking is their #1 job


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