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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Poza Rica, Veracruz: The Gente Nueva Threaten Several Public Figures

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a video circulating on social networks, alleged members of the Gente Nueva (GN) cartel accuse Francisco Arturo Cárdenas Cortés, Director of Crime Prevention and Police of the municipality of Poza Rica, of protecting elements of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to you Arturo Cardenas, director of the municipal police of Poza Rica. Apparently you feel you are untouchable and your connections to El Coco and his scumbags continue. You’re giving them information and a heads up in the bars and cantinas to keep selling their drugs. For your own good it’s best that you pay attention. You saw what happened with the municipal elements.

You’re well buried at this point with the misconception that your superiors will back you up. For El Remes (Mayor Fernando Luis Remes Garza) when the fire gets to you, I don't think it will cover your bullshit. We’re exposing this character so that an investigation gets underway. But we already know that the government fixes whichever problem for its people. We rarely kill public servants.

There is no point in having another agency review their work if more dirt bags join these jerk offs. You have knowledge that the bars are being forced to sell drugs. And those who refuse have been fired upon under this public servant's cover. Governor Cuitláhuac, did you notice that the dirty crooks come through here more often than they have ever contributed to anything ?

We will continue forth in what we said beforehand As long as you do your job we will stop murdering and beheading. But if we see that your people continue with their bullshit we will proceed with the orders. Remember that elections are coming up and it’s not convenient for you to kill publicity. Just so you know you can avoid all of this. 

We are positioned in the zone with our firearms cocked and loaded. I’ll repeat it once more. The disease and the cure are in your own hands. You know exactly what I mean by this Governor.

Yours truly, the absolute Gente Nueva G.N.

Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez

Es Noticia


  1. Les queda muy grande el nombre ese

  2. These are not the same Gente Nueva from Sonora . The ones that Sicario 006 is always taking about.

    1. How do you know?

    2. Must be an actor - CJNG doesn’t have anyone that can read

  3. These clowns resembles some guys who participated costume party during my school days....😆

  4. man nice clothes, boots, and weapons, real tough guys like toy soldiers, going to into bars and cantinas going to kill and behead people.Women , children, transseksurals.... OOOhhh so tough. Take off your masks and get to fighting a real war chickenhshts.

  5. They are part of the Toy Rifle Marching Band.


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