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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

[Podcast] Redlogarythm Talks Illegal Mining, Extortion, and Nueva Familia Michoacana on Latam Obscuro

Earlier this year, Redlogarythm published "Midas: A Drug Cartel, a Gold Mine, and a Journalist Abduction", an investigation into the drug cartel the Nueva Familia Michoacana, who were taking in over 10 million pesos every month by strong-arming a foreign mining company in Guerrero.

You can listen to the podcast episode here, and you can read the report here!


  1. this is a great listen! does borderlandbeat have their own podcast ??

  2. La pawa the number 2 in the zve who took orders from el chuy 7 the san fernando tamaulipas plaza boss is arrested. The sons of el contador known as los arabes also arrested.

    1. Wow everybody is helping CJNG ariva Michoac√°n

  3. Woah!!!

    Way to go, Red!! ūü¶Č

  4. It's all about money. Longest they don't kill innocent people.

  5. They just want to take 3 quarters of the cake that's all

  6. A BB podcast would be amazing... please do it!


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