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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Monterrey, Nuevo León: A Mafia Of Scrap Metal Thieves

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

With impunity and in broad daylight a mafia of scrap metal thieves operates daily in the Hidalgo neighborhood in Monterrey. The mob of about 50 people operate in a coordinated manner, regardless of who is watching them, stealing whatever material is most profitable for them.

El Norte followed up on this activity and observed that in the heart of the Metropolitan area the criminals operate day and night without being disturbed. The area is known as El Triangulo, and is located at the intersection of Jose Maria Iglesias and Sendero de Los Lirios.  

Sources close to the case explained that the thieves have radio communications and privileged information to know which railroad they will attack. While one group goes to the locomotive, another one goes to the railroad lines to block them, while the rest steals the metal.

The area is located only a few meters from the Rube Bridge. It is not easily accessible and is guarded practically around the clock. Most of those involved play a role. While some watch the incoming vehicles, others make rounds in the area where the scrap metal is piled up for later collection and sale.

The metals are so heavy that they require two or more people to move them. Neighbors of the area, who do not agree with the operation of the mob, denounced that the police do nothing to prevent the massive thefts. This is despite the fact that the mob is made up of adults, children, senior citizens, and migrants.

Surveillance of the stolen metal is carried out throughout the day by young people and children. The piles of stolen metal are located at different points, not only in the area of El Triangulo. It is not easy to enter the site because of the number of people guarding it.

And at night, the theft doesn’t stop. Once the thieves load the stolen metal, they move it across roads to different recycling centers in the area, most of them located in the same neighborhood. 

Grupo Reforma


  1. Wauw, open borders provided by the political elites make every country a 3rd world shithole. This is done on purpose to destroy the old rule of law/ Cvid reset.

    As a Thief by law myself I have some sympathy for this whole operation. Nobody is getting killed and people are making bank. Good.

    1. 1:47; Yeah real good. Good enough to keep employers out of the area and provide legitimate employment. Just like downtown San Francisco and LA now; third world shitholes.

    2. First world and third world are cold a war era terms. The USA is experiencing a new type of industrial revolution. AI and Automation will render the meat working class obsolete. So they have to cull the proletariats with fent. Is a neccesary evil for the preservation of the specie. Once 3/4 of the population are decimated through the vaccine and fent we will enter a new golden age where there are no low class Plebs.



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