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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Guaymas, Sonora: Students Simulate Execution To Ask For Vote At High School

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Students from the Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos del Mar (Cetmar) high school in Guaymas, Sonora, simulated a narco execution to ask their classmates to vote for the "Partido Negro".

In a video posted on social networks, five students can be seen dressed as hired killers and with their faces covered.

Four of them are standing holding what appears to be a broomstick, which they carry as if it were a rifle, while the fifth young man is sitting, handcuffed, with his face covered.

In the background, according to Reforma, the narcocorrido "Mi Terre CLN" by Fuerza Regida can be heard, which alludes to Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

"This is just to remind everyone who is going to vote for the Red political party to instead vote for the Black party, you sons of fucking bitches," expresses one of the students.

Seconds later, they pretend to kill the student sitting in the chair.

According to Reforma, the votes referred to would be in relation to the internal campus elections for the student committee.

So far, neither the high school authorities nor the Ministry of Public Education have commented on the matter.


  1. Ya me di cuenta que esa pinché gente de Guaymas está media taruguilla. 🤣

    1. Se dice pendeja!

    2. Neta que si… así se dice.

    3. Pinchis morros cagazones. Y cuando los levanten van a andar de culones.

  2. "Empezó la trakatera
    Carnal prendase otro gallo
    Si de esta no la libramos me voy a morir peleando
    Y al estilo de scarface con el rifle bien terceado
    Y esperando aqui a la ley que me quieren dar pa' bajo
    Hay mucha guerra en las calles
    Portamos esa bandera
    En verguiza va una Urus y atrás van 10 camionetas
    Defendiendo aquel cartel colgado el M60
    Limpiando de todo del que
    Quiere ensuciar nuestras tierras
    Dicen que son de la gente del señor Chapo Guzmán
    Listos pa' lo que se venga con Alfredo y con Iván
    Con el Piyi por un lado nadie nos puede atrasar
    Me dicen el 09 y aquí mi tierra es Culiacána
    Y jalese mi pa'
    Desde Guanato, hasta Culichi compa Juanpa
    Así nomás y pura Fuerza Regida
    Aquí rifa la mafia, viejo
    ¡Otro pedo!
    Mi compa Jesús
    Aquí andamos a la orden, viejo
    Saben que es zona caliente todo se ve en ese ambiente
    Al tiro tengo a mi gente, pura mafia sinaloense
    Tres siglas las que se ven
    Cartel de JGL y hasta New York saben
    Que el Chapo sigue vigente
    Para andar en este jale hay que ser inteligente
    Me ven los cueros de rana
    Puños de billetes verdes
    Y el miedo no se les ve
    Se anda rifando la suerte
    Por los radios dicen qué, hay que brincarle pariente
    Dicen que son de la gente del señor chapo Guzmán
    Listo pa' lo que se venga con Alfredo y con Iván
    Con el Piyi por un lado nadie nos puede atrazar
    Me dicen el 09 aquí mi tierra es Culiacán
    Ahuevo viejo
    Así nomas
    Jalese mi pa'
    ¡Otro pedo!"

    1. Saco con el dedo! Porque con el pie no puedo! y con la mano me enrredo!

  3. I'm suspended from school 🏫.
    I have lots of time to be on BB.
    I will make ciridodos hope you dig my liriics.
    Alfredo and Ivan are #1

    1. Lol when I was in high school I would be on my phone during class reading bb articles instead of doing those bs assignments the teachers gave me

    2. Please complete all your assignments and continue with your education.

    3. 2:20 you want to spank me? My father says to stay away, that they are not normal. They are messed up in the brain.

  4. Damn cartel training taught in school. They not playing in Mexico. Why they kidnap kids they can prolly just ask them to join. I wonder how the schools would react here if my kid did that same presentation. Lol I think I'd loose my kids over that. Crazy shit.

    1. Looks like a scene from any number of middle eastern or African countries. If my child was caught doing this involved in anything like this I would drive foot up his ass so far he would be tasting boot leather for 6 months.

    2. Actually looks like something they saw right there in Mexico..Stop shifting.

  5. Hey BB.
    How about you set up another website called US mass shootings?
    There was another of these in Farmington NM yesterday.
    These are happening as frequent as ever now! Sadly but true!

    1. I know it's funny we stressing so hard on fent but our gun laws are so bad we has mass shootings so often it don't even matter its like normal for someone to shoot up a store or school or event in the US but we stressing over people choosing to use drugs and dying.

  6. My bad
    I am dumb I forgot the site is for Mexican related things
    Don sol please don't spank me! But happy to see you.

  7. Hey BB how about a website for birds of different types, I have a Yellow Canary.

    1. 12:26
      yellow canaries have been known to sing to the federal grand jury..
      Don't let the dirty birdy overhear any RICO related chatter, nor any nascent murder plots that might be brewing ..
      3 canaries can keep a secret, if 2 of them are dead..
      Smarten up, trade the bird in on a hamster or goldfish..

    2. Hey 1:52
      My dad can beat your dad in a arm wrestle, your dad is a weakling.

    3. Sol, I know it's tough work to monitor the comments but I don't understand how you let these comments slide. 1226/ 208 is posting nonsense. At times I wonder if he's a bot. It's Grammer is bad along with his English and Spanish. Dudes trolling🧌.

  8. I still think Mexico tops US with mass shootings. And guns are legal here. What have to got to say to that smarty pants

    1. But the US doesn't have a drug war and, yet, has been having a mass shooting every week since January. The numbers don't lie.

  9. Those northern pacific state Mexicans are really something else. Mejor ponganse a estudiar. Their ancestors were all criminals and degenerates

  10. SALINAS KALI4RNIAMay 16, 2023 at 2:27 PM


  11. Don Sol
    you should do a website on ladies with bikinis I am sure you love that too

  12. Mr. Don Sol prendido. I commend you for being well versed in both Spanish & English languages. Saludos

  13. Pinchis morros ni limpiar saben y hay andan con estas mamadas de sicarios. Pero cia do los levanten se van a miar los compas. Pinchis morros culones

  14. Very funny, sometimes it's better to laugh then cry over the shit-show the world is right now. Would have been greater, and more dangerous when they would've shouted: we are the absolute mob, el pura gente esceula vija


  16. That's what these kids see everyday and hear in their homes and songs those are Mexico's future training to be crashdummies.qye.verquenza.mexico down the tubes.


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