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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Death Altar Discovered inside Oil Theft Tunnel in Hidalgo

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

An altar for Santa Muerte and another for baphomet were discovered inside a cartel-associate gasoline theft tunnel in the state of Hidalgo.

The Oil Theft Tunnel

State police officers, agents from the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE), and soldiers gathered in Cuautepec de Hinojosa municipality, in the state of Hidalgo. A total of 378 of them were preparing for a major operation in which they planned to raid 8 properties of suspected cartel fuel thieves, simultaneously.

The locations had to be hit at the same time because it was believed there were tunnels connecting some of the properties together. If the men inside heard police coming for them, they might sneak into a tunnel and escape out of a different property, so raiding them at the same moment was essential to the success of the mission. 

The properties were spread out between several towns which included Tezoquipa, Francisco I. Madero, Almoloya and Texcaltepec, according to La Jornada.

The raid began and the arrests started as personnel ran into oil thieves on the property. The workers had drilled holes into nearby fuel pipelines and were siphoning off gasoline from the outflow. This is a criminal enterprise which occurs quite commonly across the country of Mexico, anywhere that oil pipelines exist.

In some of the properties, they found entrances to the major tunnel, which sunk 4.37 yards (4 meters) below ground. The tunnel extended 27 yards (25 meters) long. 

As authorities made their way through the tunnel, they discovered two different intake holes on the oil pipelines. These two intakes had managed to siphon off 10,038 gallons (38,000 liters) of gasoline.

Images of the altars show two main statues. One was a state of baphomet, a half-goat, half-human figure associated with occultism, who is featured heavily in the writings of Éliphas Lévi and Aleister Crowley. In Mexico, baphomet is more likely to be associated with Belcebú, a generic term for the devil.

At the statue's feet, a lycanthrope-like figure was placed. A better view of this statue is not available.

The other main state is of Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, whose relevance and meaning within Mexico is covered in this previous article by Huaso

Various food and drink offerings are seen at the feet of the statues. CO Futures writes “the food and drink offerings at the shrine included bottles of coke and cans of beer along with glasses, meats, tortillas, peppers, and a onion and cactus pads dish.”

A total of 10 men were found to be on the properties or in the tunnel, working on the gas theft operation. All ten men were arrested however their names have not been released as of the writing of this story. 

Two kilos of marijuana and 200 doses of synthetic narcotics were seized from the men’s possession. A total of 12 cars and 3 motorcycles were also seized

There are three different local cartel leaders thought to be involved in oil theft. (For citations for this, please see The Silent State) They are:

José Gerardo Olmedo Arista, alias “El Cochiloco”

Cirilo Lira Gutiérrez, alias “Don Lupe”

Gabriel Rodríguez Hernández, alias “El Gabo”

Any of these three men could have been leading this gasoline theft group.

Sources: TeleDiario, El Universal, La Jornada, El Financiero, Univision, Vanguardia, LatinUS, TV AztecaPamela & Robert Bunker for CO Futures


  1. Here’s a cool blast from the past, IRT tunnels….

    1. Somebody else posted this a week ago? I chuckled about the 'luxurious wall to wall carpeting' and the fancy canopy bed or waterbed (?) if I recall correctly, not to mention the TV's w VHS tape players. High fa'loo'tin fancy drug lords!

    2. It was probably me… There’s actually a CIA cable if u dig it up, that says they found a tunnel from Carl’s cell NUMEROUS times, leading all the way outside….

  2. Hidalgo and Tlaxcala do a good job of not making too much noise.

  3. Holy shit is that wearwolf

  4. Wooooooooow CREEPYYYYYYYYY


  5. Thats clearly a satanic altar

  6. Ms HEARST soooooo

    Any thoughts on this?
    Personal thoughts?

    Rubio NYC

    1. Hi Rubio!

      In my opinion, this type of spiritualism, where you are making offerings to statues in the hope that'll bring you good luck with money, is all snake oil.

      Paying for "anointed" statues, readings, and blessings... You know what they say about a fool and their money.

  7. Off topic. There's a picture online of both El Contador sons after they were arrested by SEDENA

  8. Rumors that el mofles of los metros was arrested near michoacan and let loose with the understanding that he will snitch on el primito el mono el chaparro de nuevo leon. They will get arrested he will take their shit. Also seems like sons of el contador were arrested. Fucking fat ass kids. Doubt their even involved in anything.

  9. I guess Satan didn't hear their prayers because they got caught.

  10. As all of you can see, drugs/ cartels are satanic

  11. Que locos están los chilangos y sus creencias raras

    1. "double, double, toil and trouble
      fire burn and cauldron bubble"
      The Bard


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