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Saturday, May 6, 2023

DEA 'Operation Last Mile' Targeted US Based Sinaloa & CJNG Networks

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced the results of a year-long national operation, “Operation Last Mile,” targeting operatives, associates, and distributors affiliated with the Sinaloa [CDS] and Jalisco [CJNG] Cartels responsible for the distribution of fentanyl and methamphetamine on our streets and across social media.

"DEA’s top operational priority is to defeat the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels—the two drug cartels based in Mexico that are responsible for the vast majority of the fentanyl and methamphetamine that is killing Americans." the statement made by DEA's press release.

Operation Last Mile

In Operation Last Mile, DEA tracked down distribution networks across the United States that are connected to the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels. The Operation shows that the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels use violent local street gangs and criminal groups and individuals across the United States to flood American communities with huge amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine, which drives addiction and violence and kills Americans.

“The Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels use multi-city distribution networks, violent local street gangs, and individual dealers across the United States to flood American communities with fentanyl and methamphetamine, drive addiction, fuel violence, and kill Americans,” said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.

“What is also alarming—American social media platforms are the means by which they do so. The Cartels use social media and encrypted platforms to run their operations and reach out to victims, and when their product kills Americans, they simply move on to try to victimize the millions of other Americans who are social media users.”

Social Media Communications

The operation also shows that the cartels, their members, and their associates use social media applications—like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat—and encrypted platforms—like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Wire, and Wickr—to coordinate logistics and reach out to victims.

Among these investigations, more than 1,100 cases involved social media applications and encrypted communications platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Wire, and Wickr.

Total Seizures & Arrests

Nationally, Operation Last Mile comprised over 1,500 investigations conducted from May 1, 2022, through May 1, 2023, in collaboration with federal, state, and local law enforcement partners.
  • 3,337 Arrests
  • 1,057 Sinaloa Linked Investigations
  • 473 CJNG Linked Investigations
  • 43,616,361 Fentanyl Pills
  • 6,547 pounds of Fentanyl Powder
  • 91,250 pounds of Methamphetamine
  • 8,497 Firearms
  • $104,786,555 Assets Seized
  • 193,038,278 deadly doses of fentanyl

Operation Last Mile results in the DMV area.

DEA Washington Division Results

With an area of responsibility that covers the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, the DEA Washington Division reported that since May 2022, their intelligence and operational efforts resulted in 158 investigations directly linked to the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels. So far, and in partnership with local, state, and federal partners, these investigations have led to the arrest of 240 criminals and the seizure of 98 lbs. of fentanyl powder, 224,450 fake pills, 126 lbs. of methamphetamine, 569 guns and over $4,500,000. The analysis of the modus operandi of these Drug Criminal Organizations revealed that they are using social media and encrypted apps in over 50 of these investigations.

“Drug trafficking and violent crime is a major problem in many neighborhoods across the DMV and affects the very foundation of our families and communities. Every time we take illegal drugs and firearms off the streets, we save lives,” mentioned Jarod Forget, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Washington Division. “The Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels are doing everything they can to increase their profits at the cost of the lives and safety of our citizens. I’m very grateful for the hard work of the DEA teams and our law enforcement partners, with whom we were able to make these arrests and seizures from these violent drug trafficking organizations”.

Operation Last Mile results in the Dallas/Oklahoma areas.

DEA Dallas Division Results

The DEA Dallas Field Division, which includes multiple offices in North Texas and the State of Oklahoma conducted 48 distinct investigations targeting both the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels, including 6 instances of overlapping involvement. In just a twelve-month period, over 339,000 fake pills and 133 pounds of fentanyl were seized, representing over 3.5 million deadly doses of this poison. Furthermore, DEA Dallas arrested 213 traffickers and seized over 1,300 pounds of methamphetamine, 501 weapons, and $5,451,008 in drug-related assets.

“These results show the commitment to saving lives by the men and women of DEA Dallas and all of our law enforcement family operating throughout North Texas and Oklahoma,” said Eduardo A. Chávez, Special Agent in Charge of DEA operations in the area. “This is not a movie where after the scene, people go home. This is real. Families are forever affected by the scourge of drug trafficking. Consequences matter and individuals will be held accountable.”

"You know with some of the world's biggest airports, the interstate system, and just the centralized location here in the United States, it really gives an advantage to cartels," Chávez said.

DEA Chicago Division Results

As part of the yearlong operation targeting 48 Sinaloa and Jalisco cartel operations throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, the DEA Chicago Field Division seized 126 pounds of fentanyl powder and 223,755 fake pills, equivalent to 3,337,709 deadly doses. DEA Chicago Field Division agents also conducted 173 arrests while seizing 904 pounds of methamphetamine, 738 guns, and $5,756,330 in assets.

“Operation Last Mile is an important step towards dismantling every part of the drug trafficking networks responsible for killing Americans at record rates,” said Sheila G. Lyons, Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Field Division. “This enforcement operation should send a clear message to those in our community facilitating the work of the cartels, the Chicago Field Division will continue to pursue you in order to protect the safety and health of our communities throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.”

DEA Houston Division Results

The DEA Houston Division as a result of Operation Last Mile, reported 82 investigations, over 150 arrests, and the seizure of 1,068 firearms, 2,797 pounds of methamphetamine, 42 pounds of fentanyl powder, 316,509 fake pills containing fentanyl, and more than 6 million in assets. The fentanyl powder and pill seizures made by the Houston Division equate to nearly 1.2 million deadly doses of fentanyl removed from communities across southeast Texas.

“Operation Last Mile inflicts a deliberating blow to the operatives, associates, and distributors affiliated with the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels who are responsible for the fentanyl and methamphetamine distributions in our communities,” said Special Agent in Charge Daniel C. Comeaux, DEA Houston Division. “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our communities. DEA, along with our many partners, will remain relentless in our pursuit of these cartels and their affiliates, who are spreading their deadly poison throughout our neighborhoods.”

DEA Seattle Division Results

As part of the yearlong operation targeting 39 Sinaloa and Jalisco cartel operations throughout Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho, the DEA Seattle Field Division seized 83 pounds of fentanyl powder and 1,012,775 fake pills, equivalent to 2,729,128 deadly doses. DEA Seattle Field Division special agents also conducted 148 arrests while seizing 857 pounds of methamphetamine, 33 guns, and $1,099,775 in assets.

“Over the last year, the Seattle Field Division identified and targeted individuals working for the Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels who distributed fake pills laced with fentanyl into our communities,” said Jacob D. Galvan, Acting Special Agent in Charge, DEA Seattle Field Division. “The men and women of the DEA’s Seattle Field Division will continue to protect the people of the Pacific Northwest and remove the deadly influence the cartels bring to our communities.”

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram

Targeting Precursor Chemicals & Supply Chain

As part of Friday's announcement, Milgram said the DEA is targeting the precursor chemicals used to make fentanyl, which originate in China. Milgram said that in 2019, China stopped shipping fentanyl to the United States, and instead shipped the chemicals.

"It shows us that if China wanted to stop this, they could," she said. "They could if they wanted to stop these chemical companies from exporting. They could."

"And it's a vital part of this conversation because unlike plant-based drugs, like cocaine or heroin, with synthetic man-made drugs like fentanyl, or methamphetamine, the only limit on how how much fentanyl the cartel can make is how many chemicals they can get their hands on," she continued.

She said the DEA hasn't gotten cooperation from China. "We've asked the Chinese government for assistance with stopping the precursors. We've not had cooperation on narcotics in many months at this point in time, but absolutely we think China can do more and needs to do more to stop it," she continued.

In April 2023, the DEA and their federal partners announced the indictment of 28 members and associates of the Sinaloa Cartel operating in Mexico, China, and Central America, including the leaders of the Cartel known as the “Los Chapitos.”

Recently, the sons of "El Chapo" released a response letter via a lawyer responding to that indictment and accusations of fentanyl trafficking. 

Source DEA, ABC


  1. Looking at the Stats you cant really argue 490 investigations to 1000 CDS and thats the DEA so the info is good. So the Chapitos really did try and dominate the Fentanyl trade.

    1. course they did. anytime you see a journalist talking about fent, its in sinaloa, specifically cuilacan. chapitos stronghold.

    2. Americans were hooked on fent before the Mexican cartels began pushing fent

    3. 11:56 Mexican cartels are guilty as fuck when it comes to fentanyl. Stop trying to blame someone else

    4. 11:56 Not true.
      Americans were however, hooked on opioids.
      Such as heroin and real OxyContin.
      Fent was introduced as fake oxy pills.

    5. 6:22 Blaming Mexico or any other country for your own consumption habits sounds ridiculous and contradictory.

  2. So if they fall won't that just make a diff cartel more powerful who will just fill the void with more fent. They act like cds amd cjng are the only people who can make fent. Lol again

  3. Funny that it is suggested that the bulk of the illicit drugs, here mentioned, come through the south border, the most guarded. What about both coast and the north border, zero drug traffic. If you really want to put a dent on these drug cartels, stop the flow of guns down south and follow the money trail.

    1. Really , you think it’s so easy Einstein ? Did you think of that all by yourself ?

    2. The Mississippi River shipping routes are one of the main routes the Cartel is using.

    3. Hey if you want to defend the northern border more go ahead and good luck with that you clearly have no idea about the geography

    4. 10:50 Who you referring to with "cartel", could be Aryan Brotherhood...

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  5. The feds didn’t learn the lesson

  6. That's a LOT, but at the levels those cartels operate at, it seems like all those arrests and seizures wouldn't add up to more than an annoyance to those cartels.

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  8. The FEDs need to target the multi ton shipments of Cartel drugs arriving by use of barges and tug boats from the gulf of Mexico via shipping routes on the Mississippi River directly to the heartland of our nation. The Cartel and their US partners and corrupt barge and rail businesses shipping all these drugs to Northern Illinois and using it as a main shipping hub to target the rest of the nation are some of the most audacious and outrageous organized crime figures in our nation. The corruption among law enforcement and politicians and officials in Illinois have created the perfect atmosphere for the Cartels and their parents in US organized crime circles to thrive and flourish and our entire nation is suffering due to this.

    1. I have never once considered this route!Common sense once it is said out loud but fucking brilliant.And added to the fact that I have also never heard of a bust on the Mississippi.

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  9. It's not the cartels. It's USAs political good old boys trying to bullying all lil cou. Go against China, or Russia


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