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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Sedena IT Lt. Colonel Arrested for Role in Guacamaya Hacker Leaks

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Guacamaya Hacking Group artwork.

A Mexican Army officer has reportedly been arrested in connection with a cyberattack in which a huge trove (6 terabytes) of emails and documents was downloaded from the IT system of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena). 

Jesús Concepción López Millánis accused by the Military Justice Prosecutor’s Office of a “breach of military duties” – specifically the “loss of military information.” A Lieutenant Colonel who worked in Sedena’s IT department, Jesus was detained in connection with the 2022 hack perpetrated by the Guacamaya hacking group.

He has been released by a military judge who granted him provisional freedom after 6 days in custody.

The federal government hasn’t publicly confirmed the arrest. The information engineer is the first military leader to be detained in connection with the Guacamaya cyberattack, but more officials are expected to be arrested. Jesús is being held in Campo Militar 1-A prison at a Mexico City military facility.

The Military Justice Code stipulates a minimum jail sentence of one year for a breach of military duties, although a sentence of just four months imprisonment can be handed down if the breach was the result of “clumsiness or carelessness.”

The maximum jail sentence for the crime is 60 years. López Obrador has closely aligned with the military during his presidency and has defended the Defense Ministry against allegations of misconduct.

Guacamaya Leaks

Guacamaya leaked thousands of sensitive documents to media organizations, which published numerous stories based on the information they received. They included reports on President López Obrador’s health problems, the government’s plan to create an army-run commercial airline, a soldier’s sale of weapons to a criminal organization, and the Mexican military’s planning and operational shortcomings.

The Military Justice Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation “to detect possible omissions” by Sedena IT personnel months ago even though López Obrador ruled out a probe last October. Sedena has tightened IT security to protect against future cyberattacks and strengthened checks of IT and cybersecurity employees as a safeguard against leaks of sensitive information.

National Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval said in February that Mexico’s national security wasn’t compromised despite the theft of 6 terabytes of confidential information.

López Obrador also played down the seriousness of the hack, saying late last year that he didn’t expect any negative consequences from it.

The president has recently been questioned about leaked Sedena documents that appear to confirm that the Defense Ministry has spied on citizens during the term of his government. López Obrador denies that is the case, saying earlier this month that the Army does intelligence work but doesn’t spy on anyone.

Last week he said he suspected that the Guacamaya hacking group – which has also stolen information from the Chilean, Colombian, and Peruvian governments – is made up of “international agencies linked to the conservative group headed by [businessman and government critic] Claudio X. González.”

Guacamaya Leaked Stories

SEDENA Hacked - Documents Leaked


  1. Animo Sicarios!!
    Gente Nueva Sinaloa Security Services Operators are working with a cyberwarfare expert known as "Eduardo Nievesden", to avoid hacks of CDS communications.
    The 7G network update is in its final stages.New Tactical tablets will be sent out shortly.La Chapiza R&D department is also working on Morse code with quantum entanglement communication.

    1. Quantum entanglement communication is practically not feasible since it would require rare equipment and a team of PhD lever physicist in order to send out one photon.

      Secret communications by real pros are through letter beacons, "secrete" frequencies, like the Russian UVB 76, wireless telegraphing, number stations ect.

    2. You are one entertaining individual!!!!
      And if you are a real Sicario, I hope you’re NOT pulling peoples intestines out.

      Rubio NYC

    3. @6:37 if Sic 006 says its possible, it sure is . He has access to higly classified technology

    4. 8:03 That's true.

    5. 6:41 you seriously think sicario 006 is a real sicario? 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Sic006 is back with vengeance after mission in ukraine? God speed bru!!

    7. @637 — all your fancy equipment has nothing on the most basic form of secretive communication…

      …speaking in code.

    8. And he’s back!!!

  2. some used a badusb

  3. They found out he was the leaker, thanks to the Pegasus program, that Mexico has to spy on their employees.

    1. I wonder if anyone agrees with me here..

      Remember during Chapo’s trial it was said that he was able to spy on those close to them via their phones? He was able to turn the mic on whenever, even with the phone being off…

      Doesn’t that sound like Pegasus?

    2. 2:12
      Yes they were called back then Blackberries, with the little keyboard on them. Eventually Chapo was being spyied on what he was spying.

    3. Yes, I know what Blackberries are/were; I actually had one as my first company phone (RIP)..

      As for Pegasus, it can run on any mobile device..

  4. Lol almo blames his conservative political opponents.

  5. Great list of previous leaks, very interesting as I have missed more than half of them. If it's not about avocados, taco stands or pie, I too often overlook.

  6. There's my little mayonaisse jar avatar, I was worried for a second....phew!!

  7. He should not trust the military when they told him you back us up and we stop spying on ppl and focus on criminals. But i assume he lacks the political power against the military. And the fact that he gets upset when ppl asking about it is because he knew the lack of power.


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