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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Property Secured In Ampliacion El Barrio, Culiacan Was Used To Manufacture Fentanyl Pills

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard, in coordination with the Attorney General's Office (FGR) and the State Public Security Secretariat, seized more than 160 kilos of fentanyl and three kilos of heroin in a house located in the Ampliación el Barrio neighborhood, Culiacán.

After the FGR complied with a technical investigation order, the agents managed to secure 120.215 kilos of probable fentanyl pills of different colors; approximately 2.861 kilos of possible fentanyl powder and 37 kilos of possible fentanyl paste.

As well as three kilos of probable heroin, 80 liters of possible methanol, 25 kilos of probable sorbitol, a mixing machine and a tabletting machine.

The seized items were handed over to the competent authorities so that the corresponding investigations and expert actions could be carried out to confirm the type and quantity of drugs, as well as the chemical substances.



  1. At this point they gonna wipe Culiacán out

  2. “But all the fentanyl comes from China!”

    1. Where do you think they got the chemicals from genius

    2. Yeah no shit, but many people here have claimed that MX doesn’t manufacture the crap..

    3. 1:53 the precursor chemicals come from China, to manufacturer in the labs in Mexico. Ya dig homie!

  3. Hello Ivan, please dont get wrong but can you please write “competent authorities” i think it would fit much better as no arrests were made and nothing will happens at the end. Pinche sinaloa gobiernos.


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