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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Hitmen of Gulf Cartel's Primito Caught Red-Handed Kidnapping in Díaz Ordaz, Tamps

"HEARST" and "Redlogarythm" for Borderland Beat

Hitmen who work for Cartel del Golfo boss "El Primito" were killed by soldiers soon after kidnapping civilians on Highway 40 in Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas. 

The Shootout with the Kidnappers

During the morning of April 25, 2023, soldiers from the Army (SEDENA) were shot by cartel hitmen while the soldiers were “carrying out reconnaissance work” in Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas, according to a government press release. The hitmen were sitting inside a red pickup truck nearby.

The soldiers returned fire and a shootout began. Ultimately, the two hitmen in the pickup were killed.

As soldiers approached the vehicle, they noticed there were two more men lying in the bed of the truck, alive but chained up like prisoners. 

The men told the soldiers that they had been kidnapped by the hitmen while traveling on the Monterrey-Reynosa highway, near the town of Las Piedras. Medical transport was called for the kidnapping victims. 

After the incident, members of the SEDENA unit involved, from the IV Region, 8th Military Zone, displayed the items seized from inside the vehicle which included:

  • Three AK47 type assault rifles (one of them with a Romanian style grip and a folding stock)

  • One AR15 type assault rifle

  • 25 AK47 type mags

  • 2 AR15 type mags

  • Three tactical vests

Interestingly enough, two of the seized vests had velcro patches with lettering. In one of them the name of Cártel del Golfo (CDG) was visible. 

On the second vest was a patch for “Primito”, which refers to the criminal alias of César Morfín Morfín, the current leader of the Gulf Cartel faction Los Metros. 

It's worth noting that the municipality Diaz Ordaz, where the kidnapping occurred, is known to be controlled by Los Metros forces. 

Based on the location of the kidnapping and patch found on the vest, it seems clear that the kidnappers were hitmen who work under El Primito.

Highway Kidnapping Schemes

The kidnapping incidents on the Monterrey-Reynosa highway, or Highway 40, are often overshadowed by the ones on its more violent neighbor: the Laredo-Monterrey highway, or Highway 85, which runs perpendicular to it. Nevertheless, both routes share a key characteristic - their connection to important border crossing points from the major city of Monterrey. 

The highway connects to the border city of Reynosa, which is controlled by los Metros, and therefore El Primito. Likewise, Highway 85 connects to Nuevo Laredo, which is controlled by the Cartel de Noreste (CDN). 

Monterrey is Mexico´s second largest (and its richest) city. It has long acted as a hub for dirty money and weapons heading south and drugs and human beings heading north. 

The city is used for storing goods, such as drug shipments, as well as migrants who are hoping to be crossed into the US. 

The roads which connect Monterrey to port of entry locations are highly prized by cartel groups and are viciously disputed. The group controlling these roads controls the flow of goods and people heading to the US. 

Historically, the Gulf Cartel has been known to control Highway 40. Nowadays, some of the highway in the southwest is controlled by CDN and some of the highway in the northeast is controlled by the Gulf Cartel faction Los Metros. 

Sometimes cartel roadblocks charging a "cartel tax", or cuota, have appeared on Highway 40 although they are much more common on Highway 85. These roadblocks are also used to scope out potential kidnapping victims and potential vehicle thefts, with pickup trucks and SUVs often targeted. 

Sources: NMAs, Día a Día Tamaulipas, Hoy Tamaulipas, El Guzman, La Tarde 


  1. Well done. Great example of how little details such as that patch, which others pass over, can be used to better understand the cartel landscape.

  2. El Tolin Infante is gonna get released from prison,u heard it here first!

  3. Good work and thank god they were saved! Anyone know if the road Carretera 40 is a toll road? I’ve driven from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey on 85 (toll road) for years and never seen anyone being harassed; but I’ve been warned to never take the free road which I did once and there was barely any traffic and few towns of any significant size / population- so stay off the free NL to Monterrey road!

    1. The Highway 40 section in Tamps is just freeway. It splits into 40 (libre) and 40D (toll) after you enter Nuevo Leon.

      I highly recommend taking MX's advice on this issue.
      "Libre roads are usually two-lane roads and tend to be much older and less sophisticated than toll highways. Since libre roads generally connect to more towns and villages, there is more cartel activity on these roads. Toll roads in Mexico are generally considered safer than non-toll ones."

    2. Its like playing russian roulette, you won't always get lucky. I will suggest don't even travel in car thru Tamaulipas (day or night),your on your own once you cross into tamaulipas , the people won't help you either if you get into a dangerous situation. Fly in instead.

  4. Great work by the soldiers, thanks guys!

  5. Morfin is such a peculiar last name.. and then to have both surnames as well is even more peculiar lol 🦉

    Maybe he comes from a long line of dope pushers!

    1. It's a regional last name in that area of México

    2. 4:57 he's from Colima though

    3. 8:09 Colima, Jalisco y Michoacán is where it's common 🤫

  6. Crazy how tamaulipas is set up taking all the border from cauhila

  7. So who were the so called victims. Were they contras, innocent civilians, immigrants, etc??? That matters alot. There's a difference between snatching up suspected CDN sicarios and snatching up average innocent civilians. Also, Hearst & Redlogarythm, I've heard that Metros and Escorpiones have worked out some kind of agreement and Escorpiones have been handed some districts in Reynosa. Supposedly they were given about 6 municipalities in Reynosa. Do you guys happen to know if there's any truth to that??? Any input would be appreciated. I'm going to try and get the district's names for you guys. If true I wonder if something has happened with CJNG. Supposedly they were being let into Reynosa by los Metros and Escorpiones were fighting them in other states. I know a couple of months ago the authorities ran up in a house in Reynosa and arrested 5 or 6 members from CJNG. That could've been los Metros getting rid of CJNG by turning them in ahead of handing over the mentioned districts to the Escorpiones. Or maybe That was coincidence and Escorpiones have a halt to hostilities with CJNG. Just wondering and thinking out loud. Something had to develop with CJNG.Either they got kicked out of Reynosa by the Metros or have a truce with the Escorpiones.

    1. It is impossible to know the origin of the kidnapped victims: they could either be simple citizens kidnapped for getting a ransom or "contras" of Los Metros. We are only sure about the authorship of the event, because the patches offer a clear description of which group the guys were affiliated to. About the Metros-Escorpiones truce, our Tamaulipas main expert hasn´t heard nothing about such a thing although he has evidence of Escorpiones being present in Reynosa, which could mean either a conflict or a truce between both groups. But I insist, we have no confirmation of such a deal

    2. 5:04 there's a truce since 2021
      I'm pretty sure El Primito had to offer El Contador something.

    3. There is no arrangements between el primito and the matamoros faction other than lets no shoot each other. There are no matamoros faction comandantes holding ground in reynosa. The border between factions is rio bravo. Rio bravo belonging to matamoros. El primito whom is not even in tamaulipas runs reynosa thru el mono. Cdg matamoros has no truce with jaliscas. Theyre at war in zacatecas and san luis potosi and in verecruz just to name a few states.

    4. I can vouch for this comment. Matamoros and Reynosa have a peace treaty only .

      The matamoros faction controls the local drug sales of rio bravo .

    5. They were Metros Nueva Generación

  8. La cabra or el metro 7 miguel alemam plaza boss captured. El chuy of the matamoros faction has revolted against matamoros. And el cachetes is free and trying to take over his old turf. Cdg stays busy.

  9. El ejercito marcando su victoria al estilo cartel. They kill two dudes, save a couple too, and display their banner in front of the scene. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but I do find it interesting they do this.

  10. Those kidnap victims are doubly lucky. One for being rescued from their captors. Secondly by not being killed in the shootout by their rescuers. They could of easily been taken out by the soldiers based on the holes on the side of the bed of the truck lol

  11. El cartel del golfo ya no es lo que era antes. Todos son unas escorias. Todos andan violando mujeres y niñas inocentes, matando niños y secuestrando a gente inocente. Todos son una bola de culos y aprovechados. Solamente con la gente desarmada se creen bien vergas. El primito no vale verga tampoco. Segun el no se mete con el pueblo pero sigue chingando a la sociedad. Cuando llega la sedena corren como lo que son. Culos. la gente del primito son los responsables del chavito que mataron en reynosa que trabajaba en sierra madre.


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