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Friday, April 7, 2023

Three Men Linked to Controversial Mining Company Killed in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca

By “El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

Three men were killed by gunmen at a seafood restaurant in Salina Cruz, a coastal town in Oaxaca on Tuesday, April 4th. The attack may be linked to recent allegations of fraud by a mining company in the area.

The attack happened around 1:30 p.m. inside the La Piedrita restaurant in the San Juan Colonia. When local police arrived, they found two bodies on the floor, and one still seated. Local news did not report on the method of the attack.

Authorities established a perimeter, and shortly after, three armed suspects were arrested in the area, reported Primera Linea.

According to Proceso, the other three victims were Salvador "N", his driver, Jesús F. A. R., and his unidentified bodyguard.

Edwin Meneses, a local reporter, posted on his Facebook that one of the men killed was Salvador “N” a representative of the mining company Infraestructura y Energías Renovables Layza S.A. De C.V.. The website of Layza shows that they are involved in construction, mining, and energy.

Accusations of Corruption

However, this is contradicted by NVI Noticias, who reported that Salvador is not the representative, but the wife of the representative, María Natividad Gordillo Espinoza. Other newspapers confirm that María Espinoza is in fact the company representative. 

This firm, and María Espinoza in particular, have recently been the focus of intense controversy related to alleged fraud related to its contract for the extraction of stone for the construction of wave breakers in the nearby Santa Cruz Bamba harbor.

This firm is in charge of extracting stone to be used in nearby breakwaters
María Espinoza offered the local community payment and social services, which the community claims have failed to appear, reported Imparcial Oaxaca.

In protest, these workers blocked access to the mine and the Costera 200 Highway between Salina Cruz-Huatulco for 12 days between late February and March 2023. Negotiations with the company and state government are ongoing. In late March 2023, Canal 13 Noticias reported that the workers have not been paid in six months.

Given the animosity towards María Espinoza, it is possible that this attack was intended to strike at her through killing her husband.

Sources: @nvinoticiasoax, NVI NoticiasPrimera LineaEdwin Meneses FacebookProcesoADN SuresteImparcial OaxacaCanal 13 Noticias

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  1. In mexico problems are solve killing family the other kills their family till there is only one standing especially in those áreas like oaxaca and guerrero puebla

  2. And not a single beer spilled

  3. And the other victims, were they collateral damage? I would love to see the Mrs. Interviewed about this. Thank You El Huaso for the great read!

    1. Thanks for reading and for the comment LASTRAW! Looks to be collateral damage. That's my guess.



    2. I surfed Puerto Escondido in the early '70s.. los oaxaquenos were too groovy for words, but you could sense a dark side underneath the surface.
      Everything was super low-key, us gringos went to the army base to trade much sought-after rolling papers for the lim de limón sticky capullo from the inland valleys. The folks were so soulful, they knew how to lie, but they couldn't look you in the eye when they did it.
      Now, Oaxaca, like everywhere else, is going to hell in a handbasket, Benito Juarez is turning in his grave. 🦎


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