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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Friends of Bionce Amaya May Be Involved in Her Femicide, Reveals NL Prosecutor's Office

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Bionce's friends, who are already facing their respective arrest warrants, have not been located because they are outside the state of Nuevo Leon.

Bionce Case

Bionce Amaya’s friends were involved in her femicide, reveals the NL Prosecutor's Office

Days ago, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Nuevo Leon confirmed that the first arrest warrants had already been issued in the case of Bionce Jazmin Amaya Cortez, who was found dead in the municipality of General Bravo. However, it was not until Thursday that the agency confirmed that the suspects of the femicide were the young woman's friends.

State authorities informed that two of the warrants are for the crime of disappearance and one more for the crime of femicide, this could already be the line of investigation to follow.

In addition, these arrest warrants have been issued against Bionce Amaya's friends, who have not yet been located because they are outside Nuevo Leon, the collaboration of other state prosecutors has already been requested to help in the search for these three people.

Pedro Arce, in charge of the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor's Office, stated that the cause of death of Bionce Amaya was due to a road accident, but after abandoning her while she was still alive is what could lead the case to be catalogued as a femicide. In addition, he detailed that they have strong data on the participation of the young woman's friends in these facts. He added:

There is a transfer of the person still alive, she was denied adequate medical attention, the way and place in which the victim's body was found, an exposed place, as well as the lack of communication between the suspect and the victim, since he took the victim's cell phone.

On the other hand, the owner of the farm where Bionce was found, in the municipality of General Bravo, has also been included in the investigation, but he/she has not been located to appear before the Public Prosecutor's Office.

It is important to remember that Bionce Amaya, a young woman of Mexican nationality, but with residence in Texas, was last seen last April 6 in the municipality of China. Since then, Nuevo Leon authorities undertook an exhaustive search, but it was not until nine days later that they found her body in a property in the community of El Verde, in the municipality of General Bravo.

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  1. Convenient excuse. Unfortunately that’s the go to excuse for authorities (and assumption by Mexican civilians) in Mx.

    1. Her "friends" have given conflicting stories about her last sighting.

    2. Yep either drug related or someone they knew… that’s what they claim 🦉

  2. They need to arrest all the people that were with her including the men that were mentioned in a video of a guy giving some details.

  3. Most “friends” only care about themselves and will use you or stab you in the back.

    Beware of who you call “friends”


    1. 11:21; You need some new friends

  4. The friends if Debanhi should have been arrested last year!!!


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