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Friday, April 14, 2023

“El Menchito” Gets New Lawyer, Delays Guilty Plea in US

“Socalj” for Borderland Beat

Ruben Oseguera González, "El Menchito," was set for a change of plea hearing Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he was expected to admit to federal charges that accuse him of helping run his father’s organization. But instead, it appears he got cold feet following the sudden appearance of a new lawyer, Arturo Hernandez, hired by members of Ruben's family.

According to his own statements, Hernández was hired by one of "Menchito's" uncles in California, who would have hired the rest of the legal team, "after the family began to doubt the plea agreement."

This caused the prosecutors to accuse, for example, that there could be a conflict of interest in the participation of Hernández since other relatives of "Menchito" have been accused and even sentenced for criminal acts. 

“This is not the way I do business,” Judge Beryl A. Howell said upon learning of Hernández's intention to join the litigation. "What are you doing here at the last moment, when this case has been in my file for years?"

Apparently, "El Menchito" was not entirely convinced of the agreement reached by the US government and agreed to hire Hernández to have "a second opinion." 

Last-Minute Change

El Menchito initially pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug conspiracy charges following his extradition from Mexico in February 2020. He was set to be one of the first high-profile CJNG members to take his case to trial.

But in late March, with his trial date fast approaching, court records show El Menchito notified prosecutors that he intended to change his plea to guilty. Such a move typically happens when a deal has been struck, which can involve the defendant cooperating or providing useful information in exchange for dropped charges or a reduced sentence.

Change of plea hearings are a routine business in federal courts, but the first sign of something unusual in El Menchito’s case came on the evening of April 11, before he was scheduled to plead guilty. Federal prosecutors filed a motion asking the presiding judge to hold a “conflict inquiry” over a new defense lawyer seeking to appear on behalf of El Menchito.
Following a tense court hearing, part of which has been sealed from the public record, the plea deal has been put on hold as the 33-year-old El Menchito reconsiders taking his case to trial, which is currently scheduled to start in early May.

Potential Family Conflict

The attorney, Arturo Hernandez, was “purportedly retained by the defendant’s family on his behalf,” wrote prosecutors, who noted that several of El Menchito’s close relatives also face charges in related cases.

“The government has concerns about a potential conflict of interest if Mr. Hernandez is retained and/or receiving attorney’s fees from the defendant’s family members who are charged in related cases or individuals acting on behalf of those family members,” prosecutors told the judge.

When Hernandez replied that he’d been retained by El Menchito the day prior, the judge asked: “Have you ever spoken to Mr. Oseguera-Gonzalez?” Hernandez said they had spoken, “Yesterday and the day before… over the phone. Numerous times.”

When Hernandez said he would be seeking to delay the trial, which had been scheduled on the judge’s docket since June 2022, Howell interjected: “No, no, no.”

“I was hoping that you would be understanding because there is a conflict between the client and his attorneys with respect to representation, and he hired a different attorney,” Hernandez said. “And it would be hard for a client to proceed when he has a conflict with his attorneys.”

Howell said she’d never noticed a conflict between El Menchito and his other defense attorneys, then ordered Hernandez to “go sit in the gallery,” effectively ending his participation in the hearing.

The judge then peppered El Menchito with a series of questions and informed him that, “just because you want new counsel doesn't mean you automatically get it.”

“Well, I didn't know that,” he said in English, adding a beat later, in Spanish through a court translator: “I just want a second opinion.” When the judge offered to give him an hour to talk things over with his lawyers, the CJNG cartel leader’s son asked for more time and to postpone the trial.

“I was not happy with the plea,” El Menchito said.

Defense Lawyer Arturo Hernandez

Arturo Hernández boasted of his experience for more than 40 years in different US federal courts and even said that he is known as " the SWAT team of the legal profession "since he usually takes on complicated cases at the last minute.

In addition, he acknowledged that although he has not previously advised any member or head of the CJNG, on his list of clients there have been "high-profile criminal figures," including leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel close to Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

Despite the fact that the names of the defendants he has defended were not specified in the interview, the name of Arturo Hernández appears in the team of lawyers of Alfredo Vázquez Hernández, also known by the name of Alberto Bazán Orozco, an operator of "El Chapo" identified as a coordinator of the cartel's routes to send drugs to Chicago.

Source Vice


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  3. No loyalty amongst crooks and thieves.

  4. So lemme get this straight... he plead not guilty, but wants to plead guilty now and cooperate with the government? No que no cantabas pajarito, y hasta en otro idioma.

    1. Wut? Reread the article
      s l o w l y to comprehend what's happening.

    2. One generally pleads not guilty initially in a criminal case following indictment, but then, can change a plea to guilty following the pre-trial discovery phase and plea negotiations. To do otherwise would be tantamount to signing a blank check and allowing the government to fill in the amount. No bueno.

  5. Since his dads death, the poor boy doesn't know what to do.

  6. The judge deliberately misunderstood the reference to ''conflict''. Menchitos lawyer meant a conflict of interest, not a disagreement, cos the last lawyer was also involved in representing other defendents that might be compromised on any plea deal or suffer from any co-operation.

    1. An attorney cannot divide loyalty between clients. One horse, one rider. Legal ethics demand that attorneys must avoid, not only impropriety, but also the appearance of impropriety. The aforementioned attorney has information from some clients that may affect other clients. This lawyer is a snake and trades information to the client with the highest retainer fee paid.

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