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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

CSRL Interrogate and Kill CJNG Captive on Camera Near Celaya, Guanajuato

By "El Huaso" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This article shows photos and videos of violence.

A man identified as a member of the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) is interrogated and killed on video by several armed members of the Cártel Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL) near Celaya, Guanajuato.

In the video, the man explains his work as a member of the CJNG before being killed by gunshots. 

The mans body was later found on the side of Libramiento Celaya highway outside the city. Drivers took videos of the corpse and accompanying message. While it is impossible to read the message from the angle of the videos, it is likely the same as another CSRL message left in Celaya the day before, as reported by Borderland Beat.

This message is mostly illegible, save for the distinctive triangular logo of the CSRL, and the alias of former leader José Antonio Yépez Ortiz alias "El Marro" (The Sledgehammer").

Body found on the Libramiento Celaya highway 4/10/23

Likely the same message left by a body in Celaya.4/9/23


The video translation by Sol Prendido is as follows:

My name is Pablo Abel Zarate Procel aka El Babas. I worked for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel under the orders of David Zarate. He was in charge of extorting, killing innocent civilians, and disrupting society. They've done so much dirt here. Case in point would be how civilians were killed in the Pedegrinos, the Muñecas, in various establishments here in the city of Celaya. The only thing these individuals came to do in Celaya was dirty work. They're so unlike the local mob here. This local crew has better standards and better ways. So, it's for the best that we support the state of Guanajuato friends. The New Generation Cartel is straight-up piggery. They kill and extort everyone. The guy known as El Ranchero would let me borrow a firearm to also do dumb shit and steal. I'm from Celaya and I know very well they things that they've done. Don Fidel, Emilio, and David Zarate. They've all committed an infinite amount of thuggery here. Innocent civilians were killed here for no justified reason. I want everyone to know that we all need to follow the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel here.

The Context

Since 2018, the state of Guanajuato has been the most violent state in Mexico due to an intense conflict between two criminal groups, the CSRL and newcomers the CJNG, as well as allies of both. These two groups and their allies fight for control of the state's lucrative Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) pipelines, an expanding market of synthetic drug consumers, and control of trafficking routes. 

Recently, government reports and narco messages have indicated that other criminal groups from other states have joined in the fight, further complicating the situation. Last month, six members of the Gulf Cartel faction "Los Escorpiones" were arrested in Guanajuato related to the kidnapping and murder of six women, reported La Silla Rota. All of the arrested men were from outside Guanajuato.

While violence in Guanajuato has been trending downwards since a peak of 5,083 in 2020, El Universal noted that homicide trends are up 21% in 2023, comparing the period of January to March year-to-year. 

Sources: Borderland Beat Archives 4/10/23, La Silla RotaEl Universal

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  1. He got the easy way out. So that means he wasn't really a cjng operative

    1. pretty much and the way he was talking and shaking head shows he knew he was dead and being forced to read that. shit lol if not then this guy just a hawk cause usually hawks are solo but they at the bottom of the chain tho

    2. It is inaccurate to label GTO a violent state because the wars, piso and control of pipeline theft has been concentrated in the south of GTO along carretera 45 from Irapuato to Querétaro; and especially in Salamanca and Celaya. Leon, Guanajuato and SMA have remained tranquilo.

  2. Welllllllllllllll he was lucky

    Rubio NYC

  3. He got off better than most on some of these videos.


  4. Pull up all the shootings directed to businesses in celaya that have been captured by security cameras in the past to see if this guy fits the description, I remember in alot you can make out the shooters characteristics

  5. My guy almost took his partner's leg off by being soo bloodthirsty he couldn't wait to take out that lacra

  6. Guy was shot/hurted already before interrogation, bleedin from his left leg. Maybe shot to the leg.
    Watch last seconds when hes on his stomach, that bleedings werent the newest, all the leg to the down already little blood rivers.

  7. Long time reader here I think it would be a little more tasteful to blur the faces of the victims. I am guessing you have thought of this maybe its time consuming?

    1. Dumb suggestion

    2. 6:27
      Mijo if you been in here long enough you would know what the site is about, I am glad they show exactly what transpires, along with pic's and video.
      If it's not your taste, then don't look at it.

      El Nemisis

    3. Thanks for your comment!

      My initial thought is that these videos and photos are widely circulated, so us censoring our articles does not really guard anonymity - its already out there.

      Also, since the government tends to downplay and hide violence, we feel it is important to show the actual, uncensored footage.



    4. 857
      Thanks for showing everything 🤠, your a great cowboy, bacero.

    5. If you’re a long time reader you know they aren’t going to blur anything which is another reason this site is so good. And like he said government downplays everything. Respect to this site ✊

    6. 6:27 - The purpose of this sight is to show raw footage. One of the best sites out there for this type of media coverage

    7. @3.47. The purpose of Borderland Beat is to show raw footage of murders like this? Bullshit lol. That's just why you come here.

    8. @6:27 can you please explain to me why you come here being a "long time reader" knowing the content of these posts and try making a suggestion that will fuck it up for the rest of us that are good with how it is? There are plenty of sites that will give you the same content with all the censorship you could hope for but only 1 borderland beat for those of us that understand what it is and appreciate it. Por favor ya no andes con babosadas

    9. 10:02
      I agree 👍.
      There always has to be one that tries to F... it, for everyone else.
      I have read some don't know how to cope with graphic images, when a warning is given, and first thing they do is insult Sol, "oh it's time consuming".
      10:27 don't consume time in here.

    10. Bro do we really need MORE censorship?
      Your worried about HIM and TASTEFUL who just admitted using firearms to do 'dumb shit' Why do we listen to this kind of idiocy?The kind of idiocy that is overwhelming all our lives

    11. Your suggestion is ludicrous in the extreme,this video is all over the internet yet you want BB to blur his face?
      People are full of hypocrisy,you read BB and come to these pages yet you want BB to change at your suggestion,please go away

    12. Huaso thanks bro dont listen to these morons and their suggestions

    13. My heart bleeds for this guy and his tasteless death

    14. 'long time reader'
      I saw the story about puppies being killed and didnt even open the page,ya dig?

    15. @8.47. Yeah, I dig. You're happy watching terrified people being tortured and murdered, sometimes after days and days, but a couple of dogs (not puppies) being killed within 10 seconds is too much for you to bear. These comments are like a parody. This is the fucking fantasy world being created. Ya Dig?

  8. It's good to hear the tables turning on CJNG, I am sure they don't like it when, theirs is tortured and killed. Welcome to karma.
    Cjng is out there kidnapping and killing innocents, yet I always see them say they come to clean the town of criminals and yet they are doing the same.

  9. He almost shot his buddies

  10. His last name is Zarate and he said he worked for David Zarate. Cousins I guess.

  11. Avise compadre casi me balea a mi también haha.


    Es el?

  13. CDG Matamoros putting in work

  14. He seems happy talking knowing dying is near.


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