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Friday, April 21, 2023

62 Thousand Liters Of Hydrocarbons Of Dubious Origin Seized In Lagos De Moreno: Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The events occurred on the North Highway-Lagos de Moreno Highway.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

A double trailer tractor-trailer loaded with 62 thousand liters of hydrocarbons was seized by members of the Regional Police of the State Security Secretariat (SSE) in the municipality of Lagos de Moreno. Moments before, the vehicle transporting the fuel had been stolen.

The agency informed that it carried out an intervention in response to a report of a non-violent robbery at a gas station located on the North Highway-Lagos de Moreno Highway in this municipality in the Altos Norte region of Jalisco.

The officers went to the area and intercepted a white Kenworth tractor-trailer, model 2015 with two white and orange Tonel tank, which matched the characteristics of the one stolen minutes before.

For this reason, they carried out a check confirming that there were 62,500 liters of diesel-type hydrocarbon inside, which was at maximum capacity.

The driver of the pipe was identified as Ulises, 40 years old, who accepted that he did not have the necessary official documentation for the transportation of the fuel.

In the documentation he presented to the state police there were expired invoices without proving the origin of the fuel.

Since he did not prove the legal possession of the hydrocarbons, the uniformed officers informed the Public Prosecutor's Office in Lagos de Moreno, who ordered the arrest of the subject as well as the seizure of the tractor-trailer, the two pipes and the fuel he was transporting.

The ministerial agent will determine if the detainee participated in the robbery.



  1. 16,300 gallons of guzzoline… 🦉

  2. Probably was on the way to GTO on RR orders

    1. Or more likely on the way out of GTO where fuel theft is ripe from Celaya to Irapuato.

  3. From Guanajuato to Jalisco moving stolen fuel ?

  4. I thought it was hydrofecescarbon.

  5. There are daily killings in LDM, wondering that ppl are still there.

  6. Most likely from Guanajuato to Jalisco cargo of stolen fuel

  7. 62,000 liters doesn't sound like "maximum capacity" for two tankers? Am I missing something?


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