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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Zacatecas: Mayo Hitmen Torture and Hang Man Near School & 7 CJNG Hitmen Arrested

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Sinaloa Cartel - Mayo associated hitmen tortured a man and left his body hanging from a tree alongside a narco-message near a high school in Ojocaliente, Zacatecas.

Later that day, seven CJNG hitmen were arrested after a series of road blockades and gunfights with state police in nearby Noria de Ángeles, Zacatecas. 

Mayo Hitmen Torture & Hang Man Near School

On Tuesday, March 27, 2023, the emergency phone line received a call which reported the discovery of a man found hanging from a tree, in Ojocaliente, Zacatecas.

At around 7:00 am, police officers arrived at the reported location and found a narco message alongside the body, making clear it was not a simple case of suicide. 

The body was hung from a tree near Cervantes Corona Avenue, close to a local high school where students were arriving for class. Anonymous México reports that the dead body was in full view of the students. 

The body was said to show “obvious signs of torture”, according to Acceso Zac. Next to it, a white narco message banner was strung up with yellow rope below a metal sign. It read as follows: 

We are not low-life thugs. We do not kill women. Here, we are 100% Sinaloa Cartel.

And if you name the date, we’ll meet up with you [to battle] wherever. We have shown we will do this throughout the state of Zacatecas.

Keep your own people in line, because they’re getting out of hand. We don't kill innocent people, much less women.

And we already have a list of all of the pigs that support the swine from the different cartel groups. We don't have an alliance with any cartel and here it is 100% Sinaloa Cartel.

The one who screws us over, will be repaid in kind. So hold on, your day of reckoning is coming soon, you swine bastards.

And let it be clear that this is not just a threat. He who warns you ahead of time, isn’t a traitor.
To all those who support the other cartel groups, we know who you are. To the people [locals], we are at your service. 

Sinaloa Cartel
Operative MZ

It's interesting to note that the narco message doesn’t give any indication as to why the man was killed. 

The self-defeating nature of claiming to serve the people and leave the innocent unharmed, while also leaving a dead man hanging in full view of a school, may have been lost on the writer of said message.

7 CJNG Hitmen Arrested, Attempts to Free Them From Custody 

Later that same day, in the nearby municipality of Guadalupe, another incident occurred, this time involving the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). 

state police press release states it all began while state police were carrying out "various operational actions derived from intelligence work," which led to cartel hitmen shooting at them. 

This led to officers returning fire. After both sides exchanged gunfire, the hitmen jumped into their vehicles, speeding away from the area. Officers pursued after them in their own vehicles. 

The hitmen were said to have created roadblocks as they fled. Those roadblocks were covered in this previous Borderland Beat post. 

The initial incident allegedly took place in the towns of Tacoaleche and Zóquite, located in Guadalupe municipality, and ended in Pánfilo Natera. 

The local news company NTR Zacatecas adds that at 4:00 pm, hitmen were seen stealing cars in Noria de Ángeles, shown on map below. 

According to NTR, locals heard vehicles speeding by and the sound of gunfire. Then two armored vehicles were spotted driving past the towns cemetery, followed closely behind by police patrol cars. 

Hitmen were said to have commandeered a school bus in the area of Villa Hidalgo, which they used to block a roadway into La Honda, setting it ablaze. 

A truck in Loreto was also commandeered and set ablaze on a roadway soon after. The series of shootings and chases were said to have lasted for two hours.

Eventually, seven hitmen in a vehicle was stopped and forced to surrender. Three firearms, ammo, vests and tactical pants were seized from their possession. 

The press release also adds that 300 "doses" of marijuana was found in their possession. 

Five of the seven detainees were reportedly from Jalisco, which has led many to conclude that they were CJNG affiliated. 

At 7:25pm, police announced that roadblocks had been cleared. Astate police spokesperson stated that the hitmen "did not achieve their objective of isolating the area and preventing the action of the Security Forces."

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  1. Los Commandos de Fuerzas Especiales de Grupo Flechas Operativa MZ estan limpiando las plazas del Señor del Sombrero. Todo el que maltrate a los civiles innocentes sera enviado al mas aya. Por Ahi en el triangulo dorado de Durango reciben entrenamiento de anti terrorismo de parte de un mercenario. Esta gente esta no esta para mamadas solo se dedican a su negocio. Los contras estan siendo eliminados como cucarachas !

    Atte el morroñis de la palma navolato sinaloa. ajuuuaa

    1. 9:38 ese morroñis que tan cierto es que los del CDS andan haciendo videos entre ellos en las montañas y suviendolos a Xhamster para sacar una feria extra y poder comer ostiones en su concha?

  2. Maybe this will shock the students into staying clear of cartel trash!! But that becomes harder all the time!!

    1. 11:36; We can only hope - however; I'm skeptic that Mayo's men left a body near a school. It does seem his hit squads are beginning to behave more like CJNG; however, it has not been Mayo's modis operandi for the past 30+ years to stage bodies near schools.

    2. If it was a small town it might have just been the only area with trees that would be visible to everybody. Churches and schools- if you are going to leave a body like that it would be hard to avoid them.
      ''The self defeating nature of claiming to serve the people and leave the innocent unharmed, while also leaving a dead man hanging in full view of a school may also have been lost on the writer..'' was bang on.

    3. 3:59 omg your to funny Mayos modi operandi... he's a scum bag drug dealer he drops body's by schools

  3. So is the CDS gaining ground in Zacatecas since now they're fighting closer to Jalisco?

    1. I mean the evidence speaks for itself, you barley hear of any big gun fights in fresnillo or jerez like last year just in the south areas of Zacatecas. Plus in jalisco you have the cds mg going at it with them also. Also today they found blanket wrapped people in the south of valparaiso, keeping the area clear of their opps i guess.

    2. That sucks. My family is originally from southern Zacatecas close to the Jalisco border. It's been peaceful, so I'm thinking that's all gonna change

    3. 12:20 yea you only hear that Marco Florez closed his hotel and gift shop in Jerez cause he is scared of CJNG

    4. 12:44 yea they still sneak some small cells in for that petty crime, but not the numerous convoys like in the last 3 years.
      Who remembers when they entered valparaiso spring of 2020 with all those trucks in downtown. Both sides having taking heavy losses

    5. 3:34 yea yea well it looks like those "sneaky small cells" are putting some fear on the guy been backed up by CDS in Jerez (Marco Florez)

    6. 10:47 they find them dumped wrapped up all the time i bet the ones doing that arent around anymore. They just dont stop sending small cells, nothing to feel proud of after all the propaganda and talking they did when they first entered Zacatecas,

    7. 9:09 do they give them the good old rear treatment before or after been wrapped, like they are doing now? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Did this guy get banged before been hung? 🤣

    1. Being,
      Sheesh y’all are illiterate

    2. Did you get banged on your head before being weaned?

    3. 2:12 first of all isnt y'all a slang, not a real word, if you are gonna correct me at least do it right, English isnt my first language so i think im doing farly well.
      2:52 havent we all been droped when we were babys? Ive yet to see a baby who hasnt suffer some kind of accident as a baby, with that been said, y'all gotta admitt CDS are some homo MFr's, they are even making videos of their homo ways and bragging about it 😂😂😂😂

  5. Was bad bunny playing when they were arrested?

  6. Ya no se ven las 4, corrieron a Jalisco a defender a su patrón de los chapós 😂😂 y aca en Zacatecas no salen a pelear ya no tardamos en tomar todo el
    Estado. Y que quede claro quien controla en el zacate la operativa MZ grupo 🏹🏹🏹🏹

    1. No mames zacatecas era cdg zetas y el cdg esta en zacatecas todavia y el cdn tambien.

  7. They hung him by the secundaria because they happened to be there to pick up a few underage girls. They should be credited with saving gas and causing fewer green house gases by combining two trips into one. Thrifty sickarios.

  8. El Cds nomas para aser corridos de alucines sirven ni para topar son bravos ni el chapo ni el mayo eran de wevos nomas Los beltran esos si eran de respetar el CJNG consiquiera topa con todo asta ejercito y comandantes van Al FRENTE echando vergasos y limpiando terrenos sin andar poniendo dedo Como Los chino las que son pura RATA nomas asta al gobierno se la maman para Que les Esta partiendo la madre el CJNG

  9. Edgar para hacerse cargo


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