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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Strong operations In Alfredo V. Bonfil Without Success; About Three Homes Were Raided By The Army And State Police: Cancun

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Editor/CAMBIO 22

CANCUN, QRoo, March 4, 2023.- After the shootout registered on Thursday night, March 2, in the vicinity of the Alfredo V. Bonfil delegation, in region 308, coordinated police groups, among them Quintana Roo elements, failed in the operation of the raids, apparently there was an informant for the Cancun organized crime.

Through sources close to the police groups that participated, it was reported that the groups of uniformed officers from different corporations and elements, met at the Quintana Roo State Police base, on Cancun or Las Torres Avenue, at the height of the Portó Bello subdivision, in region 521, where the convoy of police left for region 308 and 307, in the Alfredo V. Bonfil delegation.

In the operation was in charge of the Quintana Roo police, the other groups that make up the second group for peace in the state, were present without having any data to contribute to the operation of the raids.

It seems that there was some kind of cat in the bag in these events carried out by the police accompanied by the agency of the Attorney General's Office of Quintana Roo, as well as federal uniformed, who made a tour for several hours in the Alfredo V. Bonfil delegation, unfortunately no persons were reported arrested, nor the seizure of any toxic substances poisonous to human health, nor evidence or traces of people victims of crime operating in that area of Cancun. According to information gathered, the authorities searched around three to four homes, but it seems that there was a leak of information within the police groups, and Cancun's organized crime groups anticipated the raid.



  1. Pura gente de Durango

  2. Just trying to get the street dealers locked up before spring break

  3. They don't live in that area. I've driven thru this area it's nicer bigger homes with big fences with electric fence on top!
    IDK like mid level managers to low level bosses


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