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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Santa Rita, San Luis Potosí: CJNG Leaves A Decapitated Male

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

One of the victims, whose identity has not been confirmed, had a narco message next to him.

A decapitated man, bags with human remains apparently of two people, both in the capital of San Luis Potosi and an executed man in the municipality of Rioverde, in the Middle region, is the balance within the last hours in the state of San Luis Potosi.

This Saturday morning, in the vicinity of the towns of San Nicolas de los Jassos and Santa Rita, in the Municipal Delegation of Villa de Pozos, the body of a young man was reported decapitated, still unidentified; the victim was wearing only underwear and tennis shoes, he was sitting leaning against a fence where a criminal group pasted posters with several narco messages of an organized crime group and his severed head lying on the sidewalk.

The decapitated man was wearing only boxer shorts and tennis shoes.

Meanwhile, on Ignacio Martinez Street near the corner of Urbano Villalon Avenue, in the General I. Martinez, a few meters from Polytechnic University, were also reported the lifeless bodies of two unidentified men who were tied up and apparently dismembered, covered with blankets.

Also during the early hours of the morning, an armed crimihal cell shot several times a man who was leaving the "Del Ángel" Funeral Home, located on University Boulevard, in front of the Rioverde General Hospital; the victim, named Alan, was apparently an employee of the business.

Narco message reads as follows:

Thus will be the fate of everyone who is supporting Peter Carreteras. The same goes for the filthy individuals who support the Alemánes. The state of San Luis Potosi belongs to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel

Charro Negro   El Heraldo de México


  1. El jardinero anda pesado por potosi los lidera el R52 primo de Martin arreola el 53 que esta capturado

    1. Ya controlan todo San Luis ?

    2. 3:08 Connor que no al 53 ya lo tumbaron?

    3. 308 Martin Arzola* El 53- has been dead for years. Ese Connor no sabe nada..

    4. " Ese Connor no sabe nada."
      Know alls think they know

    5. 308
      Give your arse a chance to speak it makes more sense

  2. WTH The Germans too


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