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Thursday, March 23, 2023

IJCF Will Analyze Audios That Could Prove Participation Of "El Moy" In 'Aristoteles' Homicide

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

"El Moy" is the only person arrested for the murder of former governor Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval on December 18, 2020.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

A series of audios allegedly sent by Moisés "N", alias "El Moy" will be analyzed by the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, to determine if it is his voice, since he allegedly rented an apartment to the material authors of the homicide of former governor Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz.

It was this Tuesday when the judicial control hearing was held in the Control and Oral Hearing Courts of Puente Grande, in which evidence was requested that could provide information on the alleged participation of Moises "N" alias "El Moy", in the case.

It was as part of the investigations that these were requested, since they had not been handed over. In addition, audio recordings of the defendant were extracted for the expert reports.

"El Moy" is the only one arrested for the homicide of the former governor, for which he was sentenced to trial on January 16, 2023.

He was arrested on April 23, 2022, after a confrontation with elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army in Puerto Vallarta. Saul Alejandro "N", alias "El Chopa", leader of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation in Puerto Vallarta, was also killed there.

Moises is also the brother-in-law of Saul Alejandro Rincon, alias "El Chopa", who is accused by the Federal Government of being the mastermind behind the murder of Sandoval Diaz, which occurred on December 18, 2020, in the bathroom of the Distrito 5 bar in this tourist town.

On January 7, José Manuel "N", alias "Manu Vaquita", who until then was the only person detained for the murder of Sandoval Díaz, was released.

After his release, the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office provided evidence of the alleged participation in the case of Moises, alias "El Moy", who was on trial for possession of firearms. He was the only one arrested in the case.



  1. "Get to the choppa"

  2. En vallarta tiene bien controlado el señor de los gallos.. esta la gallina y la firma al Mando junto con el sobrino del sapo gaytan el r21 . El sapo gaytan se traslado a Juarez a desarollar las relaciones de narcotrafico con el cdj o mas bien la linea

  3. i just hope we don’t get a video of el moy tonguing some dude

    1. You getting hot, after watching the kissing, jail video 30 times.😂😂🤣


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