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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Guatemala Detains Three Sinaloa Cartel Members for US Extradition

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The Guatemalan Public Ministry has announced it has detained three Sinaloa Cartel members for purpose of extraditing them to the United States for drug trafficking and crimes related to firearms and money laundering.

Humberto Beltrán Cuen "Don Chino"

Humberto Beltrán Cuen, also known as "Don Chino" was arrested on Saturday March 18 in Guatemala. According to reports, the 70-year-old kingpin was also preparing to send approximately 500 automatic rifles, 500 pistols, and 20 rocket-propelled grenades to Mexico. US intelligence work has identified that "Don Chino" belongs to the Sinaloa Cartel, which is responsible for trafficking large amounts of fentanyl to the US and other countries.

Since August 2022, Humberto Beltrán Cuen and his accomplices have negotiated with other traffickers to supply multiple kilograms of fentanyl. Earlier in the week, two of those associates were arrested for the same charges.

Sergio Antonio Duarte Frías, aged 27, is originally from Sinaloa. Duarte Frías is required to appear for trial in the United States District Court, for the Southern District of New York. Along with the Mexican, in another area of ​​the capital, Guatemalan Gabriela Rubio Zea was captured and is also wanted by the United States.

The investigation revealed that Sergio Antonio Duarte Fríast directed associates to collect money from various drug dealers in the United States. These associates converted the money from cash to cryptocurrency and then Sergio converted it into cash that he delivered to traffickers in Mexico as payment for the sale of drugs in the United States.

He also sold fentanyl that was imported into the United States by associates on multiple occasions, asked to collect bulk currency from drug proceeds to convert the money into cryptocurrency, and also discussed the possibility of use of weapons as valuables that could be smuggled into Mexico.

Sergio Antonio Duarte Frías Charges

“Count One: Conspiracy to import into the United States, 400 grams and more of mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of fentanyl

Count Two: Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 400 grams or more of mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of fentanyl.

Charge three: Possession of machine guns and destructive devices, and aiding and abetting the same

Charge four: Conspiracy to possess machine guns and destructive devices in violation of the

Count Five: Conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

Ana Gabriela Rubio Zea Charges

Ana Gabriela Rubio Zea, also known as “Gaby”, was also arrested in Guatemala City and she is also scheduled to appear before the same court.

“Count One: Conspiracy to manufacture and distribute 400 grams or more of Fentanyl with intent, knowledge, and reasonable cause to believe that the Fentanyl would be illegally imported into the United States

Count Two: Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 400 grams or more of Fentanyl,

Count three: Conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

Sources Riodoce, Atlas News


  1. They should also after the gang member preying upon unarmed citizens which is why they are swarming to get to the US.

  2. Big Drug bust in Canada


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