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Friday, March 24, 2023

Four Ecuadorian Men with 548 Kilos Cocaine Intercepted by Navy Off Coast of Chiapas

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

The Mexican Attorney Generals' office (FGR) has charged four Ecuadorian men with crimes against health after attempting to traffic 548 kilos and 467 grams of cocaine into Mexico, reveals a recent FGR press release.

The Mexican Navy (SEMAR) intercepted the men 212 nautical miles off the coast of Puerto Chiapas in Southern Mexico.

The men are identified in the press release as Franck “M,” Leonardo “M,” Prudencio “M” and Errogel “D.” Insurgente Press, a Chiapas news site, identified their full names as Franck Mera Portillo; Leonardo Minaya Tito, Prudencio Mero Llorente, and Errogel Eninde Delgado Vera.

They are being held in a CERESO prison facility in Tapachula, Chiapas.

The government of Mexico has seized 113,491 kilograms of cocaine since the beginning of President López Obrador's administration, according to a government security briefing. 52.4% of this was seized by SEMAR, suggesting maritime interdiction.

InSight Crime reported that Ecuador is a 'Main Transit Country' for cocaine. Last year, they were second in total tonnage of cocaine seized in Latin America, with 176.9 tons. Only Colombia ranked higher, with 671 tons seized. This indicates Ecuador's emerging role as a major transit nation for cocaine, despite not producing coca.

Last month, the National Police force of Ecuador seized a massive cocaine shipment weighing 8.8 tons in a container of bananas at the port of Guayaquil, Ecuador, as reported by Borderland Beat. The seizure was announced as the largest bust far this year.

Sources: Informativo Chiapas Aliado, March 2023 Government Security Report, FGR Press ReleaseInSight CrimeInsurgente PressBorderland Beat Archives 2/27


  1. Its interesting how cartels around the world use Ecuador. The Ecuadorian government is involved a cartel most definitely emerging in Ecuador

    1. Ecuador does not have its own currency, just the dollar making washing money easier.


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