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Friday, March 10, 2023

Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua: We Need Help From The Gulf Cartel!

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An 11 year old boy was taken from the hospital in Guachochi to be killed, and 4 State Police officers raped a girl in Cuauhtémoc
It's time to call the Gulf Cartel for justice.

Criminal madness reigns in Chihuahua with total impunity.

In Cuauhtémoc municipal agents in the service of the State Police sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl.

At least 4 agents are suspended for the gang rape.

The highway patrolmen allegedly put the girl in a patrol car to take her to a remote location, gagged her, and abused her in a vacant lot.

In Guachochi, criminals took a child from the hospital to kill him. His body was found lying with a gunshot wound to the chest.
Hitmen entered two days ago to the Tarahumara Mission hospital in Samachique to abduct 11 year old Octavio Muela Muela.


  1. Puro pinche estupido mañaco hace semejantes cosas.
    Pinche putos cale verga.
    No pueden matar a sus enemigos y se desquitan con menores.
    Y luego los putos de la poli no pueden conseguir viejas y afuersan chavitas.
    Pinche putos.

  2. They really asking CDG for help. That was all for show turning the “ kidnappers “ in. No way they’re really asking cartels for help. Police raping and killing kids. Sad day in Mexico.

    1. Who else do they turn to, huh....answer me that, who else do they freaking turn to

  3. Who called for help, the citizens?…
    All it looks like as if Sol wrote it.

    1. La Polaka is in red letters at the bottom of the article. That's the source genius. Hello.

    2. It’s in blue, not red sarcastic solly

    3. Ninos Reddit kids in the house.

  4. Haora quien podra hayudarnos, " YO EL CHAPOLIN COLORADO "

  5. ¡Somos la GENTE del Cártel del Golfo! 🦂💀

  6. Where the hell is the outrage over this ? Mexico is starting to look like a cursed land. When people start doing kids like this and it’s swept under rug nothing happens much worst things are in the way. Our sister country is in the grips of hell. Someone needs to reach out. Have no fear American Military to the rescue.


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