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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Caborca Cartel Threatens Alleged Chapiza FGR Agent in Obregón, Sonora

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In Obregón, Sonora, the Caborca Cartel threatened a FGR agent who, they claim, is working with Sinaloa Cartel’s la Chapiza.

The Pig's Head

During the night of March 20, 2023, police officers discovered a decapitated pig's head alongside a funeral wreath and a narco message, at the Yaqui fountain on Miguel Alemán Street, in the city of Obregón.


Obregón lies in the southeastern section of the state of Sonora, as seen on the map below.

According to SDP Noticias, police were made aware of the threatening sign through photos posted to social media.

Officers found that cartel hitmen had placed a funeral wreath of cream colored flowers on the sidewalk. Ribbons strewn across the wreath read out "Guillermo Avilés Encinas - Descanse En Paz", or Rest in Peace. 

Frames taken from an Alarma Sonora video linked here

Beneath the floral arrangement was a decapitated pig's head. A pig can be used to symbolize law enforcement in a generally derogatory manner. 

A white narco sign was taped to the bottom of the wreath stand. The sign read as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

He who searches shall eventually find what he's looking for. I'm curious to know if the Chapiza - Salazar mob will save you from that fucking beat down we're going to give to you. He who warns in advance isn't a traitor. 

So, who is this guy named Guillermo Avilés Encinas that they're threatening? 

In 2015, the official government Sonora Judiciary website referred to Guillermo Avilés Encinas as agent of the federal Attorney General’s Office (FGR, called the PGR at the time). 

Multiple news articles published this week refer to Avilés Encinas as an FGR agent assigned to the Obregon area. 

The Arrest the Night Before

The night before the funeral wreath was placed, five hitmen, whose cartel affiliation is unknown, were arrested in the same city. They were arrested by Navy soldiers who received an anonymous tip which reported that armed men were driving in a red sedan on Rio San Miguel Street. 

Soldiers spotted the red sedan and found that the passengers were in possession of four firearms, ammo and tactical vests. Whether this arrest is connected to the wreath is unclear at this time. 

The Cartel Landscape of Obregón

Currently, the city of Obregon is contested between the Caborca Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel - Chapitos aligned groups. 

A recent interrogation revealed that Ivan Archivaldo Guzman assigned two of his top lieutenants to take over the city of Obregon for him.

The two lieutenants are Óscar Noel Medina González, alias “El Panu”, and Óscar Gabriel Martínez Larios, alias “El Gabito”. They reportedly stay within the state of Sinaloa and give orders from afar to their hitmen.

According to the questioning, one of their leaders on the ground in Sonora is Germán Romero. He is the stepson of the old CDS figure Jonathan Salas Avilés, alias “El Fantasma”, who has two possible identities.

The towns south Obregon, Huatabampo and Navajoa are both controlled by los Salazar's, known CDS Chapitos allies. Hence, when the narco message refers to "Chapiza Salazars", they are speaking to the two allied groups in the region. 

According to Sonora Informativo , a group of Caborca ​​Cartel - Los Alfas members operate within Obregon. This group is led by Fernando Salmerón Peréz, aliases “El Nando”, “El Wacho”, and “El Ladrillero”. 

Another Caborca Cartel subgroup known as La Plaza may also be active in Obregon but verification of this is currently difficult because many news articles are mischaracterizing all Caborca Cartel groups as La Plaza. 

Sources: SDP Noticias, Periodico la Voz,, Alfredo Alvarez, Cajeme News Facebook Post, Cajeme News Twitter Post, Radio Do Go, Official Sonora Judiciary Website, Contrasena, Alarma Sonora Video, Exclusivo Sonora


  1. do you think they go to market to buy that pig or will some poor farmer wake and see someone stole his pig

  2. Well done Hearst. The pig motif is maybe one of the most interesting narco message accompaniments. Coupled with a funeral arrangement, another rare message accompaniment - really interesting.

  3. El panu is alfredos people he’s mentioned in the corrido el rapido from peso pluma

    1. El rapido is grupo cartel not peso pluma

    2. Thats the name of the song goofy

    3. 2:19 el rápido is grupo cartel’s corrido peso pluma just did a cover. Goofy

    4. El panu is los menores people he works for Ivan and Alfredito. Panu started working under chapo and when the war started with BLO he put panu in charge of protecting los menores. Panu right now holds the plaza of Jesus Maria and surrounding areas in badiraguato. He doesn’t just work for one person

    5. This dude gotta be from Reddit

    6. 4:55 Panu runs Mazatlán and Surrounding areas for Ivan with the help of el titán(Mazatlán) and gabito(concordia, rosario and etc)

    7. Thank I was wondering what el titan was up to good guy true story

  4. Gabito takes orders from Panu. Supposedly los alfas and chapos have a tregua going on.

  5. There is a gang in Juarez composed of ex Aztecas and few Mexicles and AA prisoners gang members as well as many new 14 and older kids named La Empresa that claim to run Juarez because they work under La Linea shadow they say.
    The Mexicles gang in Juarez which has recently been making news there is now threatening this gang for control the local distribution of meth.
    These Mexicles are said to work for the Caborca aka Caro Quintero cartel.

  6. The real Fantasma(Jonathan Avilés) is the big one. Bb did an article on that

  7. When is borderland beat going to do a story on "Mr. Untouchable" Christian Gard from Alameda California (Rosarito Baja).

  8. So the Chapiza bosses never get their own hands dirty? I wonder if they ever have been in an armed confrontation? Setting an example and good morale by leading their men from the front? It sounds like they just sitting back in the lap of luxury in Sinaloa sending orders and paying someone else to do the hard yards, “ here’s your gun now go fetch me that plaza boy!”

    1. 10:11 that will come back to hunt them when its time to burn

  9. Why threaten them now. They basically lost la plaza lol

    1. What makes you say that from what I hear los paez quinteros have generations of people there


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