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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Tijuana, Baja California: Edén Muñoz and El Fantasma Concert Suspended

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Once again, the issue of insecurity in the city has affected another regional Mexican show in Tijuana. Through a press release issued Wednesday afternoon, February 22, Tapia Entertainment indicated that the concert of singers Edén Muñoz, El Fantasma and Peso Pluma, scheduled for March 4 at the Chevron Stadium, has been cancelled.

"We inform you that unfortunately the concert on Saturday, March 4th of this year to be held at the Chevron Stadium will not take place, it has been canceled despite ticket sales, unfortunately insecurity and threats to other events have been affecting us and we did not meet the goal to hold this event," said Tapia Entertainment.

At the same time, they pointed out that refunds for those who purchased their tickets will be made from Monday, February 27 to Monday, March 6, according to Ticket Power system policies.

"If the purchase was made through a website, you do not have to make any claim since your refund will be automatic, any questions or clarification can go to the box office," they said, adding that: "if the purchase was made at the box office, you must go to the same one where the purchase was made, while Farmacias Roma will make their respective refund if the ticket has been checked in one of its branches.

"The cardholder must go to the place of purchase, presenting the tickets to be refunded, as well as the credit or debit card. If the tickets were purchased in cash, it is only necessary to go to the place of purchase with the tickets to be refunded," they stated.

On February 11, the Sinaloa band Grupo Arriesgado had to suspend its presentation at the Chevron Stadium after the criminal group Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) made threats against its vocalist, Arturo González (El Panther Bélico), through a couple of banners exposing the singer of the so-called "corridos bélicos" for promoting his music in the region.

Other events scheduled at the baseball stadium for the coming months are: Julión Álvarez (March 18), Carin León and Remmy Valenzuela (April 1), Alfredo Olivas and Luis R. Coronel (May 6), Los Tigres del Norte (May 27), and Pancho Barraza (June 24).

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  1. Need to the edit the last portion when the writer put Luis R Coronel- it's Luis R Conriquez

  2. Replies
    1. The one on YouTube shorts when he’s coked out ??

  3. we did not meet the goal to hold this event," said Tapia Entertainment means shit heads were to creedy to hire proper security. No loss to society.

    1. No it means they weren’t selling enough tickets

  4. Unfortunately it’s just like the impact gangsta rap did to the streets in the 80s-90s. Many youngsters want a narco corrido painting the illusion that they are invisible and the baddest thing to walk the earth…

    1. And just like the 90's rap music got thousands of blacks and Mexicans locked up in prison for trying to be gangsters, this corridos makes Mexicans want to be Mob bosses and sicarios but will just end up dead and in prison.
      Equals to = population control where only the ones with a father figure and good up bringing will survive. The rest will not

  5. Animo Sicarios.
    Antrax Special Activities Center Ground Branch Operators will now be providing security to any Corrido Singer that sings about el Patron del Quinto Mes.
    This unit is highly trained by an ex Office Of Strategic Services Colonel in Paramilitary operations and by an ex colonel from the Vatican's Elite Secret Service in VIP protection.
    Arriba La Chapiza y La Mayiza .

    1. We are the absolute mob of el Senor Sicario 006

    2. 10:00 hey sicario is it true you were at rehab with SIR? How is he doing? And hiw long before he gets out


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