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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Tamaulipas Roundup: Shootouts, Rescuing Kidnapped Women, & CDG's Pantera 24

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

This article provides a roundup of recent incidents in Tamaulipas, including when state police officers got into a shootout with CDG – Escorpiones hitmen in Soto la Marina and when three women, who were kidnapped by cartel hitmen, were rescued by authorities in Reynosa.

Warning: Some graphic images below this point.

February 11, 2023  Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas

At around noon on February 12, a Cartel del Golfo (CDG) vehicle convoy full of hitmen ambushed state police patrol vehicles on Highway 180, near Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas. 

Two patrol vehicles were shot in the windshield and a third was struck in the tires by the hitmen.

The CDG convoy was made up of three vehicles, two black Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks and one white GMC SUV.

After the CDG hitmen finished firing, they threw tire puncture stars on the road behind them and attempted to speed away. 

The officers called up what had happened on the radio, reporting that none of them had been injured. The officers then chased after the CDG vehicles and managed to get the confirmation to never of the road where two vehicles hit trees and heavy underbrush, near kilometer 226 of the highway. 

A shootout occurred, leaving one hitmen dead and two arrested. A third vehicle, a black Chevrolet pickup, fled and remains at large. 

Both vehicles were seized, along with 8 long barrel firearms, ammo, two ballistic plate tactical vests, four helmets, and radios. 

The local newspaper El Manana reports that the hitmen were from the CDG Grupo Escorpiones faction.

The Twitter cartel news account La Voz Del Pueblo highlighted the fact that Soto la Marina is CDG territory thought to be controlled by the leadership figure Pablo Misael Ramos Lara, alias "Pantera 24". 

Kidnapped Women Rescued in Reynosa
February 12, 2023

On February 13, State Police officers were attacked by hitmen in an area known as La Retama, in Reynosa municipality.

State Police are being very tight lipped about the details of what exactly happened. But it ended in the release of a women who had been kidnapped by cartel hitmen. 

Website Ultimas Noticias en Red reports that the attack happened while state officers were doing surveillance work. 

Meanwhile La Tarde writes that officers were attacked while "carrying out some security and recognition work" which led to a "pursuit and confrontation." 

The confrontation somehow caused no deaths or injuries on either side (at least none that are reported) but the fight did force hitmen to abandon five vehicles.

The five vehicles are: 

KIA Sportage 

Hyundai Accent 

GMC Yukon Denali 

Ford Explorer  

Buick Century

Three kidnapped women were rescued after the confrontation. The women say they were abducted more than a week earlier, on February 4. Two of the three women were reported missing by their loved ones shortly after they were kidnapped. The women received medical treatment after being rescued. 

Police see three firearms, ammo, six vests, and various firearm holsters. There are very few details available on this incident. 

February 11 - 14, 2023 
Camargo Tamaulipas

Army (SEDENA) soldiers presented the arsenal of weapons they had seized during "Operation Phoenix" in Camargo, Tamaulipas, in a press release that is scant on details. The press release did not divulge the manner in which the various weapons were seized. 

The Army soldiers seized the following:

5 Barret 50 cal

4 M4-Carabine style firearms

1 Ak-47 style firearm

1 SIG516 firearm

1,240 bullets, 5.56×45 mm

940 bullets, .50”

70 bullets, 7.62×39 mm

377 mags, 7.62×39 mm

93 mags, 5.56×45 mm

16 mags, .50”

1 Improvised explosive device made of PVC material with electric cable inside, approx. of 60 cm. long

2 armored monstruo vehicles

2 Unarmored vehicles.

2 tents

2 military-type helmets, made of material called "Bakelite"

Blindada in Reynosa February 16, 2023 

During the pre-dawn hours of February 16, state police officers discovered a white, armored GMC Yukon SUV was discovered parked in a section of underbrush in the Almendros neighborhood of Reynosa. The vehicle appeared to have been abandoned, with the driver’s side door left open.

After evidence photos were taken, authorities seized the vehicle.


  1. More CDG cannon fodder. Stuck between pity for men and boys who feel no opportunity but to join ranks of a cartel, and anger at them for causing much pain in mexico

    1. What makes you think they all have a choice?

  2. Busy day at the OK Coral. Where shootings, kidnapping for ransom, murders bis an everyday occurrence.

  3. This Pantera 24 fellar sure is having one hell of a long run!

  4. I hope Ejercito Mexicano is not corrupted. If I keep seeing reports like this one I might start visiting Tamaulipas again. Let's see how this year ends up. Mexico has to get cleaned up of these kidnappers and make an example out of them by public hanging of the balls while they scream in pain.


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