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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Salazars Executed in SLRC, Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Sinaloa Cartel hitmen shot a police officer to death in the border city of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. The officer’s colleagues chased down four of the hitmen and killed them, while another ten hitmen were arrested.

Later in that same city, two loan sharks - alleged members of los Salazars - were shot to death.

Warning: Some graphic images below this point.

Shooting of Police Officer
February 18, 2023

Hitmen shot a municipal police commander named Silvio Domínguez Villapudua on February 18, 2023.

The hitmen attacked Villapudua as he was driving on 22nd Street in San Luis Río Colorado (often shortened to SLRC) - a city believed to be controlled by Sinaloa Cartel Salazars (who are Chapitos aligned). The area is regularly contested by Sinaloa Cartel's Los Rusos (who are Mayo aligned). 

A white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck cut off  Domínguez Villapudua, who was driving in a red pickup, near an intersection and hitmen shot at him through the windows of the Tacoma. Another two vehicles full of hitmen, one a black Chevrolet Tahoe, another a white SUV, joined in on the attack. 

Domínguez Villapudua swerved his vehicle and ended up crashing into a metal pole. 

Despite the crash, the officer still reached for his gun and tried to return fire at the white pickup truck as it sped away. 

His shots alerted the hitmen to the fact that Domínguez Villapudua was still alive, so the white pickup truck turned around and drove up to the red vehicle to shoot at it again. The video below shows the moment when the white pickup returned to the crashed red pickup and finished off the officer.

Video Source: Calvarie Locus 

Police and EMTs rushed to the crime scene and a badly injured Domínguez Villapudua was taken by ambulance to a local private hospital where he died from his gunshot injuries.

The Raid
February 18, 2023

A massive search for the hitmen who attacked Domínguez Villapudua was launched across the city. First, officers and federal agents raided a cartel safehouse in Francisco E Kino, near 21st street. They found 8 men inside the safehouse, all of whom surrendered and were subsequently arrested. Seven handguns were seized from their possession.

Later that day, officers spotted a white Toyota pickup truck, which resembled one of the attacker’s vehicles, at a gas station in the Ganadera neighborhood. The men inside the vehicle appeared to be carrying long-barrel firearms so police officers were quick to draw their guns and a shootout broke out between the two groups.

The hitmen took cover behind their vehicle, but officers unleashed heavy gunfire which ultimately overtook them. Four hitmen were killed and two were arrested. The white pickup truck used in the attack was seized, as well as firearms, ammo, helmets and tactical vests.

It is highly likely that the hitmen were Sinaloa Cartel members because it is the only group thought to be operating in SLRC. Its unknown, however, if the group was los Salazars (Chapitos) or los Rusos (Mayo-aligned).

Hitmen Execute Three Men

February 21, 2023

During the morning of Tuesday, February 21, 2023, hitmen inside a “recent model SUV” shot into a gray Honda Accord as it was driving down Quintana Roo Avenue in SLRC. 

The gunfire caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control and crash into a nearby gate. Three men inside the vehicle reportedly tried to return fire but were quickly overwhelmed. The men in the Honda suffered severe gunshot wounds, taking such heavy gunfire that it disfigured their faces. All three men died inside the vehicle. 

A small fire began inside the crashed vehicle, allegedly due to the deceased driver having his foot on the accelerator, according to Radio Patrulla. Police and firefighters were dispatched to the scene and the fire was quickly put out. 

Video Source: Sonora Informativo

The state Attorney General’s Office released a statement which said that “the initial investigation indicates that they [the deceased] were unlicensed casino debt collectors, because stacks of bills and a notebook with addresses were found within the vehicle.”

Conversely, the cartel news Twitter account Calvarie Locus writes that the victims were members of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazars and that “according to unofficial information, it is said that the crew members of the Honda were involved in an armed attack with long arms on Monday night, where only one person was wounded.”

The local news website Radio Patrulla also reports that “It was unofficially reported that because of the car and the weapons, it was presumed that the deceased had participated in an attack the night before on Lirios Avenue and 35th Street.”

What was this incident the night before? The newspaper Tribuna de San Luis reports that a 19-year-old man named Edwin was shot at around 8:45 pm that night by armed men inside a Honda Accord.

Edwin managed to hide inside his vehicle, which was seen to have at least 11 bullet holes by the time police arrived. He survived the encounter however he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

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