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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Pinos, Zacatecas: A Criminal Camp Was Found And Destroyed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The occupants fled when police arrived; food, utensils, and clothing were seized

A vehicle with a theft report was seized at the scene.

In compliance with the commitment to reinforce police presence and actions that allow progress in the reconstruction of a peaceful Zacatecas, the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), through elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) and the Municipal Police of Pinos, located and destroyed a camp that was being used by a criminal group.

The detection of the camp is the result of the reinforcement of security and police presence, following the aggression to which police officers were subjected.

During ground reconnaissance in the area, specifically in the community of La Laborcilla, a settlement was located, which, due to its characteristics and findings, corresponds to a camp used by a criminal group.

Food, kitchen utensils, clothing, food, and various items for personal use were found in the settlement.

Upon noticing the police presence, the place was abandoned, and police personnel proceeded with the destruction of the camp to prevent its reuse.

In addition, a vehicle with a report of theft was located and secured at the site.

The Secretary of Public Security reaffirmed its commitment to maintain operative actions to strengthen the security and tranquility of the families of Zacatecas.

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  1. Im guessing mencho wants zacatecas to set up and produce synthetic drugs there, easier to push east. My question is why is mayo there? As early as 2018 noroeste and golfo dominated that state

    1. 7:27 Sinaloa traffickers have been using the zacatecas corridor as a hub to the east for decades. Everyome assumes CDS wants the penny and nickel sales that cjng is regulated to in mexico. They’re drug traffickers not chump change bandits like mencho and his band of tweekers

    2. Amado was CDJ and before him it was GDL Cartel who used Zacatecas as a growing site and to receive coke, nothing to do with the current participants in the Zacatecas war

  2. Hey we are gonna raid your camp... Sooo yea everyone was gone. Dont sound like a government gimme up at all. Hmmmmmmm

  3. Zacatecas has very fertile ground, and it’s great for cultivating all type of drugs. That’s the reason why they’re fighting for it.

    1. Wait so that potentially means opium farming in Zacatecas? Don’t get my hopes up..

    2. Zacatecas does have the mountain heights needed for opium and coca…

  4. I hear it’s rich in natural resources is the reason they want it. It can’t be all them combined so what is the reason for the incursions in Zac

    1. The chinese want the lithium thats in Zacatecas, thats why they are funding these wars to chase people out of lands.


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