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Monday, February 20, 2023

Estado de México: CJNG Threaten Numerous Criminal Elements

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An armed enforcer for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel stands before a camera narrating his threatening communique. A camouflage tarp hangs on a wall behind him. And in his left hand he holds an electronic tablet from which he reads his message. 

The assassins venomous report explicitly mentions the three municipalities that they plan to strike in. All of the communities lie within a short driving distance of each other. Their upcoming purge is set to begin on the outskirts of Mexico City’s northeast side. 

Video translation is as follows:

Alright, here it goes you sons of bitches. This will be your fate for being filthy extortionists who steal from the townspeople. The purge has begun. The municipalities of Tecámac, Santa Cruz Meyehualco, and Tezoyuca now have a new owner. 

It belongs to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Negro, you’re next. Along with your associates 5 de Mayo, Wily, Beto, Piedritas, Bola, J, Cholo, Tachi, Pájaro, Oso, Cesar, Chucky, Babo, and PRI. 

The same goes for all the independent dealers. Your worlds will go to shit if you don’t fall into formation. Your criminal ways aren’t worth a fuck. 

Yours truly, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel you sons of bitches



  1. This is so funny 🤣.
    Cjng is coming to 3 towns , to clean out filthy extortionist, that steal from the towns people.
    Yet what will they be doing, if they scare them off.....?
    You guessed it, rapes, kidnapping, extortion, drug sales.

    1. If I hear “the purge has begun” one more time, I might just make my own god damn cartel…

      ..Los Huachiculeros & Barredoras de Mierda

      Ass, gas, or grass… that’s our business, GUEY!

  2. So the other day people were clowning cds for making a video with 6 sicarios. Come with that same energy now. Btw cds and cjng are both trash ass groups

  3. Could it be possible that CJNG have even bigger long range plans than any of us have realized?
    Long range plans to eradicate failed government and complete apathy to children not having access to fresh water in their home in a modern democracy next door to a superpower?
    Mexico should be a prosperous country with natural wealth,venal inept government will not spread that wealth

    1. Uhhh… pretty sure that NO cartel is foolish enough to try and “eradicate” the government… Have you forgotten about EVERY group/cartel that went against the gov and are around today??

      Even if monkeys started flying out of my ass and they did wipe out the gov.. they would stand no chance with the UN, NATO, and US coming down like acid rain in Ohio…

  4. Can the government track where and when videos are uploaded first to find the IP address and find the CJNG

    1. 3:26 no its pretty easy to have the metadata stripped from the video and any dummy can use a VPN or tor

    2. There's digital tools that help even if the metadata is stripped.

    3. There is actually a far easier method of tracking the source of videos… it’s basically geolocating them based upon the location and landmarks in the video, which today is easily done with AI.

      — —

      I remember a user on the forums who did this with a few CJNG videos and actually tracked one to being just kilometers away from a major military base…

      …and then the user mysteriously disappeared… 😶🫥👤

    4. @4:16 — with how easy it is to remove EXIF metadata from a video or photo, I would hate to think a major cartel was too lazy or inept to do so…

      Unless it they were to blur or alter the video, anyone can use geolocation tactics to easily track its location — even if it’s the general area.

      See my other comment here with a link showing how and the ways it works*


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