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Monday, February 13, 2023

El Panther", Former Regional Leader Of The CJNG In Uruapan, Dies Inside Prison

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Preliminary reports indicate that El Panther was tied to his cell.

Michoacán - More than two months after being arrested with an arsenal, Humberto López Cabezas or Diego Armando Pantoja Infante, El Panther, former regional leader of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation in the region of Uruapan, died by hanging in the prison of La Piedad, Michoacán.

Preliminary reports indicate that El Panther was tied to his cell inside the prison, located 177 kilometers from the Michoacan capital.

Authorities secured an arsenal and drugs from him and he was handed over to the Attorney General's Office.

Before his arrest, El Panther was identified by security authorities as one of the main criminal targets and generators of violence.

Humberto Lopez, or Diego Armando Pantoja, was identified as the regional leader of the CJNG in the Uruapan region, where he disputed territory with Carteles Unidos.

He headed an armed group with a presence mainly in the municipalities of Uruapan, Nuevo San Juan and Tancítaro, in the main avocado-growing area.

El Panther was also accused of homicides, extortion, kidnappings, as well as drug production and sales.





    I just watched this amazing documentary and El Panther was discussed. It's crazy he was killed in prison. I guess there's many CU members who controls those prisons in michoacan

    1. Is it in YouTube? What’s the title?

    2. Dead youtube link...womp..womp.

    3. It's a story called Narco Avocados by the Canadian channel CTV W5

    4. La piedad prison is controlled in its entirety by CJNG.

      CJNG killed fantasma and also killed el panther.

    5. @5:14 the real Panther is stil alive. El fantasma was betrayed.

  2. He l
    Is lucky Grupo Flechas did not het to him first

  3. Nice pistol. .38 Super, I think? The magazine well looks extended, is that a stock feature?

  4. Things like this make you wonder what he did… perhaps got too sloppy? Missed a load? Fucked another dudes wife?

    1. None of that. Same alias but different individuals


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