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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Authorities Discover A Mechanical Bull, Drugs, And Weapons Inside CERESO #3

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Video translation is as follows:

A door that allowed inmates and outsiders to enter and exit the prison, a mechanical bull, an industrial refrigerator, musical instruments, tennis shoes worth more than 19,000 pesos, and even a snake were among the items found inside the Center for Social Rehabilitation (CERESO) Number 3 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

It was in this same prison where last January 1st a riot and an escape took place, leaving 15 people dead. Ten of them were guards and 30 inmates escaped. Among them was Ernesto Piñón de la Cruz aka El Neto, leader of the criminal gang Los Mexicles and the man in control of the prison.

El Neto was killed on January 5 in a confrontation with security forces. Following these events, several inmates have been transferred to federal prisons and various operations have been ordered to seize weapons, drugs and money. A week ago, the state public security secretary took control of the prison, which was previously under the control of the state attorney general's office.

In the operations carried out in the Cereso, dozens of plasma televisions, fans, refrigerators, microwave ovens, all objects that are not allowed inside the penitentiary facilities, were found. Not to mention weapons and drugs. However, what is most striking is a door leading to a passageway leading to the outside of the prison.

The door that was located inside the Cereso and was apparently covered with a garbage container, measured about 80 centimeters wide by 120 centimeters high is located in the north corner of a room. In an area for the exclusive use of prison personnel. Where inmates would hide certain objects during inspections. 

According to state authorities, the door was located between a fence that borders on the outside with the parking lot of the prison complex. And on the inside at the entrance site known as the customs area. It is unknown when and why it was built.

Hundreds of electrical appliances were found in this prison, including video game consoles, plasma screen televisions, fans, air conditioners known as mini splits, heaters, industrial refrigerators, luxury refrigerators, musical instruments, speakers, grills, more than a thousand pairs of tennis shoes not authorized for use by inmates, and dozens of images of the Santa Muerte.

One pair of high-end tennis shoes belonging to one of the leaders of a criminal cell stands out. They still had the label and the price of 19,500 pesos. Also of note were a mechanical bull and a snake that was being held in an acrylic box. In addition to dozens of weapons.

Of all these items there is no official record of entry. Meaning they were entered illegally, explained the head of the Secretary of Public Security of the State Gilberto Loya. Many were destroyed yesterday morning.

El Universal


  1. So inspections never happen obviously

  2. Most prisons in Mexico are like this. They need to clamp down on them.


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