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Thursday, February 9, 2023

CDS Responds to CJNG's Aguascalientes Video

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Sinaloa Cartel responded to the recent CJNG video about Aguascalientes with a banner in which they exposed the faces of alleged CJNG figures operating in the state. 

The Banner 

On February 3, 2023, the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) released a video exposing certain Aguascalientes law enforcement members who they claim were working for the Sinaloa Cartel (Cártel de Sinaloa, CDS). For the full video translation, please see this previous story

On February 7, CDS responded to the video by hanging a narco banner on a bridge in the city of Aguascalientes, located in the state of the same name. 

The narco message reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

Here in the state of Aguascalientes, everything is absolute CDS, and every dog that barks doesn’t bite. So, if you’re going to make your move, then by all means do it. 

If you guys want war, we will give you war. We’re not actors in a movie nor are we characters inside a video game here. Everything will be settled here with actual bravery. You’re all going to suck dick here, so let’s go about this quick you fucking faggot. 

Let this matter be settled between underworld figures. Don’t involve civilians or make up bullshit. The state of Aguascalientes doesn’t buy cheap publicity. 

The fuel thieves know that everything is at peace here because of us, therefore, you fucking morons should go extort and steal somewhere else. 

All the men pictured here are your operatives. They’re the same individuals who have all the fiends deceived. Charro, you fuck, ask your boss who the fuck is in Aguascalientes. Don’t get this shit confused you dumb ass. There are levels here. If you’re seeing that everything is peaceful and that there are no extortions here then it’s because of us. These are the guys you have doing some pussy ass shit here. 

Yours truly, 

El 30 CDS

Cartel de Sinaloa

The banner featured the images of four men they claim are CJNG figures operating in the state who go by the aliases “Cuba”, “Rubio”, “Delta 2” and “Cobra”.

The Cartel History Context of El 30

From the outset, it should be established that the cartel activity in Aguascalientes is inextricably linked with the cartel activity in Zacatecas, the state it neighbors.

It is also heavily influenced by the activity in northern Jalisco and in Nayarit, to a certain degree. 

So, who is this Sinaloa cartel guy, El 30? Frustratingly, there are no photos of El 30 online nor is there any indication of his actual name.

But there are some things we can learn about him through the various narco messages he left and the cartel history context surrounding them.

In May 2017, Jose Antonio Romo López, alias "La Hamburguesa" was arrested. Hamburguesa was one of the preeminent cartel figures in Aguascalientes and the leader of a major Cartel del Golfo - Metros group 

It's presumed that Hamburguesa's right hand man in the state, Francisco Noé González Ramírez, aliases "El F1" and "El Panchito", took over leading Hamburger's forces in the area.

It was during this time of upheaval and leadership change that El 30's name began appearing in narco banners. 

In October 2017, a dead body was left along with a message saying that the deceased was killed for working for “CDS, CU and 30." 

CU refers to Carteles Unidos, a collection of local Aguascalientes groups, many CDG affiliated, which created an alliance with the Sinaloa Cartel. 

The Carteles Unidos group in Aguascalientes is not in any way related to the Carteles Unidos group present in the state of Michoacán. 

In December 2017, another major blow was dealt to the state's CDG Metros presence when it's state leader El F1 was arrested in December 2017. 

It's presumed that F1's right hand man, Silvano Aguilar Colin, alias "F25", took over leading the group. 

At some point after, F25 and his men began working under the CJNG. F25 allegedly reported directly under Audios Flores Silva, alias "El Jardinero."

Between 2018 to 2022, narco banners signed by "El 30, CDS and CU" were hung regularly, signaling that the Carteles Unidos and CDS alliance continued, still helmed by "El 30". 

In November 2022, CJNG's Aguascalientes leader F25 was arrested. It was not immediately clear who would take over his position, however, this recent narco banner may provide answer because it points to four CJNG members that CDS considers to be major targets. 

Cuba, Rubio, Delta 2, and Cobra

So, who are these four CJNG guys at the bottom of the new banner? 

The first man listed, "Cuba" remains a mystery, with almost nothing online about him. 

The second man listed, "El Rubio", however, is known. He is Rubén Jiménez Enríquez, alias "El Rubio", used to lead the La Familia Michoacána group present in the state of Aguascalientes. 

Imagen Radio alleges that El Rubio financed the political campaign of Antonio Martín del Campo under the Aguascalientes city mayoral run, which he won. 

Source: Changoonga

In 2013, El Rubio left the state and hid out in Guanajuato after a number of high-profile murders and kidnappings drew too much law enforcement attention. State authorities were persistent, however, and they coordinated with Guanajuato police in order to successfully arrest him in September 2013. The image printed on the 2023 CDS banner shows a photo from Rubio's time in prison.

In March 2022, El Rubio was mentioned by name in a narco message left by the El 30 CDS and CU alliance. 

They refer to him as a chapulines, or turncoat, implying he might have worked for other cartel groups (besides LFM) before switching the CJNG. 

The third man listed, "Delta 2", is referring to the alias of Jorge Luis or Benito Romay, a known CJNG member. Delta 2 was arrested in the Guadalajara Metropolitan area, in Jalisco, in August 2019. 

The image used in the banner was taken of Delta 2 shortly after he was taken into police custody.

The last man is Edgar Rodigo Valcazar (or Balcazar), alias "El Cobra". The only details available on him come from two previous narco banners left by El 30's CDS and CU. 

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History Sources: El Blog del Circo, Diario de Narco, Infobae,, Twitter, El Clarinete, Facebook, Changoonga, Aguas Digital


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