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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Calera, Zacatecas: Two Men Shot To Death By Minors; They Have Already Been Arrested

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two men were seriously wounded after being shot by two minors, they are already in custody, in Calera, Zacatecas.

The events occurred around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday in the Nuevo Calera neighborhood, where police arrived after reports of gunshots were received.

According to NTR Zacatecas, the victims, two men, were in a Volkswagen Jetta when two minors arrived and shot at them.

After the armed attack, the assailants attempted to flee the scene, while police forces arrived at the location of the vehicle with bullet marks.

However, the two minors were detained during their escape and the police officers handed them over to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Meanwhile, paramedics arrived at the scene where they stabilized the victims and took them to a hospital in Calera.

Finally, agents from the State Attorney General's Office (FGJE) arrived to carry out the corresponding investigations and integrate the investigation file.


  1. Shot to death? Sounds like the 2 victims survived…

  2. Do Mexican youths still get out of jail/juvenile hall when they turn 18, no matter how many people they kill (or what they do)?

    Until they fix this ridiculous loophole, there will always be more fodder for the cartels…

    1. No loopholes mucho dinero

    2. your .. sign is for peaches and domino to keep that vamp girl away from king. Or else.. 🥯 s is gonna be pissed off.

  3. They are good kids just having fun, let them free. They learned their mistake I’m sure


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