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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Blood Continues to Flow in Oaxaca, Relentless Homicides

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In 24 hours, at least 14 people died violent deaths in Oaxaca, with the Isthmus being the region with the highest number of homicides.

The victim lay inert a few meters from a grocery store.

Blood continues to flow in Oaxaca, since between Sunday and Monday, at least 14 high impact crimes have been committed. So far there have been no arrests. These files swell the list of unsolved homicides.


The married couple was shot to death

A married couple was shot to death on Monday night in Barrio Nuevo de Santa María Petapa, Oaxaca.

The double homicide was reported around 20:20 hours, immediately elements of the State Police and the National Guard went to the scene and confirmed the death of the two people, cordoned off the area and reported to the State Investigation Agency of Matias Romero.

The bodies had several gunshot wounds and there were several bullet casings, apparently from a 9 millimeter caliber, according to the reports.

The victims were identified as Carmelita M.S., 46 years old, a housewife, and Samuel J., a worker at the Sofipa company.


On the other hand, on Monday afternoon an armed attack took place in the downtown area of Matías Romero, and neighbors alerted the authorities.

Immediately, police officers went to the site and found the body of a man, who was identified as Francisco J.C., a carpenter.

Personnel from the Regional Deputy Prosecutor's Office of the Isthmus carried out the necessary procedures and took the body to the municipal resting place to perform the legal autopsy.

No one has been arrested in the case and authorities are investigating the facts.


The deceased was Francisco Javier R. R. R.

A man who was drinking beer with his friends was shot to death in front of a grocery store called Laura in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood. The alleged gunmen, who were riding a motorcycle, escaped in an unknown direction.

The crime was committed at approximately 3:00 p.m. this Monday on Cuauhtémoc Avenue at the corner of Ignacio Zaragoza Street.

The victim was identified as Francisco Javier R. R., alias El Kiko, with an address in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood.

Elements of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Army arrived at the scene, and upon confirming the death, they cordoned off the area and notified the personnel of the Regional Deputy District Attorney's Office of the Isthmus.

Relatives of the deceased arrived at the crime scene and told the authorities that Francisco Javier had just arrived from Mexico City and was looking for his friends to have a few beers without imagining that they would kill him.

For the facts, an investigation file was initiated for the crime of homicide, against whoever is responsible.


One of the victims died in the street after being shot at.

Two men were gunned down Monday afternoon in Puerto Angel, Pochutla, Oaxaca, while drinking alcoholic beverages.

The crime was committed around 14:15 on the road from Puerto Angel to Zipolite.

Neighbors alerted the C2 Control and Command Center personnel that two men were badly wounded by gunshots in the street.

Elements of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Navy arrived at the site and confirmed the death of one of the victims.

The injured man was treated by paramedics and after stabilizing him, he was rushed to a hospital in Pochutla, where he bled to death from severe wounds to his leg.

The alleged assassin or assassins escaped from the area in an unknown direction.

The scene of the attack was cordoned off and members of the State Agency of Investigations (AEI) of the High Impact Group of the Regional Deputy Prosecutor's Office of the Coast were called in to investigate the case.

The deceased were recognized as Samuel R. C., 24 years old, who died at the scene of the attack, and Alfredo R. G., 36 years old, who died in the hospital.

For the double crime, an investigation was initiated against the person or persons responsible.


A farmer was shot and killed in the municipal agency of El Laurel, Santiago Amoltepec, Sola de Vega.

Personnel from the State Police and the State Investigation Agency (AEI) of Sola de Vega took knowledge of the facts.

Local authorities reported the death at around 12:00 noon on Monday.

The victim was identified as Jorge V.G., 32 years old, a native and neighbor of the community of El Laurel, who had gunshot wounds.

After the proceedings, the body was removed and taken to town to perform the necropsy.

According to initial reports, the bullets taken from the body of the deceased were from a .38 super caliber weapon.


Police officers arrived at the crime scene. 

A man identified with the initials L. S. C., 27 years old, was shot to death in a house on Azucenas street, in El Molino, Huajuapan.

The crime was committed this Monday around 18:56 hours and the Control and Command Center (C2) personnel were alerted.

Municipal Police officers went to the scene and were approached by G. T., 18 years old, who pointed out the victim lying on the floor in the doorway of a house. The victim was shirtless and had several blood stains on different parts of his body.

The man had several gunshot wounds in the chest and was attacked by subjects dressed in black on a white and red motorcycle.

Immediately, the municipal police requested the support of an emergency unit, arriving at the scene elements of the National Emergency Commission (CNE), who assessed the man and confirmed that he no longer had vital signs.

O. J. R. H., 26 years old, appeared at the scene and stated that he was the partner of the deceased, saying that his name was L. S. C., 27 years old.


On the other hand, that same Monday afternoon Jenny Flor C. A., 25 years old, was executed in San Francisco Tacache de Mina, a municipality in the Mixteca region.

According to the first reports, the woman was presumably killed by her husband, who didn’t care about doing it in front of their children.

The authorities were alerted of the facts and went to the scene, after confirming the crime they cordoned off the area and notified the personnel of the Mixteca Regional Deputy Prosecutor's Office.

Investigating agents and experts began their investigation at the crime scene. An investigation file was opened for the crime of femicide against the person or persons responsible.


The armed aggression and lynching of two men happened in San Juan Atepec. 

Two brothers accused of shooting two people were lynched and burned by an angry mob in San Juan Atepec, Ixtlán. The bloody events took place the night of Sunday, February 26, authorities are investigating the case.

After the town's trustee alerted the police, members of the State Police, the State Investigation Agency (AEI) and the National Guard tried to go to the scene.

However, the inhabitants of Atepec did not allow them to enter the town.

The lynched men were identified as Diego "N" and Daniel "N".

According to reports, Diego and Daniel were involved in the armed attack against two people from the same community, recognized as Jesús V. B. P. and Susana V. G., who were taken to a hospital.

Later, an angry mob went to the home of the alleged assailants and took them out by force, then beat them and set them on fire, where they burned to death.

Police personnel and the Oaxaca State Attorney General's Office (FGEO) will be in charge of determining responsibilities based on the investigations.


The motorcyclist's body was left lying on the pavement outside Federal Highway 190.

A young motorcyclist was shot dead on Federal Highway 190, near the Macuilxóchitl intersection.

The crime was committed at approximately 3:10 p.m. on Sunday at kilometer 22 plus 200, on the lane that goes from El Tule to Tlacolula de Matamoros.

According to initial reports, the victim was traveling on his motorcycle towards Tlacolula.

He was going to pick up his girlfriend to go for a ride with her.

However, during his trip he was intercepted by the assassin or assassins who attacked him from behind.

The victim, badly wounded, advanced about 100 meters and fell off the road, his vehicle remained meters ahead.

Immediately, the criminal or criminals shot the victim in the chest and escaped in an unknown direction.

People passing by the place, when they saw the motorcyclist knocked down, thought it was an accident.

They immediately alerted the authorities and rescue services.

Later, municipal police arrived at the scene and paramedics confirmed the death of the victim.

Consequently, the uniformed officers cordoned off the site and notified the personnel of the Oaxaca State Attorney General's Office (FGEO).

It was preliminarily reported that the victim was Adrián L.M., a resident of Santa María El Tule.

He had two 9 millimeter caliber bullet wounds in his back and another in his chest.

According to the investigations, the deceased was a friend of the cab driver who was shot in the face a few days ago in Santo Domingo Tomaltepec. He died in the Civil Hospital, Doctor Aurelio Valdivieso.


The body of a man of Cuban nationality was found on Saturday by a friend of the victim.

He was Eduardo V. B., 68 years old, better known by the alias of El Cuba. He was found dead on Saturday afternoon at his home located in the Benito Juárez neighborhood of Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz.

The State Agency of Investigations (AEI) took knowledge of the facts.

The body was discovered around 6:00 p.m. at the known address in the aforementioned district.

The victim was under his bed, which was stained with blood.

The body of Eduardo, El Cuba, was discovered by his friend, who said he had last seen him alive last Thursday, February 23, around 10:00 a.m.

An investigation into the crime has been initiated against the person or persons responsible.


The unfortunate young man was identified as César Cornelio L.M.

Authorities of San Juan Cotzocón reported to the elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI), María Lombardo group, that a young man had been shot to death.

The investigating agents confirmed the death when they arrived at a house located in the Second Section of the aforementioned town.

Police reports indicate that the victim was César Cornelio L.M., approximately 18 years of age.

He had a gunshot wound in the chest.

The corpse was already inside a coffin, so the state agents began with the corresponding diligences.

For the case, an investigation file was opened for the crime of homicide against whoever or whoever is responsible.

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  1. Holy crap man… Wasn’t Oaxaca relatively chill throughout all this?

    This is absolutely a bloodbath… ☹️

  2. Damn! what a shame..
    Oaxaca is so beautiful with humble good peeps.
    No place in Mexico is safe from cartels, thanks to the crooked system in Mexico and the US.
    Without the US supply and demand, Mexico would never have been cartel infested.
    Too many BILLIONS in profit so the cartels and violence will continue in Mexico.
    Not to mention the drug overflow in the US of A with junkies and homeless in an all time high

  3. USA propping up china w electronics purchases n lifting up mexico w drug buys. China n mexico both say "thank you, idiots, now here's some MORE fentanyl for your children!"

  4. Are these mostly random attacks? Nobody claiming fame for them?

  5. If Mexico had a non corrupt government, they could have gotten a better grip on Their Own country, and helped the whole situation completly before it spun into this mess. Start in your own backyard.

    1. Not really. Things ran pretty smoothly before Calderon/2006.

    2. I know of no country existing ever…w/non-corrupt gubbb. Please remind me, if of one you know. That is a pretty dream; poof.

    3. While many governments are corrupt, yes, one still needs to start cleaning up their own space/mess. Finger pointing gets nowhere.

  6. This is so sad for the people who live there. Just trying to work and survive . If it gets worse, tourists will stay away too.

  7. This is odd. Oaxaca was like one of the safest regions before. However I did think it was odd all these years how it’s that safe when so many groups operate there. It’s not like it isn’t strategic either.

  8. Oaxaca has always been safe its been one of the most safest states when the Oaxaca cartel was at its prime and the Parada family was controlling all the regions no one would dare to steal or kill without reason, Pedro was the first narco captured when calderon entered office because they found Pedro useless & a blockage for the other cartels since they all wanted to enter the state to assert control, he had a lot of influence up north, today Oaxaca has seen a growth in violence ever since cjng entered the state not even with the zetas back then was the state this violent

    1. The indigenous people in Oaxaca are targeted now for extortion.

    2. Cjng and cds are both used protected by government USA/Mexico.
      There's no way any organization majes it that big without government help abd protection.
      Vicentillo said he, alongvwuth cds was/were protected by USA


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