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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Tijuana, Baja California: A Couple Is Attacked In Front Of Restaurant

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A man and a woman who were on board a vehicle were shot at in the vicinity of Insurgentes Boulevard in the third stage of the Rio in Tijuana, on Thursday morning, February 9, 2009.

According to information provided, the incident took place at 08:43 hours when unknown persons shot at the crew members of a blue Nissan March, resulting in injuries.

The Municipal Police, State Force, Sedena, National Guard, Fire Department and Red Cross arrived at the scene. At the site they located the passengers of the car, a man with gunshot wounds, who died at the scene of the crime, as well as an injured woman who was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Witnesses indicated that the perpetrators fled in a white Chevy or Ford Focus, two-door, without having been captured so far.

Hours earlier, on the main avenue of the Paseos del Vergel neighborhood, a Chevrolet Tracker vehicle with California license plates was abandoned with the lbody of a person bound hand and foot inside a black plastic bag.

In other events that occurred yesterday, Wednesday the 8th, around 4:19 a.m., the body of a man was found on the highway to Playas de Tijuana, under the El Mirador bridge.  The victim, between 30 and 35 years old, was wrapped in a slepping bag, and had apparently been hung from the bridge.

Close to 40 minutes later, on 29th Street of Cañón de las Rosas in the Gran Tenochtitlan neighborhood, the severed head of a woman was found inside a bucket, as well as the body of a man between 25 and 30 years old, who had gunshot and stab wounds, he was tied up.

According to information provided to the authorities, three subjects on board a white Ranger pick up truck, took what appeared to be a corpse wrapped in sheets and abandoned it.

Meanwhile, the body of a man between 30 and 35 years of age was found on Sonora street in the Campos neighborhood. The deceased, unidentified, had marks of violence on his head, chest and lumbar region.

The body of a male between 45 and 50 years of age was found inside the Abelardo L. Rodriguez dam in the La Presa neighborhood, with gunshot wounds.

Later, the death of a man was documented at the Red Cross El Florido facilities. The victim, Gregorio, 31 years old, from Colima, was shot at while he was in the El Niño neighborhood. He arrived in a 2022 Dodge Ram, at the Red Cross station for medical attention, but died in the parking lot.

Tijuana has had 197 homicides so far this year 2023.

Zeta Tijuana


  1. I miss Tijuana live across the globe now RIP 8

    1. Why do you live in Ukraine now.?

    2. I was gonna go there but my Spanish speaking friend got too many DUIs so he can’t leave the country. I feel that limits my comfort and scope of what I can do in TJ

  2. These are all calculated hits dammed there really doing a cleansing this couple ain’t from tijuas you can tell who’s from here who’s not by living here for 47 year’s this couple not from here

    1. Just because the couple is not from Tijuana, let's kill them. You lived in Tijuana then you know how fuken curupt is the Tijuana Ranas Police.

    2. This is the part you don’t understand of what I just posted read I can tell there not from there it’s not let kill them is what are they doing there you realize the guy own a distribution company out of Sonora do the logic thinking why was he targeted also being from Tijuana I was around alot of these guys affiliated with organized crime but Ofcourse i was never involved in that that’s what I meant you’re probably one of these guy’s that take this publish to the tit I’m just making people aware that these are not innocent people

  3. I wish there would be more discussion on how TJ has the highest homicide rate in the world right now….


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